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    Sign Chest Shop
    0.4.5 (last update, edit 9/20/2011 6:27pm)
    0.4.52 dev (last update, edit 10/3/2011 4:18pm)

    Allow users to establish an economy through shops. Players can create chest shops which others can purchase items or sell items to. Server admins can create world infinite shops which allows trade using or one of supported economy through register API.
    • Customize your own shop signs (no longer requires strict formatting)
    • Player shops
    • Server shops
    • Supports register API (BOSEconomy, iConomy, Essential Economy)
    • sign colors [for regular signs and shop] &0-9 &a-f
    • Currently has no lock protection (included in dev build)
    PERMISSION (open)

    Bukkit Permission Nodes (Ops default)
    shop.create.player : allow user/group to create chest shops
    shop.create.server : allow user/group to create server shops

    COMMANDS (open)

    /shop new <buy:sell> <quantity> <material> <price>
    /shop debug
    /shop flush
    /shop flush <player>



    Thanks to Minecrafta2z for the extra tutorial video.



    DOWNLOADS (open)

    Current stable release 0.4.5
    Shop 0.4.5

    developmental builds
    Shop dev0.4.52

    - logging, config/protection,new command /shop hand,
    - basic protection
    - fixed food issues and right click placement, item usage bug when interacting with shop
    * use at your own risk as these are developmental ()

    Old release : supports physical currency, old format
    Shop 0.3.1
    Documents (only for 0.3.1)

    Click Here

    CHANGELOG (open)

    updated register, now supports iConomy6
    fixed issue with currency format, added two command for Ops, /shop flush <player>
    1.8 compatible, minor format change
    properly removes shop upon player chest destruction
    restricted placement of signs on already owned shops (re-implement from 0.3.1)
    new data storage, no longer dependent on sign format
    users are now able to customize signs to their liking
    rewritten and revised for performance/user friendly
    some features are still being rewritten
    fixed a security issue dealing with players being able to mimic server shops
    fixed version information in plugin.yml
    added register api for major economy plugins support
    added physical shop option in configuration and currency definition
    added player chest type sell, players can now create shops that buy items from others
    updated handling code
    removed hard coded currency display
    fixed critical inventory exploit
    updated to new sign format, server can now use buy/sell instead of server buy/sell.
    updated player shops are now defined when creating chest shops whereas server shops are not localized to chests
    corrected op permission
    corrected remove last element bug
    properly removes regular items and items with modifiers
    fixed null pointer exception
    fixed inventory transaction
    added server shops
    added material modifiers to shop
    rewrote inventory handling
    initial release

    To Do
    - Bug fixes and compatibility
    - MYSQL web interface/database
    - Re-implement protection
    - Configuration
    - command line for item name, damage values

    Feel free to leave comments, suggestions or bug report(s)
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    Scent Tree

    Does anyone have the source code for this?
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    I've seen a bit of it, I don't think there was a return on shop.create.player
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    Could you make a chest shop: Selling Dirt For .10!! And someone buys it and the price was faked and really they just payed 1,000 for one dirt. Could that happen?
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    It says in your chatbot what you are buying and for how much, so unless they dont read that then yes it could.
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    Hoping they turn up soon so that I can keep this running into 1.0.0+. I like the freeform signs as opposed to strict formatting rules. Makes it easy on users and myself.
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    This is one of the best shop plugin I ever seen.
    But one thing...
    With the OP-system only OPs can make shops. (Permissions are too hard to understand for me)
    Can I set it that Players also can create shops?
    If not, can you please make this?
    Thank you
    Greetz Roy
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    Players are able to just open the chest and steal the items. This needs fixing. Your plugin is the only shop plugin that works for me and I really want to use it but it has this one flaw. So if you fix this bug, I will love you forever!
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    I got a suggestion: BetterShops has the ability to make shop regions(WorldGuard support), is there a way to implement it for this plugin?
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    Ok just tryed 4.52 with bpermissions 2.7 and plugin works? wth haha
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    hey is there any way u can add a notification to send to the chest shop owner a message when the chest is empty.
    btw love ur plugin i personally i find this plugin much better then iconomy chest shops. (i use essentials eco on my server)
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    Love this plugin works excellent with essentials eco. But can you make it possible to buy and sell from a
    single shop?
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    Yo - someone post the source code on this.
    It was a GREAT plugin... ran it on my server for some time.

    Would love to see someone updated or pick this up - a lot simpler/better than the others out there.
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    permissions dont work for 1 .1 can you please update it
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    Can u please make it so u r able to buy and sell
    With only using one sign
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    Can't sell enchanted stuff
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    Are you going to update this?
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    Please Update!
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    I especially made a account to inform you that we need this plugin for 1.2.3!
    Our whole server used this plugin, and now we cant create the shop with right click ( to confirm )

    Please update KTshop for 1.2.3!

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    Folks, I have updated this to 1.2.3 however it doesn't convert the current .bin file. PM is your interested anyways.
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    I've contacted you.
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    can you post the downlaod link??
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    Can you update for the 1.2.4 ?
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    the brewing stand dosent work in the chest shop please fix it its very requested
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    Hi! So one of the admins of the server i played on recently downloaded the plugin and it works perfectly fine, exept for when you do /shop new (buy:sell) (amount) (item) (cost) that works fine, but then it tells you -Right click on a sign to activate shop- and the problem is that no matter how many times we right click the sign the shop won't work and it won't activate. Please reply :D Thanks!
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    You should make it so that if you are an op you can create shops with a never ending supply of material. Like an admin shop. and instead of having the players name "bob" if he is an admin or op it would say "AdminShop"
  27. I tried doing a player shop exactly like the tutorial, but the message that says the sign has an attachable doesn't show up. What can I do to do it?
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    What economy plugin are you using in the tutorial vid?
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    Last post was July 2, this thread's a bit dead.
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    I got to /shop new sell 5 2 5 and then clicked the sign but it placed another one ... :/ Does this work via ClanForge Servers?
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    This thread still is dead, you know. Besides, the plugin is Inactive.

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