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    Sign Chest Shop
    0.4.5 (last update, edit 9/20/2011 6:27pm)
    0.4.52 dev (last update, edit 10/3/2011 4:18pm)

    Allow users to establish an economy through shops. Players can create chest shops which others can purchase items or sell items to. Server admins can create world infinite shops which allows trade using or one of supported economy through register API.
    • Customize your own shop signs (no longer requires strict formatting)
    • Player shops
    • Server shops
    • Supports register API (BOSEconomy, iConomy, Essential Economy)
    • sign colors [for regular signs and shop] &0-9 &a-f
    • Currently has no lock protection (included in dev build)
    PERMISSION (open)

    Bukkit Permission Nodes (Ops default)
    shop.create.player : allow user/group to create chest shops
    shop.create.server : allow user/group to create server shops

    COMMANDS (open)

    /shop new <buy:sell> <quantity> <material> <price>
    /shop debug
    /shop flush
    /shop flush <player>



    Thanks to Minecrafta2z for the extra tutorial video.



    DOWNLOADS (open)

    Current stable release 0.4.5
    Shop 0.4.5

    developmental builds
    Shop dev0.4.52

    - logging, config/protection,new command /shop hand,
    - basic protection
    - fixed food issues and right click placement, item usage bug when interacting with shop
    * use at your own risk as these are developmental ()

    Old release : supports physical currency, old format
    Shop 0.3.1
    Documents (only for 0.3.1)

    Click Here

    CHANGELOG (open)

    updated register, now supports iConomy6
    fixed issue with currency format, added two command for Ops, /shop flush <player>
    1.8 compatible, minor format change
    properly removes shop upon player chest destruction
    restricted placement of signs on already owned shops (re-implement from 0.3.1)
    new data storage, no longer dependent on sign format
    users are now able to customize signs to their liking
    rewritten and revised for performance/user friendly
    some features are still being rewritten
    fixed a security issue dealing with players being able to mimic server shops
    fixed version information in plugin.yml
    added register api for major economy plugins support
    added physical shop option in configuration and currency definition
    added player chest type sell, players can now create shops that buy items from others
    updated handling code
    removed hard coded currency display
    fixed critical inventory exploit
    updated to new sign format, server can now use buy/sell instead of server buy/sell.
    updated player shops are now defined when creating chest shops whereas server shops are not localized to chests
    corrected op permission
    corrected remove last element bug
    properly removes regular items and items with modifiers
    fixed null pointer exception
    fixed inventory transaction
    added server shops
    added material modifiers to shop
    rewrote inventory handling
    initial release

    To Do
    - Bug fixes and compatibility
    - MYSQL web interface/database
    - Re-implement protection
    - Configuration
    - command line for item name, damage values

    Feel free to leave comments, suggestions or bug report(s)
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    Hey I'm loving this plugin so far. However my only problem is I can't figure out how to set permissions for players. One of my server members sad that when he attempts to create a chest shop is does not let him :( How may I fix this?
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    Same here, thought I had it fixed, but upgrading bukkit caused it to not work.
    even with all other plugins off, and shop.create.player as the ONLY permission in the file for testing..still tells me I need it.
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    I just tested it, and it only flushes the SINGLE shop that was just destroyed.
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    HAHAHA well I decided to test this for my own curiousity - and this statement is 100% false.
    It still flushes the whole DB - Luckily I didn't have many shops setup.

    It does not flush server shops properly - individually.
    Too much of a liability to use it yet since mistakes can be made on the server end.
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    How do I limit Groups to be allowed to buy from shops? There doesn't seem to be a permission for it.
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    Hi! You got an epic plug-in I really like it.... But I'd like to report a bug... I can't sell Sugar Cane. I typ in my chat-box: /shop new buy 1 Sugar Cane 7. There's nothing answered like: right-click the sign to do your shop. I can do it however with other stuff. And I've a (nooby)question too. Where do I allow normal players on my server to open up a shop?? right now I just OP them and let them open their shop.. than de-op them..

    Regards, Donmon
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    You can't use spaces in item names.
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    How can I add Sugar Cane than?
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    I would use the item Id or try SugarCane
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    I try.
    It works with the ID (83) btw
    Thank you all!
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    K well i have about 130 shops, and when i remove a single shop, and it says it was flushed, guess what.... all the rest of the shops are still there. So... not all the signs are flushed, and you should test better...
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    APPARENTLY there IS a bug.
    But more or less Super Pick is not recognized to remove a shop from the DB.

    You cannot use SUPER PICK to remove a shop from the DATABASE.

    I will edit my original post though with the answer.
    Thanks for the conversation.
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    Super pickaxe DELETES the block, so there is no "block_break" event to pass to the plugin... it is not a bug, you are DELETING the sign, not removing it correctly.

    Thanks for the caps btw ;)
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    Thanks for clearing that up.
    It should be properly noted regardless - now pull your tampon out.
    And you're WELCOME ;).
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    Critical bug found, I don't recommend to use this plugin till it's fixed!

    Can get unlimited amount of money when selling food.

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    uh, apparently 0.4.52 fixes food issue. Least it's what changelog says.
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    If i cant delete shops that i myself created, could you guess the problem, i have tried /flush and i have added - shop.new.player and - shop.new.server to my permissions... any idea? im using essentials, groupmanenger as my info plugins and control center... please, i have no idea...
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    I tried to peruse the thread here to see, but I'm still not sure. Did physical currency get added back in? I'm at the point where I'll need to dump this plugin and find a replacement soon if I can't get this feature back. I'm still back on 0.3.1 and my players are reporting things to be glitchy with Craftbukkit 1337.
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    iconomy supports physical currency
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    does it support permissionsEX?
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    anyone else still having the "shop.create.player" error?
    I cant get it working now for the life of me.
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    I was trying to avoid a required dependency plugin of such magnitude. If iconomy is the only way to do it, then I guess I'll have to start making plans to abandon this.
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    still have the error. I have admin permissions set useing '*' for all and cannot use the shop
    if i OP myself i can then use it.
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    same here, I love this plugin, and hate to have to move to a new one, as thats a LOT of shops to coordnaite with players to get moved.
    but might have to if dev has went AWOL, and cant get around this.
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    How would I add a shop to sell a specific color of wool, or charcoal, or something with other extra data? Like, for example, lapis lazuli would be 351:4? (If it's possible that is, if not, feature request? :p)
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    @ktbanh Please keep your topic updated.
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    Permissions is not working... I've added the shop.create.player and i'm returning errors.
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    Seems like KT has gone missing.
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    afraid so :( had to move to duckshop..that went well with my players..lol
    "hey guys, you know those 300 shops you have, tear them down and remake them using new commands" :D

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