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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Baptiste Pillot, Feb 23, 2011.

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    Some griefing possibilities are reported into the "known issues", I did never lie to you ;). Everyone who read the plugin summary knows this issue... I choose a simple shop system without commands for clients, but craftbukkit has no working inventory events, so we have to work like this, with this potential griefs, if we want this to keep easy.

    Notice that an anti-grief system is under development, and will be released before version 1.0.
    For the moment the server's admin has a log of stolen items into his realshop.log log. You can use it to tell griefers they should not do this. Tomorrow I will use this stolen items [WARNING] logs to make griefers pay, one day or another !

    You are the only one to get this problem. A little bit strange, isn't it ?
    Try removing the plugins/RealShop directory and launch your server again. Perhaps something is wrong into your configuration, or perhaps is your craftbukkit version too old (less 500 ?)

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    This is epic, i am going to be testing this out on our server today, if it works well ill be making you some videos for it as well. Thanks again...

    **WORKING on craftbukkit 556** and works well with the BOSEcon system. I will be testing it out more extensively shortly but this is a major step for our econ plugin since we have not had any store support until now.
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    Kevin Forte

    Does this support Permissions?
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    ok, is there a way to put a maxium and minium price for products? ive looked here and it says its in the text files, but i dont see it. someone took advantage of the market and now diamond is at 74000 from 250.
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    Note yet, but it is into our TODO list. All players can create shops, or only admin if you change a setting into the config.txt.
    Read the doc !

    Read the wiki doc, there are rules for these to set into the config.txt file (bottom of the wiki page). Just notice :
    - it's a global rule for all items
    - you will have to change your market.txt file for items which price is more than the maximum, as the mini/maxi is used only when there is a daily re-calculation.

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    have you though about letting everyone on the server use /rs m and not just op's
    also it would be nice if you could use /rs m with more than one item code.

    i was only thinking about this because i wanted to uses this with the CommandSigns plug in so people can see the prices of things in the shop. that way you dont have to look at every tool in the shop to find the ones you want, you know you want iron tools click the iron tools sign to get the prices
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    Hello!A problem in the use of RealShop 。
    If player1 Create a shop,sell one wooden plank.
    Market price is 0.56.
    plaer1 use "/rshop price <itemId> <buyPrice> [<sellPrice>] "command.
    Change the wooden plank buy price 8, and sell peice 5.
    See,The wooden plank price has become "buy 8.0,sell 5.0"


    Now,player2 Left click is chest。
    The price you see is still the Market price '0.56'.
    Not player1 Set a price ‘0.8’

    player2 buy one wooden plank。
    The price paid is ‘0.8’。

    player2 Create a shop ,sell one wooden plank。
    player2 use command,
    /rshop price 5 7.7 6.6
    all player shop wooden plank buy price Will show ‘buy 7.7 sell 6.6 ’


    How do I Let player2 see player1 set price!
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    is it possible to create a "Server Shop", so that a server account or nobody gets the money?
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    If i set a players price, the same price will be shown in every other shop, which is selling the same items.
    For example:
    Me and a friend are selling TNT. The market price is 23. So i tried the "price" command and set the price for my TNT to 21. But when i left click on my friends chest, it shows me 21 too! But when i buy it, i do this for the market price (23).

    I think this is a bug.
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    Does this work with lockette
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    Heinz Harald


    i love this plugin. If i would buy redwood 17:1 it wont work. /rshop buy 17:1 or 17.1 dont work.
  14. Well, i made an account I called "Global" for iConomy in the MySQL database and edited the owner of the shop to "Global". Voila!
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    Hi, salut :)
    What's the difference between CurrentValue.txt and Market.txt ?

    Merci !
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    - Create an account for a non-player (ie a player named "server").
    - use /rshop give server to give the shop you created to the virtual player named "server"
    - don't forget to give him a lot of money with iConomy / RealEconomy / BOSEconomy commands if you want that playet can sell huge amount of items in his shops !

    /rs m let users set the market prices. I think it's not a got idea to give this tool to everybody.
    Player know the price of items just left-clicking the chest-shops.
    I could add a functionnality to display the price of the content into signs near the shop. why not in a future version of the plugin...

    Huge explanations, thanks, it's a little bit a maze... when I'll be more clear I will read and test it, to get that bug (and correct it)...

    Probably. The prices I list may be your prices instead of the shop's owner prices... Oooops a little mistake I did ? Wait for 0.56...

    Don't know. Test it and tell me :)

    - market.txt is used to get / set the market prices. if you change something inside it, it changes the market prices into the game
    - currentValue.txt contains market prices plus calculated prices for items that are not in the market. It is for information purpose only (ie use this file to display a table with the whole market price into your website).

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    Tim Visser

    On my server I fixed that by giving myself a load of money (since I'm admin) and making a shop-chest which accepts all items (-0). When the chest is full people will swap less valueable items like wool with like diamonds so they still make some money. Every week I clear the chest once. I would recommend you to do something like this too or people will sell the most stupid stuff to the 'general shop' and will make abuse of the fact that they can make money with everything.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks a lot !

    Other Question : If I delete an entry, and if the price is not defined in both files what happens in the game if someone tries to put an item for sale ?
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    /rshop infiniteBuy on is very good idea, how i can do to keep this setting juste for admin and not users ? (without turn on shopoponly) ?

    I need to make infinite buy for pnj/admin and non infinite for user shop.

  20. Baptiste, we would love to use your plugin for player-owned shops but we need to restrict the ability to create new shops for players. I know Groupmanager/Persmissions support is already on the todo list, but do you think you could implement a temporary workaround by adding a flag so the create command is restricted to ops only?
    Awww, oversaw "shopOpOnly=true" - Sry, my fault!
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    im running craftbukkit 544 and realshop v0.56 and iconomy 4.5.5 and when i have more than 200 coins i cant sell anymore stuff it keeps saying transaction canceled.
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    Josh Harwood

    any way to make a large amounts of shops at once?


    oh the joys of hypermarkets...
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    It WORKS lol just tested it and it works thank you so much for this plugin I needed this for my awesome rp server

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    hello plugin maker is there and permisson nodes? i look thro ur wiki and i didnt fine any i evev looked over ur nodes like 5 times, i would REALLY like perminnon ndes for this. and i aslo look thro the zip file u have for download as well

    u need to fix ur websit m8 its umm out of wak just a tad

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    Josh Harwood

    lol and like you can talk XD also learn to english newfag :3

    @baptistepilot why is it that setting player prices works a couple of times but after a few minutes gets reset back to the global price?
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    I cant get my iconomy currency to work. It just accepts the default coins. Help plOx
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    you mean mine
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    im spanish u ass
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    How come when its stolen it gives an entire stack of 64 back... instead of how many were stolen.
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    dude players can steal shit if i reload the server witht he /reload command
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    that makes no sense, you gave the store back 1... instead of 11? Is that the plugin or is that me not understanding how it works!

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