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    TreasureHunt 0.8.2
    Find that loot!
    BukkitDev Thread <-Please go here for information and downloads

    All information on TreasureHunt is now on BukkitDev, to keep me from having to update two threads on the same thing in different formats :p

    Download Please go to the BukkitDev thread for downloads.

    Op Commands:
    Please see BukkitDev.

    Permissions Nodes:
    Please see BukkitDev.

    Found another bug - the meat consumption sometimes causes client crashes. Looking into it.

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    Works very nicely for me so far, great plugin, lots of fun to run around the map looking.

    Idea, isnt it possible to swap left clicking with rotton flesh, to clicking with a map? seems to make more sense, or compass.
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    Thanks! And hmmm; I could make it so you could set the tool to whatever you want. :) That sound good?
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    Sounds like the perfect solution.

    Also possible config option to allow the use of /hunt or not? forcing them to use the item you set to go look? or via permission nodes if you plan on adding full permissions
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    When I get permissions in there I will definitely do that.

    Oh, and version 0.2 released! :)
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    :) This sounds good! I'm gonna try it out!
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    Goodwork! I'll try this out now, thanks for submitting :)

    Edit: also, I like your beard
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    Any chance to set these to configurable coordinates? My spawn area is already about 2000 blocks from 0,0 so this setting wouldn't be much help
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    You mean as an alternative to using 0,0? Like being able to set the center of the radius?

    Yeah, I can do that. :)

    Added this as well as ingame commands in the new version 0.3, which I just posted! :)

    LMAO, thanks. Hope you enjoy it, and if you have any suggestions I'm willing to hear them. Check out version 0.3.

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    If I might offer a suggestion, I run four worlds on my server and I would love to be able to set that chest to randomly spawn in a randomly chosen world.
  11. This looks awesome. Maybe I can help you implement some planned features (Permissions, List Command, etc.). Is there a way I can geht the source? Maybe a repository at github?
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    I'll be adding that to the next version :) I'm going to let you set the list of worlds to choose from and then it will pick one of those. The only thing is, the way the chests spawns, it won't really work in nether worlds or skylands worlds yet. I also want to add a list of blocks you can set that a chest can spawn on (currently only stone, obsidian, mossy cobble and stone brick). Then you could add netherrack or whatever.

    Oh don't worry, I'm not as much of a newb as I seem. I just need time to get it done lol

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    Holy sha-niz-it!
    I've been waiting for something like this for a very long time!

    If I may....
    A config to allow chests to spawn on the surface.
    A config to turn on/off placing glowstone under chest.
    A config to set what item are used for the right-click and how many times it can be used per treasure hunt..
    A config that determines how many times /hunt can be used per treasure hunt.
    A config that turns on/off the /hunt command... making users right-click with set item only.

    Ok... I configer that's all I have... for now :rolleyes:
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    Surface: Sure, I can do that.
    Glowstone under chest: Yep, that too.
    Set which item? Already in there. How many times item/command can be used? Maybe, would make the plugin heavier by a bit though...will think about it.
    Ability to turn on/off hunt command: Can do.

    Hopefully I'll get time to do it before I work today(Saturday). If not I'll have it done Sunday (late).
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    Thanks! This Rocks!
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    Also going to try to find a better way to make /hunt work, since it seems to start lagging the server a bit when a ton of people are doing it with many hunts going. It's not bad, but more hunts at once increases the problem.
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    I'm working on adding SuperPerms support into this. I haven't used SuperPerms on my server yet, so I'll have to rely on you guys for bug reports until I do. Will update soon.
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    Well, 0.4 is done, but mediafire seems to be down...
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    Lame, looking forward to the update. One of the most popular plugins on my server, nice job.
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    I'll put it up later today :) I just happened to find a couple more bugs in the interim...and squashed them, lol.

    Here's a list of changes:
    • SuperPerms support
    • /hunt settings command - lists current settings of TreasureHunt
    • /hunt list command - lists all active hunts
    • /hunt setweight command - see below
    • Ability to set the types of blocks a chest can spawn on
    • Ability to set the required max or minimum light level.
    • Ability to set the minimum and maximum elevation for chests to spawn on, as well as a separate maximum for chests with value over 3500 (Legendary or EPIC)
    • Ability to turn off the glowstone/soulsand marker under the chest
    • Ability to set downward weight on chest value - default is 2 draws (value is drawn twice and lowest is used)
    • Permission: - use the hunt tool
    • Permission: - use the hunt command
    • Permission: - ability to claim chests
    • Permission: - ability to recieve TreasureHunt broadcasts
    • Permission: - ability to use /hunt help and all TreasureHunt settings commands.
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    Minimum elevation for epic chests is a really nice idea! I have an idea, would it be possible to add a config option, to set amount of uses the hunt item has? atm its click, see hunt info and remove the item? If their was a config option to set how many times it could be used before removing the item, if thats even possible, would be awesome.
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    Currently it has a 50% chance of consuming the tool.

    If could change the chance of the tool being consumed if you want, but if I were to set a number to how many times a person can use the tool, then that data (how many times they have used it) would have to be stored for each online player, which would increase RAM usage a little. Maybe :)

    Also, it wouldn't be possible to store it per someone could theoretically use one item 7 times (say it decays on the 8th), then drop that tool and pick up another one, and use that one once and it would break. :(

    Oh and P.S. 0.4 released!
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    Yeah i did think that. Didn't release it was set to a %, would be just as good to be able to config that % ourselves?

    Awesome work on 0.4 :)
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    Thanks :) I'm just puzzled as to why this still hasn't been moved to plugin releases. I mean, I haven't tested in 1240 maybe I should do that so I can tack on the current version, but this was released for a long time after 1185 came out. *shrug*

    Ok, discovered a minor bug in the interval code which was preventing the interval from being used correctly. Fixing now, will upload 0.4a in a bit.

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    Im not 100% clear on the /hunt setmaxchance and could you add a minimum distance as well? I use a border so my maxdistance isnt to high...
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    So you're saying you want them to spawn at least a certain distance from the center point? I can probably do that.

    And /hunt setchance <number> makes the chance of a chest appearing every interval = 1 in <number>. So like, doing /hunt setchance 10 would give it a 1 in 10 chance every interval, or 10%. Doing /hunt setchance 20 would give a 1 in 20 chance, or 5%. So higher is less chance of it spawning. If you do /hunt setchance 1, it will spawn every interval.

    Also, 0.4a uploaded, fixes the interval thing I mentioned above.

    Tested, works in 1240!

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    What I wanted to have is a chest every hour at most, but what i get is one every 10 minutes and then every 2 minutes after that. I had 4 chests in world at one time just an hour ago.

    CenterX: -295
    ChestDuration: 10
    ChestChance: 100
    MaxDistance: 980
    CenterZ: -62
    HuntTool: ROTTEN_FLESH
    TreasureWorld: TerraVerse
    ChestInterval: 216000
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    There was a bug in 0.4 with the interval, I've since fixed it. Try downloading version 0.5, which I just uploaded. It works better with permissions anyway.

    And the interval is the time in seconds you want between chest checks. So if you only want one an hour, a good setup would be like...
    ChestInterval: 60
    ChestChance: 60
    ...which would give the server a 1 in 60 chance every minute to spawn a chest.

    Or you could do:
    ChestInterval: 120
    ChestChance: 30
    Or whatever :p

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    Yeap, now we gonna test it)
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    How'd that go? ;)

    Small update to 0.5b with two new features - see changelog :) Next on the plate is optimization and perhaps optional monster spawns near chests.

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