Inactive [ECON] RealShop - Shop using chests [1337-1561]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Baptiste Pillot, Feb 23, 2011.

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    Where can i get the Standalone permission ?
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    I am having the same problem.
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    Hubbe King

    Confirmed: Plugin does NOT work properly with iConomy 5.0
    Stick to 4.6.5 until the plugin developer can update this plugin.
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    The plugin desperately needs permissions. Almost everyone on my server wants player owned shops, and I'm not going to make them all OPs so they can have shops...
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    where i can find a guide for permissions nodes?
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    only those in the OPS.txt have full admin control over the plugin. All your members should have access to /rs commands, just not the administration commands.
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    soooooooo, what i wanted to ask is, is iconomy or any other REQUIRED to use this plugin? thx
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    No, this plugin can be used WITHOUT iConomy and BOSeconomy as it has its own standalone money using /mny.
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    Please update to work on iConomy 5!
    plugin is the best I've ever seen!
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    need update on iConomy 5 and make the permissions nodes ^_^
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    Hello to you, I installed and I also began RealShop Permissions, but people who do not have permission * can not buy (they do a right click on the Commerce Server panel)but it said that their it did not have permission.
    What to do?
    Thank you in advance.

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    10 hours only dedicated to mods developping !

    I think you will have a release soon... probably on monday.

    Cool, I love travelling :)

    I had this message when running the CRAFTBOOK mod. It's a fake/bug message and it does not disable shopping. If this it it, the only way i found to avoid this message was to set the craftbook.* permission to all players.

    Or perhaps you have a region protection mod that disables use of chests where your shop is ?

    This does not come directly from RealShop, thus, as it has nothing to do for permissions until the next release.

    next release (monday)

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    love u
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    You can use the internal RealEconomy system instead of iConomy.
    But I will do no version to trade items - items, sorry.

    RealShop use the "OnPluginEnable" craftbukkit message, to link to iConomy only when it's loaded, so iConomy must always work properly.
    But perhaps not iConomy 5, as some people told me compatibility problems (I will check this till monday).

    and :
    - Check the case of enablePlugin=iConomy.
    - Check the server.log and plugins/RealShop/realshop.log content, as it perhaps tells something about the problem he has to link to iConomy.

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    Well, because the players on my server are pretty much retarded, grrrrrrrrrrrr, they often feel the need to grab everything their greedy little eyes set upon in the buy chests without checking the prices of the items nor the money they have and then walk away from the chests, then the items get removed from both their inventories and the chests.... so basically they get destroyed. Major problem right there, I can't have this happening to my items
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    is it compatible with iConomy 5?
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    Drei Gyuu

    Will it be possible in the future to only allow players to setup shops in a designated area, for say a 20x20 area and if they place it outside that area it will prompt them that it is not a trade area.

    Just a thought.
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    Does anyone who is using this plugin, have a decent Market.txt that is complete? I started my own, based on a value system me and my admin have come up with... but we probably have 1/3 of it complete.
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    tha d0ctor

    is iconomy 5 support added yet? this is the only plugin holding me back from iconomy 5 at this point..

    edit nvm saw the post where it says the update is coming monday, can't wait!
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    OMG so long i can't life without a realshop.
    So then i must shutdown ma mc server and get real life...i will go real shopping... =)
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    Drei Gyuu

    Okay so I've made an non-player shop owner, I called him Trader, so players can sell items to that particular shop, is there a way to have custom prices for my NPC "Trader" but by still keeping my market.txt as the default price.

    can someone please advice me on how to do this?
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    Hey man, love the plugin, take your time, don't rush it... I don't want any serious bugs :D
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    You can edit custom prices into the playername.prices.txt file. Look at other already existing ones, and do exactly the same.

    So, you will !
    Or some other developer will patch for compatibility before. It can be done, this os opensource
    Or with a lot of luck I will perhaps put an update saturday morning... but you'll be veeeery lucky if it can be done...

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    tha d0ctor

    thats true, I have messed around with making very basic plugins compatible before I'd just need to figure out how to link githib and springsource...
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    The thing is, I'm also selling the shops, so I need to be able to assign them per person.
  27. Here is my build of RealShop, latest git revision, with iConomy 5.0 patch (default bank name must be "iConomy").

    Attached Files:

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    I am integrating this to my 0.60 "beta", but I see you joined only the help.txt file.
    Did you translate the lang.txt file too ? 'would be great to include it.

    Latest git revision at the moment you posted your message (0.60 ?) is an "under development" revision ! Beware of bugs (permissions developments).

    I am currently releasing this as beta... including iConomy 5.x support.

    INFO - Realesed 0.60 as beta only (not an "official" release, separate download link)

    Includes :

    - Experimental Permissions support
    Need testers to check this works great, and that access controls without Permissions still work great

    - iConomy 5.x support (official release stays with iConomy 4.x).

    If you download the 0.60 BETA version, please GIVE ME FEEDBACKS, even if this works well for you. I will release this as soon as possible (hopping that your tests will be more positive than negative). Thanks for your help for this, re-testing of all functionnalities and options of the mod is needed and I am so tired of testing... hmmm. 'time to sleep.

    If you want to avoid serious bug, perhas avoid downloading the new "beta" version.
    Official version stills stay unchanged until I have good feedbacks.

    Thanks for your support :)

    Beta version is compatible with iConomy 5 (look at download links).
    But need to be tested a lot before beeing guaranteed to work well in "release" mode. You should check that the players can operate shops well and cannot execute operator's functions, as a lot of code has been (hugly ?) patched.

    Feedback me if you choose to take the risk to test the beta :)

    If you can't wait, test the 0.60 beta version (unofficial release, look at download links).
    But beware of bugs... you should test it accutely (and send my feedbacks)

    It's not a bad idea. I will think about it... for version 2.0 lol.
    Not very difficult, but I have to try to fix some bugs in order to become a stable 1.0 version before doing too much more functionnalities.

    Now : yes. But only with a "beta" version which could be full of bugs (or not, *hope*).

    You can get the beta version from the download links.

    A lot of work for me to fix this bug. I will do my best to do this work better, but this perhaps will never be perfect...
    Or a lot of work for craftbukkit developpers, if those guy could found how to deal with minecraft's INVENTORY events. this would be so great... Someday perhaps.

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    How come when I try to change the Values in the txt doc they dont change in the game?

    EDIT: I was modifying the wrong document.
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    No reaction ?
    No one want to test the beta ?
    Or no one had problems ?
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    Good Job !
    Il y a un problème concernant les transactions il arrive que lorsque il y a trop d'objet dans le coffre, après validation de la transaction qu'il soit encore dans le coffre (même avec le infiniteBuy)

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