Inactive [ECON] SimpleGold v0.7 - Simple Economy with Gold Ingots [1.2.3-R0.1]

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    I still love the idea of this program very much. Physical currency is so much better than /money.

    I'm wondering how the multiple currency is coming along?

    I have a suggestion of how it could look in the config.

    - 266/9
    - 371/1
    - 35:12/2

    In the example above, Gold Ingots would trade at a value of 9, nuggets at a value of 1 and Brown Wool at a value of 2.

    Using this method would allow people to set the trading value of anything to whatever they wanted. They could have any item become a currency.
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    i cant seem to get this to work.. the [Gold] is yellow on the sign. but a cant buy anything when i left click with the gold ingots? do i need another plug in for this to work?

    Nm and Thank you got it to work now.. had to set the currency to 371..
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    I completely agree with you an actually physical form of money is much better. And I too am excited about the multiple currencies or a form of dollars and cents.

    At the moment on my server I'm having the problem that gold ingots are too expensive so even selling 64 cobble for 1 ingot is too high but if I had it as gold nuggets then buying 1 Diamond for 64 nuggets is too low of a cost.

    With the option of having ingots and nuggets the problem would go away entirely and there isn't a single thing I would want to improve after that.

    I can't wait for the update, keep up the great work EpicX.
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    Does this work with 1.2.3. R0.2?
    That's the latest version apparently but being that I'm entirely new to this, I don't know if it will work correctly.

    I ask because the title says R0.1

    I was hoping for something like this to come along. I just started my server and was wondering about trading value issues like this.
    I think the currency is a variable that goes per sign, correct? If this is true I plan to have some things be Ingots and others be Nuggets. I assume you know much more than me, so if it works and you like it, perhaps do that until a proper update/change is made?

    My idea is impossible. My bad.

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  5. EpicX112

    How can i make sign to sell Mooshroom eggs?
    MooshEgg;383:96 <-- gives white wool... lol
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    So maybe I missed this, but where does the gold actually go? I bought from a sign to test it, but all that happened was it disappeared and the item appeared. If I don't use it on a sign that I made, but that another user made, does that make it go straight to their inventory, or is there a collection place of sorts?
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    yea so ummm...i put this plugin on my server but when i set it up just like the video shows nothing happens when i try to buy something can you plz help me.
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    Semirotta, there is issues when it comes to items with ":" in them, so far I have only gotten wool support in there, this is something I am also working on along with the multiple currencies that will be the next big update.

    Ashes_Sehsa, after this whole dual currency update, I will try to make chest shops that players can use to sell their own goods to other players. As it stands now, this mod is for a moderator to set up signs for the players to use, and not players creating their own shop

    Please see the private message i sent you

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  9. great. i hope u can update fast to work with EGGS
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    lol i posted this b4 i messeged u
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    Awesome. Well, even then it still works great on my server. The players get to collect items and sell them for money to use for buying rarer items, and even plots of land.
  12. This is an amazing plugin mate probs the best on my server, It brings gold alive, Its great to see you on top of all the bugs keep up the good work :D

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    Okay my last suggestion... for now! Muhahahaaa!

    Is it at all possible to tie this in with Vault? Where the money would be valued as all economy items in your inventory.

    This way the plugin via vault would be accessible to all other programs that require a money economy program. This would make the system work immediately with things like Citizens, ChestShop, etc. This, in my opinion, would make this the new king of economy plugins!
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    This dosent work that well bcuz wen people in my server try it they get kicked
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    Glad to hear you are all liking my plugin. Just got through midterms and now spring break, so hopefully I can get done with the layered currencies update by the end of the week. Kimberly, when I get done with this I will try to look into Vault.

    Does this happen when they try to buy things, that may be a sign protection mod you already have installed.
  16. The thing you should really look into is the Spawn eggs.

    EpicX112 how the SELL leveling works?
    i get 10 levels for 32 gold but i cant sell any back :E

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    is there any way where you con just make a gold shop where people only buy stuff and not sell? Please Reply
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    Set the last line to "Sell;0;0"
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    I've been having the problem of selling EXP levels back, most likely due to the fact the you can't hold them as an item. Also it appears that in the changelog under version 0.7 it says
    "Added ability to buy and sell items. You can do this by setting the item ID on the sign to 999."
    When I think you when trying to say buy and sell EXP.
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    Oh thanks about the typo, the only issue I can see is make sure you are not holding the currency item when trying to sell the levels back
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    how do u make the sign say ur currency that u put and still work
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    This plugin is way better that chest shop and other economy plugins, as it gives people something to do with gold, and it is a much harder way to make money. Great work EpicX112 !
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    hold a sword when trying to sell the levels back to get gold.
  24. I just installed the plugin, and in your permissions it says the default for using the shops is true, but it wont work at all for anyone, yes the sign is turning gold and stuff. (I do not have a permissions plugin.) =/
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    in the config file edit the title, and that will be used at the top of the signs

    Can I just see how your sign is set up?

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    can anyone post a simple list of prices... mine all seem... off.
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    i used the version 0.7 until now ... i had to download it again yesterday ... but the 'right-klick-problem' with apples, bread, spider eye and rotten meat is back ... why you changes the mouse button? i had no problems with the left-klick-version!
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    Hey EpicX112, great work with the plugin, however got a strange bug (I don't know whether is is the same as the duplication bug mentioned earlier) but if I, for example sell an IRON_SWORD the gold will be put in my inv, however if I buy or sell another item the iron sword will be put back into my inventory with no deduction in gold. So really anyone can buy and sell items (while getting them back for free) to earn loads of gold.
    Plugins: AntiCreeper, BlockBlocker, Essentials, LWC, W.E, W.G, SimpleJail, NoPVP.
    I hope you can shed some light on this.
    Many thanks, Clarke
  29. EpicX112
    I got question.
    If i put [Gold]
    Sell;128;1g <--- does it require 2 stacks in inventory?
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    i've tried it ... it does not work

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