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If the auction system I mentioned was added, would you use it?

  1. Yes!

  2. No!

  3. Maybe.

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    RealEstate on GitHub.
    Warning: Source code has no comments and is generally really messy.

    I am currently working on a plugin for my server. It will allow admins to create "Real Estate Agent" NPCs that will automatically manage town lot protections. Here is how it will work:

    1. Admin uses WorldGuard to set up lot protections in a town.
    2. Admin adds buyable lots to a list unique to each town.
    3. Anyone buys any empty lot from an NPC, a sign, or some other way. Plugin automatically deducts money from the player's iConomy/BOSEecon/EssentialsEcon account.
    4. Each week (Configurable), money is deducted from the accounts of all players who own a lot in a town.
    5. If the player cannot afford their rent, or is kicked off of their lot for any reason, they will be given a one- week notice to remove all valuables from the lot, before it is automatically restored to how it was when it was first added to the list for the town.
    6. Back to step 3!

    All options, such as initial price, rent, time for all other events, etc. will be configurable. Also, all actions will have a permissions node.

    Auction System: (See poll)
    If there is enough demand, I may add an auction option. A player sets a max price per rent period to pay for their lot. If someone bids higher than them, they will be given a notice to either raise their bid or move out of that lot. This would, of course, be able to be turned off.

    If anyone has any suggestions, please voice them now before I get too far into development! :p

    P.S. For some reason, I seem to be completely unable to make a thread look neat and well- formatted, but as I get closer to a public release, I will try. ;)
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    I would use this, for sure. Dunno about the auction system, if it was done simply I think people would enjoy it.
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    This is what Ive been looking for!! this is an amazing replacement for towny and in my opinion would be thousands of times better! I love it! please please please make this happen! Im only a rudimentary coder but if you need any assistance with anything, if it will help speed up development let me know!! :p
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    im sad about this... sad that its not already done XD
    i would love it
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    Cool. That is very handy.
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    Ohh, I want the plugin already :)

    Also the ability to purchase the lot, in addition to renting it.
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    This would be a very popular plugin. If it wasn't complicated I would use it for my server when it comes out.
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    It would be nice if you could get this idea to work with Factions too :p
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    I feel dumb now. I procrastinated on this, then band started, then school, and I just got sidetracked. Now I'm back to coding, and should have a beta of this in a week or two. No promises, though, just being hopeful! :oops:
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    Dev update: Currently trying to figure out the best way to handle the Real Estate agents without modifying the NpcLib code. I should make a decent amount of progress this weekend, and if I'm lucky, maybe a beta release. This is highly unlikely though.

    Edit: Yeah, not gonna happen... I hit a wall and can't figure out the best way past it. So I haven't made much progress this weekend. On top of that, homework and housework. So, no release for quite awhile... Sorry guys!
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    Progress update!
    Currently working:
    • Commands: Don't do anything, but I have worked out parsing numbers and not spamming nullPointerExceptions!
    • NPCs: Thanks to Top_Cat's NPClib, I barely had to do anything for this. Thanks Top_Cat!
    • NPC persistance: They correctly remain in the world after server restart.
    • NPC data storage/ retrieval: I made a DataTable.class that will handle all of my data needs from now on. I am not using SQL, is there is not nearly enough data to justify using it.
    Yet to do: (Most of the important stuff...)
    • Hook into iConomy.
    • Make it do rent once a week, as consistently as possible, regardless of server restarts.
    • Chatting with NPCs.
    • Actually transferring ownership of lots. Kind of an important detail, huh?
    • Make error messages not insult users. :D
    As you can see, I still have a lot to do. But the good news is, the very base of the plugin is here and from now on, I should only be adding functionality and polishing.

    The first real (Non-beta) release will contain only minimal functionality, but will (I hope) be largely useable and bug-free.
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    Hey! I now have my project up on GitHub. Warning: The code contains no comments, and is generally messy and inefficient. Feel free to criticize me! :p

    RealEstate on GitHub.

    (The 'testing github' messages were me troubleshooting an error message I was getting. This is my first time using GitHub. :))
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    And in the past week or two I completely lost motivation to code. Fortunately (I think), I had set a deadline a while back of October first to get a lot of stuff done in order to open up my server. This means I have a reason to no-life and finish this plugin! Expect a beta release soon.
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