Inactive [ECON] Simple Region Market v1.7.8- Sell your land! [1.2.5 R-4.0]

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    Hello, recently the_zorro announced he would be stopping work on the plugin: Simple Region Market so I thought id give ago at maintaining it, I have previous java knowledge and would like to keep the plugin going and also update it with new additions and bukkit versions.

    I can't maintain this plugin for a while due to personal reasons, I'm sorry but recently a few things have happened which means I will have to stop work on this, however, the information and downloads will still be <font color="#ff0000">WORKING</font>!
    Thanks for understanding, will let you know as soon as work is back on schedule!

    If you have any questions, or would like help, please ask Drew1080

    Simple Region Market is a plugin that offers people to sell plots of land or rent land to other players, the money then gets put into the associated account (Sign creator).

    How Does it work?
    How does it work you might ask?
    Well, a user or admin creates a region with World Edit, then after they have defined the region they place a sign anywhere near (Or on) the region with the following text:

    For a hotel (Where a player rents a room for a certain duration) each line of the sign must look like this:

    For selling a plot (Where a player keeps the area) each line of the sign must look like this:
    Where it says none if its a server plot up for sale by the admins then 'none' the money will just vanish into thin air, otherwise Account is your username, then the money goes direct to you.

    - iconomy or any economy plugin
    - World Guard
    - Vault

    simpleregionmarket.admin - Gives admin permissions
    simpleregionmarket.addowner - Add owner to own region
    simpleregionmarket.addmember - Add member to own region - Buying regions
    simpleregionmarket.sell - Selling regions - Renting rooms
    simpleregionmarket.let - Letting rooms

    Installation & Download:
    Extract the archive into C:\Users\<name>\Documents\Craftbukkit\plugins (For Win7)
    Start the server, should have created a folder with the necessary config files

    >>Dropbox Download<<
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    1.7.8: Updated the plugin to work with (1.2.5 R4.0)
    1.7.7: Started working with the plugin after the_zorro (1.2.5 R3.0)
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    lMissing Download Link....

    And can you add a command which brings you to a free region what costs nearly like the money you have like

    i got 1000 $
    /srm findagent
    brings me to the next free region what costs like 1000$ or less

    and the same with Hotel?!
    I hope you can understand what i mean... Sorry for my bad english....
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    Thanks for keeping this up. :)
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    Yes I understand what you mean, Ive added a download link as I forgot, I will see what I can do with the Find Agent!
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    Add permission to destroy signs.. because normal player can destroy hotel/agent sign :S ;/
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    Nice, but changelog please.
    Also a non mediafire link would be nice.
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    Okay, will do, adding different link and changelog.
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    Thanks for keep the plugin up.
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    Jordan R

    Is there a reason this is the older version and not the v2.0.3?
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    This is the latest version? :confused:
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    Glad to see somebody picked this up.

    Can you add an auto-rerent so that [let] and [hotel] renew for the user so long as they have the money to do so. And with this for obvious reasons the buyer will need the chance to cancel the renting. maybe this can be done with a left click of the sign?
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    There is already something like that, if a player wants to rent for a longer time they can keep right clicking on a sign up to 14 days, but I will see what I can do because that is a very good idea, it saves time and hastle
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    Is there a way for an admin to remove an owner or member?

    Edit: nvm use /region removemember [playername]
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    Is there a way for me to change the [HOTEL] to [FOR RENT] and the [AGENT] to [FOR SALE]? some players on my server are having a little trouble defining when something is for sale/let
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    In the config.yml file there are two options:

    agent_name: '[AGENT]'
    hotel_name: '[HOTEL]'

    Just change the agent_name to:

    [For Sale]
    and the Hotel name to

    [For Rent]
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    great, and just to check, when changed will I now need to enter [FOR SALE] when creating a sign or does it just change the display name
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    Yes you will need to enter [FOR SALE] when creating the sign.
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    no its still [AGENT] just the output changes, do you have any plans to change the sign output for occupied rooms such as [Agent] = for sale [Sold] = sold/not for sale
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    I would have to discuss that with Fellowslothb
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    This would be a good idea, at some point it might get added into the plugin, watch this space
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    Finally I found a plugin I can use for my plots! :D
    Thanks for updating this!
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    Can you add a option that when the rent hotel is free again it clears everything inside or just locks the room and a admin have to unlock (2nd Idea is better)? Because if someone put down a chest and put things in it and the room is free again the new owner gets all his stuff. I hope you understand what i mean again ;)
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    Yes, I can understand, that is something that i am currently working on actually ;)
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    Can u make FOR SALE on the sign ?
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    its bad, that you can not make a hotel in an other region, wich is protected.
    when someone rents the hotel, he can not place something in there :/
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    Yes you can? :eek: Ive recently done it on my server and it seems fine
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    Can you advise on the problem detailed below im a bit stuck.

    City named portspawn is owned by me the admin, house in city name 3_portspawn is owned by player. Player would like to offer home for rent using [HOTEL]. but gets error messege "you do not own the parent region".

    This is a problem as I want player to buy land in portspawn and build shops/home/hotels to rent out to other players to create a capitalist system that does not require and admin.
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    Would you please go on with the developing of the newest Version? You support 1.7.3. There is a 2.0 Version. Recoded and much better organized. ;)

    Its much better in the structure and "template" stuff ..;)
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    As a matter of fact I am ;) Will show it soon!

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