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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Professor Omega, Dec 17, 2011.

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    could you make an option for the values in the config? that would be much nicer than presets.

    also, could you add support for for Iconomy once you finished that?

    what i would like is to totally get rid of all the commands for iconomy, so then you really need a bank, but... if you have to pay something while it's not in your inventory it should be removed from your bank

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    This looks awesome but is it possible to change the money texture into something else? Like for example this image below? :)
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    i think that it would be better in the config, that could also allow you to make as many kinds of coins as you want.

    or at least making it open source so we could edit it ourselves :D
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    Professor Omega

    I have provided source as requested by a few people.
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    I'm getting a strange bug where if I drop a coin on the ground, I'm seeing the entire texture.png instead. Both coins display properly in my inventory though, just the drop is corrupted. Also, the creative menu shows four coins: Two gold, two iron.
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    Professor Omega

    Both bugs are spout bugs not bugs with my plugin.
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    Ok then, I'll wait until the next update and report back.
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    This might be a really stupid question but how do I install this to my server?
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    Professor Omega

    Install Spout.
    Then put my plugin into the plugins folder.
    Then using the spoutcraft client go onto the server.
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    Gotta be better if merge it with iConomy. Ex: if you have 1597 bucks, you'll have 15 gold and 97 iron coins. By dropping coins, you'll lose money from iC. By picking up couns - getting money.
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    and also support the inactive (but being revived) GlobalChestBanking, so players will not loose all the money they have upon death.
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    When I drop a coin on the floor, I see a graphic bug :(

    Please fix !
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    Can do you explein to me wat hei eve to do to put this plugin in my server?¿
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    i believe that's a spoutbug, so it'll probably not be fixed (spoutplugin no longer actively being developed, spoutserver rising!!)
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    Do i put the jar file in or the because it don't know what file to put in the server thing and also i did have this working when i just installed the jar file but the money was flint. So what file do I put and in were is the spoutclient thing is that the game i run? I'm sorry I am not very good at this stuff but I really like your plugin and wish to use it :) you should make a tutorial.
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    Sorry but my english isn't excellent. I didn't understand "spoutplugin no longer actively being developed, spoutserver rising!!" :/

    I think it's possible to repair this, look at SpoutMaterials : It work fine !
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    spout has been renamed to spoutplugin and the developers are no longer developing it, just updating it (for as far as i know) because they are making spoutserver, an alternative to bukkit.
    with spoutserver you can finally add custom mobs and tools etc. also you will be able to set the hight of your map.

    and the best of spoutserver: it'll most likely support most of the bukkit plugins.

    put spoutplugin.jar and OmegaCurrency.jar in your plugins folder and start your server. then connect to your server using spoutcraft (spout's client)

    Spout (for the server, spout.jar)
    Spoutcraft (client)

    is beer not something for OmegaSpout rather than for OmegaCurrency?
    thanks for sharing the source, i am learning java and it was very useful
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    Professor Omega

    Beer? Oh no! I put a reference to an upcoming plugin!

    (Just to let you know I did that on purpose)
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    Wait I have to use spoutcraft to use plugin? :(
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    Professor Omega

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    When I go to update spoutcraft it says download interupted and i don't have my mods on it :(
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    Professor Omega

    Post on the spout thread for spout problems.

    iConomy support might be on hold until I figure it out...
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    Ive done everything and still nothing
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    Professor Omega

    You might want to be more descriptive than that...
    Like what exactly did you do? What do you need help with?
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    Max Black

    It's an interesting idea, making a block that is only used as money (whereas ingots can still be used to create things).
    I would recommend adding ways to interact with these coins.

    I think the best thing you could do is write a fake economy api. Basically set it up so that plugins that are designed to use the ieconomy virtual currency would instead use yours. Instead of having a virtual wallet, your wallet would be your inventory, and the number of coin you have in it. I'm not intimate with the details of the ieconomy api, but it stands to reason it wouldn't be hard to count the coins in a user's inventory (make gold coins worth so many iron, so that it would have a total. Say 5 gold + 2 iron is 27 coin) and then use that as their wallet amount. If they buy something, take an amount of coin from their inventory (if they buy something worth 3 coin, and they only have 1 gold, then just give them 2 iron, as change). If they sell something, add coin to their inventory.

    It sounds like a really fun project, and I can't wait to see how it turns out. Hope you liked the idea (I'm pretty proud of it ;) )
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    Professor Omega

    Sounds like a great idea. I will definitely think of implementing those features.
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    Link Shadowelf

    Do you have a id number added to both coins? I'm trying to set it up so that PhysicalShop can have G for gold coin and I for iron coin with the names Gold Coin and Iron Coin.
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    Professor Omega

    I dont think they have IDs...
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    I'm having a strange problem where when I try to craft either gold or iron coins, I get flint... I have no idea what the problem is, and I'm none too experienced with bukkit, spout, or any other plugins.

    I quite simply put spout, omegacurrency, essentials and a mineral veins plugin into the plugins folder, ran it, and got flint... please help however you can.

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    @thatonekid92, I know nothing, I just found this about a minute ago, but I would guess you do not have SpoutCraft installed. The author most likely uses flint with an added metadata so that it does not ruin anything if someone doesn't have SpoutCraft installed, like you, if my assumptions are correct.

    @Pim1234, yes add diamond coin, and obsidian coin

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