Inactive [ECON] MobBounty v4.2 - Simple Mob Reward [1337]

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    Since PEX and BukkitPermissions support the build in SuperPerms system, I dont understand why you would need seperate support... (that was the idea right? one method to support ALL permission systems).

    Aside of that, can you give us an eta or a progress report on version 5?
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    SuperPerms handles permissions and only permissions NOT grouping.
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    I use Iconomy and PermissionsEX on the new 1185 1.8 server. Does this just not work with 1185CB? I saw you mention it did not work on urs.

    I installed it correctly and the mobs are not dropping anything at all. I have added the permission nodes for the groups etc etc. Not sure what other information you need to help me figure this out.

    Also is there a way to change the name of the money?

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  5. you have to do that in your iConomy config file. :)
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    - Using MobBounty 4.1, as patched by JunioR for 1185 (linked earlier in this thread)
    - CB 1185
    - iConomy6
    - PermissionsEX

    Using an admin account, full '*' permissions & OP -- money drops are working correctly, but the command permissions don't appear to be. All commands (/mobbounty, etc) return a bukkit not-enough-permissions error.

    I know you mentioned PEX support coming up in version 5, but I thought that only applied to group multiplier support, since PEX supports superperms?
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    this is a awsome plugin and i hav a error on the newest version where when you kil a mob it spammes the chat like 6 times that you hav got 10 coins how do i make it only say it once??/thanks in advace
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    Is there any information for using this plugin with multiverse?
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    Can anyone upload a .jar version of @JunioR- 's version? The .zip file isnt readable on a Mac.

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    Hi, i've tested 1185 Mob Bounty but it doesn't work. A solution plz?
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    Its working for me with bukkit #1185 . Which economy plugin do you use? Make sure all your plugins are up to date!
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    Version we run if you keep killing a mob you get fined more and more instead of capping out at 0 money.


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    hi everytime i type /mb i get bukkit will leek tears message how do i fix it?
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    I'm getting the "Bukkit Sad" message as well, using the 1185 version. EssentialsEco.
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    Seems like not updating anymore ::(((
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    @Trollkemada @rockingoutloud @Harley16 @Revenger @Tallcraft @Charlo6 @GmK @raddad @MrNegative370 @JesterB @rossotorres @RaesWolf @OrtwinS @DutchxJapie @AzureFlameCloud @Bjourk @MarcJ @thetank332 @Akime @IronGuardian7


    It may not be MobBounty 5.0, but here is MobBounty 4.2!

    • Support for Bukkit build 1337.
    • Updated Register API to the latest build. Now supports iConomy v6, BOSEconomy v7, 3co, EssentialEconomy and MultiCurrency.
    • Added support for PermissionsEx.
    • Added Skylands Environment.
    • Added Cave Spider, Enderman, and Silverfish.
    • Removed default permissions.
    • Fixed depreciative returns with fines.
    • Fixed commands giving errors.
    • Fixed time.
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    Wow that was a lot of tags, thanks for all of your work, I'll test it as soon as I can, and thank you again for continuing this great plugin.
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    Thank you so much :D

    I'll test in some hours :D
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    I'd like to see THIS for 1.8.1!

    And acctually, I cant get it to work! What's wrong! I get this error when i type in a command "An internal error occurred while attempting to preform this command" and my plugins are: Chatter, CreatureSpawn, Essentails (all), Groupmanager, FalsebookBlock, FalsebookCore, Falsebookextra, FlamboyantFlock, HeroicDeath,iConomy,LevelCraft (all exept forgery), MobDisguise, Multiverse (all 3), uQuest (all 4), WorldEdit, WoldGuard, ChestShop, Citizens, Factions, Jail, Jobs, LWC, MobArena, MobBounty, NoLagg. HELP ME TO GET MOBBOUNTY WORKING (all the plugins are green/ working fine)

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    How do I put to fine people. I want to fine people for killing other peoples wolves
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    you cant i beleive yo cant
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    Thats possible, of course, just set the "TamedWolf" reward. "TamedWolf" is a wolf of another player and "SelfTamedWolf" is your wolf.
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    As Tallcraft said, put a negative value for how much you want to fine into the TamedWolf reward.
    I will need a stack trace from your server log to actually see what is going on in the code. =D
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    Netto Hikari

    Not working for me either. Gives no rewards. No Stacktrace.
    Bukkit build 1337
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    I'm going to need more information then that. What OS are you using? What version of Java? (java -version) What Economy plugin are you using? What permissions plugin are you using? Can you use the commands?
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    Netto Hikari

    I'm sorry. I'm a developer myself and was totally into eclipse a few minutes ago and I didn't concentrate on my report. Okay, here's the information you wanted:

    OS: Ubuntu 11.04 minimal (x64)
    Java: JRE 1.7_01 (x64)
    Economy plugin: iConomy 6.0.7 (Celty)

    I cannot use the commands. They don't give any error messages (also not "command not found"). I have all permissions (using PEX and I'm also OP).

    I just upgraded the .jar file (was using a custom build before). Shall I regenerate the config files, maybe?
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    I wonder if this may be an issue with my Mac still being on 1.6.0_26 and the plugin being built for such. Thankfully my main job is an iPhone Programmer and have access to pre-release software from Apple. =D I will get you a build here in a bit!
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    Netto Hikari

    I also got a developer account. :3 But yeah, didn't write any apps yet. Oh well... Currently using linux. My plugins are built against openjdk 6. Works fine.

    EDIT: And thanks for the help. :3
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    I had already figured it out by now but thanks for helping

    I had already figured it out but thanks for helping

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