Inactive [ECON] RealShop - Shop using chests [1337-1561]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Baptiste Pillot, Feb 23, 2011.

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    humm - I think this plugin is to blame for a glitch I've had in 2 worlds..

    After some clicking in a chest players can duplicate items by right clicking them in chest ~ only happens every so often but one an item can duplicate - it always can ... after relog / reboot etc
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    Are you sure?
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    Which version are you using?0.5.3? 0.63?
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    seems broken, it's a shame because this was my favorite plugin!! please fix for CB 860! that would be awesome.
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    PM sent to Plugin Dev, let's hope he reads his email that leads him to the PM.
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    This is so frustrating. Lol
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    Spoke with the Dev of this plugin, he said that he doesn't have the time to upgrade this, and he welcomes any other dev to carry on his work while he is away.
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    im having trouble with my users creating their own shops. i have most of the creation and usage permissions filled into the group file. but it still says they dont have permissions.
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    I'll try to publish a working version soon, but if I don't do it soon, I doubt I'll EVER have enough time ^^
    Won't be able to provide support for long though...
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    simply use version 0.59 + an older version of iconomy, and everything works fine...
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    Then other plugin's would mess up, it's not just a matter of a downgrade, you have to consider other plugin's as well.
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    Can't get this working. /mny works but not /rshop help or /rshop create.
    I using 0.62
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    Jonathan Thorpe

    I'm using 0.62 with CB 860. Works fine. Don't bother using anything else for these reasons:

    • The developer of this plugin himself has problems with 0.63, so why should anyone else use it?
    • The latest recommended build of CraftBukkit is 860. Why would you use a development build and expect everything to work? Plugins are developed in-line with the recommended builds. Quit complaining.
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    Complaining? Uh no? I would use 0.63 but then I would have to downgrade iConomy as well witch would also mean I would have to remove some other plugin's as well as they depend on the latest version. So maybe you should use more plugin's that depend on one or another, then come back and say stuff like that.
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    The same here!

    Which config do I have to change, to change the Prices? Market or CurrentValues?
    If I change them, after restart the Prices are the same, or the Server goes down.
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    Jonathan Thorpe

    I think you're getting all confused. It's simple:

    Go back to CB860, you will NOT break any of your plugins. Downgrade to RealShop 0.62, it isn't buggy like 0.63, and it still works with iConomy 5, has done since 0.60. Please get your facts right before you start mouthing off at other users, who know more than you.

    The file you need to edit is market.txt - make the changes you want, and then use "/rshop reload" to load up your new prices.

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    A good laugh before bed, and you can't go back to 860 when your already on it. I wasn't mouthing off unlike you "Quit complaining."
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    Jonathan Thorpe

    Then you're still not reading properly. If you're using CB860, use RealShop 0.62, it works with iConomy 5 just fine, thankyou very much, so no need to break those plugins you were moaning about. Bit of a twat really, aren't you. Owned. Now, off to bed.
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    Lol your the twat getting worked up about what I'm saying or that people are moaning, sure, I'm PWNED or whatever you girls call it now days, I'll try what you said but can't be bothered at this time.
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    Jonathan Thorpe

    You'll find that it works, and then you'll look even more stupid than you already do.
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    I'm not stupid, I'm a wise wise man, thanks. Nuff said.

    Back the the plugin, I spoke to the dev yesterday and we are trouble shooting the current problems with the current build. Will keep you all in the loop.

    Using 0.62 and when I type rshop create after doing the chest.

    Still stupid?

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    Jonathan Thorpe

    Mate I'm running a CB860 server and using RealShop 0.62, it works absolutely fine! You obviously have a problem somewhere, not related to this plugin.

    EDIT: - just in case you still doubt.
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    @Jonathan : Wood, Wood, Wood. No problem you said :) ?
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    Jonathan Thorpe

    Not the problem I was referring to, no. The problem of shops not correctly identifying items with damage (wood, wool, etc) does not affect gameplay in any way whatsoever. The problem I am referring to is that apparently 0.62 does not work with CB860 when in fact it does, perfectly well. The guy having the problems obviously has a problem somewhere else, not related to RealShop.
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    Me I've just this issue. With item which contain id like : 35:2. It takes just 35
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    Jonathan Thorpe

    I think the author has addressed that issue somewhere else in this thread, but probably doesn't deem it important enough to fix right now, as its mainly a cosmetic bug and doesn't affect how the shops work. The shop in the screenshot I posted actually holds a full stack of wood, redwood, and birch wood, and when listed, it shows just "wood", when the market file actually has prices for each wood type individually. It doesn't affect the way the shop trades, however... buying any type of wood still gives you the correct type, its just the listing that appears wrong. Same with wool - I have a wool shop that sucessfully sells wool in every single colour, and yet the listing shows "White Wool, White Wool, White Wool..." etc. So don't worry about this issue, your shop will still work fine, even if it doesn't appear to be listing the correct items.
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    Could be another plugin that is messing with will test on my local server with all those plugins that I'm using.
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    Jonathan Thorpe

    Out of interest, what plugins are you currently using? I'm using:
    • AnyReg 0.5
    • AppleTree 0.5
    • BOSEconomy 6.0.2
    • ChairCraft 1.2.3
    • ChopTree 1.23
    • Citizens 1.0.8h
    • FastMining 2.2
    • Growbie 2.4
    • Jobs 2.0.1
    • KeepGrowing 0.1
    • MineCal 0.3
    • MotherNaturePlus 1.3.2
    • NoSpawn 1.5.2
    • PlugMan 1.3
    • PorteCoulissante 1.2.1
    • PVPToggle 0.3.0
    • RealShop 0.6.2
    • RectractableBridge 1.3.6
    • ScrollingMenuSign 0.4
    • SheepFeed 1.2.2
    • Showcase 0.6.4
    • SignColours 0.3
    • SimpleChestLock 0.5
    • SpongeRestore 1.0
    • Stargate 0.4.9
    • TpC 1.1
    • TreeAssist 1.1
    • TriggerCmds 1.2
    • Turnstile 1.8
    • WelcomeMe 1.2.0
    • MobBounty 4.02
    • XCraftGate 0.6.2
    • ProperTime 1.8.9
    • MonsterBox 0.1
    • IntelliDoors 1.0.10
    • SupplySign 1.6.1
    • GiantTrees 0.2.1
    I don't get any conflicts/errors at all with CB860.
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    I am using the following:
    • AuthMe
    • BananaChunk
    • BigBrother
    • BorderGuard
    • Citizens
    • CraftBook
    • CustomBlockRestriction
    • Dynmap
    • Essentials
    • iConomy
    • iConomyChestShop
    • IPGet
    • iWarning
    • Locker
    • LockIP
    • LWC
    • mcbans
    • MCMA_compat < To work with McMyAdmin
    • mxOnlineTime
    • NoCheat
    • obuVoting
    • Paid2Mine
    • RemoveExplosions
    • Scavenger
    • ScheduledAnnouncer
    • Supplysign
    • WorldEdit.jar

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