[ECON] ShowcaseShop - Simple user-friendly shops.

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    ShowcaseShop: Simple user-friendly shops.

    This plugin is currently in development and is based off of Narrowtux's Showcase plugin (Showcase Plugin). While using code from Timberjaw's VirtualChest Proof of Concept (VirtualChest P.O.C.), and Nijikokun's Register API (Register API).

    ShowcaseShop will allow for you to lay down "Showcases". These "Showcases" when right-clicked by the owner will open up it's inventory to allow for the owner to stock the showcase with items. Once the showcase is stocked with items it will automatically show the first item in the inventory within the glass block. If for some reason you change the item in the showcase's inventory the owner can left-click the showcase to update the item being shown.

    ShowcaseShop will not replace glass. Users with the "showcaseshop.create" permission will be able to toggle showcase on or off with a command. When showcase is on any glass blocks placed down will be showcases. When showcase is off any glass blocks placed down will be ordinary glass blocks.

    If a user wants to buy an item in the showcase they will be able to left-click the showcase to see how much that item is selling for and the quantity. The user will then be able to right-click and buy the item with the proceeds going to the owner. If enough people request it, I am debating on adding a feature to allow owners to link a sign to the showcase for displaying the price and quantity, so that the users can just right-click the sign or showcase to just buy.

    This plugin will use a SQL database mainly due to the fact that the inventory for each showcase will have to be saved along with the showcase owner, location, price, quantity, etc.... (SQLite, debating on adding MySQL support)

    Here is a video of what I have done so far:

    Currently there is no saving or loading being done so on server restart it forgets which glass blocks are showcases and the showcases inventory. There is also currently no shop feature yet. These are all things I need to do. Right now I'm concerned with finalizing and stabilizing the Narrowtux's Showcase plugin with Timberjaw's VirtualChest.

    Please feel free to give me any feedback in which you would like to see in this plugin. I'm not interested in rushing this out and want to create a good well rounded plugin for all! :)

    ShowcaseShop's GitHub
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