Inactive [ECON] RealShop - Shop using chests [1337-1561]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Baptiste Pillot, Feb 23, 2011.

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    I've read through the entire thread, but I seem to be missing something: this says it works with Permissions, but what are the hooks I should be putting into the permissions file?
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    No information enough to help you. How does he do ?
    This DOES NOT says it works with Permissions. You've probably read it into the ROADMAP / TODO section of my plugin presentation... This will be for a further version, not done yet !


    Before telling me anything when you will upgrade to version 0.50, please read the CHANGELOG to know what changed.
    The basic use of the shop has been modified.
    And a lot of things too !

    Please try this everything carefully as this is not a 1.0 release and it may comes with tons of new bugs !
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    35:8 for grey woll are not going?
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    What is the purpose of "Now the shop owner and the client can't be both into the shop at the same time"?

    EDIT: and what is the command to delete a shop now, with the 0.5 version?
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    Thank you for clarification; I must have misplaces in my memory where I'd read it. :)
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    Awesome. I already have Citizens for decoration. Thanks, this was exactly what I was hoping to hear.
    Will it cause problems if I place two different shops only one block apart? What if a player shops at Store#1 and then shops at Store#2 before paying the bill for Store#1? Will this be bad?
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    You can steal items in the shop by dropping them before you move. Same problems like the one when people log out i presume.
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    Bug : for example, when I take a bread in the same time I take a cooked porkchop, the player who owns the shop is not payed. But when I take only a bread, it is OK, but when I take only a cooked porkchop, it doesn't work.
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    Is anyone else having trouble removing chests and LWC not working after upgrading to v0.50?
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    yes i have same problem!
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    Don't worry : he will pay the bill of the store #1 when he will enter to the store #2.
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    I ended up 'fixing' it by downgrading to v0.42.

    Even with this bug I still love this plugin. It's made everyone on the server be more adventurous instead of just sitting around.
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    I just tried to buy + sell this item, it seems to work.
    What are you doing exactly with 35:8 ? commands ? trading ?
    What is not working with LWC ? I have no problem

    Version 0.52 will avoid LWC problems.
    Version 0.51 repairs this.
    Don't forget to remove dataValues.txt and market.txt files before re-launching your server, as they need to be upgraded for these recipes to work !
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    Thanks, it works for me :)
    However, now I have a bunch of lines that appear in the console (it's not really a problem for me, but it can be for others) :

    23:02:58 [INFO] resQty = 1.0
    23:02:58 [INFO] recipe = 319+263/8
    23:02:58 [INFO] comp = 319
    23:02:58 [INFO] divQty = 1
    23:02:58 [INFO] compId = 319
    23:02:58 [INFO] = 5.0
    23:02:58 [INFO] price.sell = 1.0
    23:02:58 [INFO] comp = 263/8
    23:02:58 [INFO] divQty = 8
    23:02:58 [INFO] compId = 263
    23:02:58 [INFO] = 6.88
    23:02:58 [INFO] price.sell = 2.75
    23:02:58 [INFO] recurseSecurity = 0
    23:02:58 [INFO] resQty = 1.0
    23:02:58 [INFO] recipe = 296*3
    23:02:58 [INFO] comp = 296
    23:02:58 [INFO] divQty = 1
    23:02:58 [INFO] compId = 296
    23:02:58 [INFO] = 15.0
    23:02:58 [INFO] price.sell = 9.0
    23:02:58 [INFO] recurseSecurity = 0
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    Please download it again. 'forgot to remove debugging informations... Should be better now.
    Have fun !
    No idea about that.
    Could you give me more precise information about that probably big bug ?
    1- There was a bug : she merchant was abble to remove things from the shop while a client was trading, and guess what the client paid for it ! Now only one person can be into the shop at once, including the merchant.

    2- Look at the wiki for the full commands list. (/rshop delete will delete the shop).
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    Yep, that was it :)

    Oh, sorry for the wiki, I thought I looked good, I'll go buy some glasses. ^^'

    One of the players from my server just found another bug: if I take food in a shop and I eat it, my number of hearts increases even if I did not have the money.
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    Hello im using CB: 531 IConomy: 4.4.6 RealShop: 0.52

    I have set the config to use IConomy, however it seems to be loading before iconomy does in my startup so it defaults to RealEconomy instead. Is there anyway to prevent this? Here is the information i get when starting up my server (maybe its something else and i have overlooked it)

    07:38:25 [WARNING] [RealShop] unknown economyPlugin IConomy was set to RealEconomy instead
    07:38:25 [INFO] [RealShop] Uses built-in RealEconomy (/mny commands) as economy system
    07:38:25 [INFO] [RealShop] version [0.52] (tickleman) loaded
    07:38:25 [INFO] [DevilsFun] Your server is haunted at night, however Angel's keep it safe during the day.
    07:38:25 [INFO] WorldGuard: Permissions plugin detected! Using Permissions plugin for permissions.
    07:38:25 [INFO] WorldGuard: Single session is enforced.
    07:38:25 [INFO] WorldGuard: TNT ignition is blocked.
    07:38:25 [INFO] WorldGuard: Lighters are PERMITTED.
    07:38:25 [INFO] WorldGuard: Lava fire is blocked.
    07:38:25 [INFO] WorldGuard: Fire spread is UNRESTRICTED.
    07:38:26 [INFO] WorldGuard 4.0-alpha1 enabled.
    07:38:26 [INFO] TimeAnnounce version 1.0 is enabled :)
    07:38:26 [INFO] [iConomy] Logging is currently disabled.
    07:38:26 [INFO] [iConomy] v4.4 (Arcadia) loaded.
    07:38:26 [INFO] [iConomy] Developed by: [Nijikokun, Coelho]
    07:38:26 [INFO] [iConomy] Successfully linked with Permissions.
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    I think you should put "iConomy" instead of "IConomy".
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    OMG it this that the onInventoryOpen craftbukkit event does not work :(. So the clients-hacks found for shop are :
    - logout before the end of transaction
    - eat something before end of transaction (and have no money)
    - craft something with buyed stuffs before end of transaction (and have no money)

    I must found a way to avoid these :(.
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    haha thankyou! knew it was probably me overlooking something :D
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    You're welcome :)

    It would be great!
    Sorry, I found two more things: there is no price for the mushroom stew and cooked porkchop is more expensive than bread while it gives more points.
    Apart from that, everything seems to function very well and my players are happy to use a shop that simple! :)
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    Ops can change market prices using the /rshop market <id> <buyPrice> <sellPrice> command.
    'better use it with non-crafted items, as crafted items are automatically calculated when there is no market price (starts from components and adds 10% "for the crafting work")

    You can check a market price with /rshop market <id>

    For the Mushroom Stew : there is a little error into my dataValues.txt : please replace :
    282;Mushroom Stew=281+39+40
    with :
    282;Mushroom Stew;281+39+40
    And then /rshop reload. This would work better.
    TIP : Activate daily price calculation. Your items price will be re-calculated each IG day, depending on sales and purchases of the day !

    Then the prices will smoothly move to a natural equity, as the base prices I wrote into market.txt may be a little bit not logical.
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    Oh, if it helps I set the prices myself using the market.txt file, not any in game stuff. I also need to update 0.O
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    Perfect :)
    About the daily price calculation, I don't think it works if the chests are only in standard mode (players can buy only, not sell), like it's on my server.
    Anyway, I think I'll adapt the prices by hand throughout the game.
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    You're right : prices will only grow up everyday ! ;p
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    Okay so I created some shops and give them to an NPC. Then I tried to stock the shops but it thought I was selling items. So i gave the shop back to myself and it still thought I was shopping. Is there an easy way to restock a shop?
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    i cant find and info on this in the wiki but can you set up a shop to run for an npc.

    i did make a shop and then edit the owner in the shops.txt but that just stopped the shop from working properly and i got the error
    also how do you set prices, i want is cooked pork to cost 5 coin. i have tried adding it to the market.txt using the id and name from the dataValues.txt in the format for the items already on the list but had no luck.
    i think you are meant to go into config and set
    and the shop will auto restock

    how did you give the shop to an NPC and have it work?


    I found a free SQLite editor and got the npc shop to work =]

    still would be nice to know if and how i can set prices so they stay the same. im on a private server with a couple of friends so it would just work better that way for me.
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    It sounds like I'm the only one having this issue - either that or I'm missing something, but I've found that after producing a couple of chest shops, selecting new chest to make into shops becomes impossible. I've replicated this situation many times when attempting to create seveal chest shops one after another.

    As an example:
    • Player creates chest, selects chest by left clicking it, types "/rshop create TEST1". Works fine seemingly.
    • Player then creates second chest, selects chest by left clicking on it, "/rshop create TEST2". Also works fine seemingly.
    • Player creates a third chest, selects chest by left clicking it, types "/rshop create TEST3". Chest remains a chest, not a shop and no confirmation of shop creation presented to the player in chat.
    My build (relevant stuff):
    • CraftBukkit b550
    • LWC v1.63
    • iConomy 4.4.7
    • RealShop v0.52
    I hope that all made sense, and help would be greatly appreciated because I'm truly stumped!
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    Loving this plugin, I can't wait for permissions, and per user/chest pricing.

    If coupled with LWC could you make a chest that only sells to people who are alowed to open the chest?

    I'm having a problem with dyes and wools and some other blocks, (only have experemented with yellow dye, yellow/gray/ black wool, and wooden half blocks) When ever someone trys to buy/sell them the transaction is always canceled. Other crafted items like tools, torches, etc seem to work fine.
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    Rick Boss

    Alright, having a bit of a problem. I did /rshop create and added the items to be sold and bought, all verified correct too. but when i go to leave, says no transaction. Thoughts?

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