Inactive [ECON] OmegaCurrency - Real, physical money. v1.2.1 [Spout] [1.1-R1]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Professor Omega, Dec 17, 2011.

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    some want wooden coins, others want obsidian coins etc etc.

    why not custom coins in the config?
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    Professor Omega

    Brilliant. Although hard to implement.
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    i cant download the file. it says it fails to load it. please help
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    Professor Omega

    The download works for me.
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    It would be cool if you could turn this plugin into a *very* configurable plugin.
    By very configurable i mean, that if you could leet use make any coin with different specs... like different Recipe, item 'picture', value, etc.

    Also it would be cool if you could make it just like iConomy (Replacement)... So when a transaction is done by other plugins... it actually retract money from the player's inventory and etc.

    Edit: also the 'picture' to display the item when dropped displays wrong, i havent looked a lot into Spout's API but it seems that there's a way to set it. If you don't it'll show up as the whole item list.
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    for transactions it should support globalchestbanking (when it's updated)
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    I am a bit confused about two errors with this plugin. Do I have them straight?
    When you drop a coin, the texture is incorrect. If you do not have Spout installed, you cannot craft the coin, they just come out as flint. Is that correct?
    Also, when you die do the coins drop, or stay in your inventory? Have you found out the data values of the coins, or are there none?

    Sorry about my noobishness, I am new to minecraft servers.
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    When you drop a spout item it shows items.png, its a known spout bug.
    All items created by spout are a retextured version of flint, which the vanilla players will see.
    The data value is problably something like 318:x , i think you can find it in itemMap.yml in the SpoutPlugin folder.
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    So in order for this plugin to work, everyone that joins my server will have to download spout, not just me?
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    the server should have spoutplugin and every players who wishes to use this plugin would need spoutcraft yeah.
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    I installed spout and the mod, they are great. But when I go to the itemMap.txt, there is nothing in it. Does anyone know how to find the data values of the coins?
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    But what about making it similar to other economy plugins?, by that i mean letting it being used as the 'way to process payments' (With Register).
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    what do you mean? if you mean putting everything you have on a bank and never look at it again it would be useless to use this plugin.

    i want players to have money in their inventory (with the risk of dying and loosing it all) for e.g. shops and a lot of money on their bank to pay stuff like Towny's tax
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    Hi, I've wanted a plugin like this for a while and just haven't had time. Want me to help you write the economy bit of it (the api)
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    You still doesn't get what i mean...I didn't talked about banks or anything, i just want you to make your plugin usable by other plugins as an economy plugin instead of just adding a new item... and not just supporting a few plugins, just include Register's API into your project and register your plugin in it.

    So when a plugin (that uses Register) tries to find what economy plugin it should use to make the transaction, it will detect yours and etc...



    Just register your plugin into Register and make your it modify the amount of 'coins' (item) of 'x' player when your plugin is being told to add/remove money by an other plugin.

    Thanks, i hope you will understand my request better.

    Edit: I've just looked at my message back again and i realised it wasn't really clear. This message should help you to understand what i meant.
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    yeah, i understand it now.
    1) i am not the plugin developer :p, that honor goes to Professsor Omega
    2) he said that he is having a hard time to add support for iConomy so i would suggest since that should be easier.
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    Ah, great. Just the plugin I was looking for! :)

    I just have one issue. I'm not sure if this is due to Spout's lacking custom item support or a problem with the plugin or a problem with me, but it seems, whenever I drop a coin, a full items.png is dropped. It's a wee bit irritating.
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    that's a known spoutplugin bug.
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    Is there any way to fix it? (Separate plugin or something?)
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    nope. spoutplugin should be updated but they are currently developing spout (something like bukkit, only tons of options more, like custom mobs) so they stopped developing spoutplugin and once spout is done they'll even stop updating it.
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    Never liked the idea of this whole Spout malarchy. If Spout damages even a single plugin of mine, I'm not making the switch. bukkits community is just too strong.
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    i love it xD
    custom mobs! custome items!
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    And no other plugins at all? I just hope the compatability patch they plan to make actually works. Of course, if it does, great. But if not... I'm not a happy clappy chappy.
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    yeah! ofc i will want a compatibility plugin. i think they're smart enough to realise that every admin will loose interest if they don't release such a plugin.

    back on topic ;):
    how is this plugin going?
    i'm really looking forward to iConomy support :D
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    Support for economy... i never said that.
    No, i wouldn't recommend making something that would 'work with' other economy plugins since this plugin adds a new way to manage money... in your inventory..., it would be easier if 'OmegaCurrency' would work in the same way as any other economy plugin, not as a plugin working with others.

    [C.B Engine boots]
    - ~Other plugins boot messages
    - Register starts
    - OmegaCurrency starts
    - OmegaCurrency registers its functions in Register's API
    - SuperPlugin starts
    - ~X player joins
    - 'SuperPlugin' sends a request to Register to add $5 to the player X
    - Register redistribute the same values/data to the functions that was registered at the server's boot
    - OmegaCurrency receives the data from Register and do whatever it is supposed to do...

    NB: I didn't actually looked into Register's API to see how the transfert of information is done, so don't start thinking this is exactly* how Register does it, just a supposition, but still it should work in a similar way.

    Also, since coin is a coin.... and should logicly worth $1.. well you** should make different (configurable) type of coins with a customizable worth.
      version: '1.0'
      default: gold #default money unit (like the real-life 1 dollar coin, (I mean the US/CAD dollar))
      defaultdecimal: silver #Default 'coin' for decimal
    #  name: Gold %1 #%1 stands for the the first paramater (Which may be Coin or other types, just a suggestion... you may want to include more settings in the plugins... a bill... etc)
    #  icon: '' # The url where the client will fetch the image and display it as the item's icon
    #  workbench: true #boolean, true/false
    #  furnace: false #boolean
    #  craftrecipe: '0|266|0|266|339|266|0|266|0' # slot1|slot2|slot3|slot4|slot5|slot6|slot7|slot8|slot9
    #  furnacerecipe: '371|0' # inputItem|ouputItem (In the slot, i.e: lava bucket (who would put a lava bucket in a furnace (except for fuel)...uh?) and in the output... it would put an empty bucket so you don't loose your bucket)
    #  value: 10 #Optional ONLY if the 'coin' is either the def. unit or the def. one for decimal
        name: 'Silver %1'
        icon: ''
        workbench: false
        furnace: true
        furnacerecipe: '265|0'
        name: 'Gold %1'
        icon: ''
        workbench: true
        craftrecipe: '0|0|0|0|371|0|0|0|0'
        furnace: false
        name: 'Fruit %1'
        icon: ''
        workbench: true
        craftrecipe: '0|360|0|360|360|360|0|360|0'
        furnace: false
        value: 0.5

    *Exactly as it may not be the way Register does it but should be silmilar to it (Especially for the 'plugin registration' part)

    **Not meaning that you are the developer, just using 'you' instead of 'the developer' which would be redundant, also because i originally wrote the first message to the plugin dev and not to you.

    ~Please take time to read.
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    i would like to suggest another option in the config:

    coin-url: ''
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    Dude wtf... i said that in my last messageS* -.-

    *Because i said it twice in two diff messages.
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    lol :p

    i've also said it a few times already...
    i dunno why i keep repeating it... i just want it so badly i guess

    btw, i said it before you! :p
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    Yeah uh. i didn't noticed you said it before, anyways.

    If the 'dev' wish to make it configurable (Like i explained in my last post), i would use it for sure.

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