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    MinecartTicketSystem v0.9.5
    Make your users buy tickets to ride your rails!

    Ever wanted your users pay for using your minecart tracks?
    Then THIS plugin is exactly what you need!

    This project is no longer supportet - I'm currently coding a similar plugin that is way more advanced [called the advancedMinecartTicketSystem - aMTS]

    [sourcecode is included in the jar!]

    • Buy tickets by rightclicking a sign!​
    • Place a sign under the track you want to charge a ticket!
    • Every player who hasn't enough tickets gets automaticly kicked off the minecart he is sitting in, when he passes the Sign!
    • Uses iConomy5 or BOSEconomy for the buying of Tickets!
    • [BOSEconomy support is currently experimental]
    • Supports Permissions!
    Update notice:
    Before updating, delete your old config.yml and let the plugin generate a new one!
    And check out the permission nodes.. There were some changes since the last release!

    Simply place the MTS.jar in your plugin directory​
    [requires iConomy5 or BOSEconomy!]​
    Configurate the Plugin:
    To configurate the plugin, open the plugins/MTS/config.yml​
    This file gets automatically generated, if you're running the plugin for the first time.​
    The options:
    - set this to "true", if you want the minecart to get destroyed if a player gets kicked off his minecart​
    - set this to "false", if you only want OPs to be able to buy tickets​
    - [only applies if UsePermissions is "false"]​
    - set this to "true" to activate the use of permissions​
    - set this to "BOSEconomy" to try out the experimental BOSEconomy support instead of iConomy!​
    Using the Plugin:
    To make a Ticket Shop, simply place a Sign with the following text on it:​
    The number on the left are the tickets to buy, the number on the right the price for them.
    In this case, by rightclicking the sign, you buy 10 tickets for 9.49!​
    To charge Tickets, place a sign under the minecart track where you want to charge the tickets​
    The text on the sign has to be like this:​
    Now, if a player rides over the minecart track on the block above the sign, it charges him 2 tickets. Replace the >2< with whatever number of tickts you want to charge!​
    If he hasnt enough Tickets, he gets kicked off the minecart.​
    To prevent that the player stands on your Rails, he ghets ejected 1 block away from the rails, in the direction the sign faces [e.g. if the sign faces west, the player gets ejected 1 block west from the track with the sign under it]​
    /mts - see how many tickets you have​
    /mts give [playername] [ticketCount] - give [ticketCount] tickets to [playername]​
    Permission Nodes:
    • mts.create.CostsTicket
    • - allows a player to place [Costs Tickets] signs
    • mts.create.TicketShop
    • - allow a player to place [Ticket Shop] signs
    • mts.travelForFree
    • - allow a player to travel for free
    • mts.admin.giveTickets
    • - allow a player to give tickets to a player
    v0.9.5: added experimantal BOSEconomy support, reorganized the config.yml and the permission nodes and added an option for destroying the minecart on kick-off as well as an option to allow non-ops to buy tickets​
    v0.9.2: added commands for giving tickets to a player and to check how many tickets you have, minor bugfixes​

    v0.9: added permissions support, cleaned up the code​
    Add permissions support
    Add BOSEconomy support [Currently only experimental!]​
    Add more admin commands​
    Add some kind of Railway Companies​
    Add the ability to buy a day ticket - buy 1 ticket and ride the tracks for a whole day!​
    Find a way to fix that walk-2-meters-away-and-place-a-new-minecart thing​
    Clean up the whole code
    Further notices:
    The plugin was only tested on my local server, with not really many people on it.​
    Would be nice to get some feedback from a bigger server:)
    In addition, I could need a little help by preventing an item to be placed, if a player right-clicks the sign..​
    Hope you guys enjoy the plugin :D
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    definitely :D

    okay, now everything seems fine.

    The following is what i get at the moment:

    Current timestamp: [...]
    your ticket's timestamp: [...] your tickets runs out at [...]
    btw, your ticket ran out :S

    according to the timestamps it took me too long to get on the track... 3 blocks oO (first: ...877 | second: ...703 | third: ... 705)
    would be helpful to have date and time instead of that timestamp.

    it tells me that my ticket (that i bought some secs ago) ran out.. so it is invalid?

    i would propose to display the remaining tickets somewhere

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    /amts list work but the sign doesnt work
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    this tmestamp stuff is only debugging info for me, the actual user won't see it anyway in the final release...
    .. a singleticket should be valid for 1200 seconds by default [wich are 20 minutes] so this is some kind of strange..
    and yes, i was about to add a command to see your tickets ;)

    do you get any errors in console?
    for normal at least a message should show up wich says that you successfully created it or that there was an error creating it...
    did you spell the firt line wrong or so?

    wow, can't believe i've already got that plugin system running :confused:
    [at least i hope it works, the first tests were successful :D :D]
    this is so totally awesome
    [man, i'm goddam excited right now :D :D]

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    no i got no error and didnt show i did the command


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    yeah, you have to follow this tut over here..
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    can u show me the sign after this created caz i dont understand at step 2
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    signs would look like



    to connect these, perform the command
    /mts -c station1 platform1 station2 platform1
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    i thought so :D also the command was already there.. should be no problem ;)
    (for me) some changing numbers like tickets would show if it works the way it should

    looking forward to the next update :)
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    yeah ! Going to test it soon !

    Errh, not working for now :
    2012-03-31 00:24:57 [INFO] [aMTS] Enabling aMTS v0.8.5.0
    2012-03-31 00:24:57 [INFO] [aMTS] error: nullPointer in languagefile, languagecode is "en", messageKey: "INFO_SUCCESSFULLY_HOOKED_INTO_VAULT"
    2012-03-31 00:24:57 [INFO] [aMTS] error: nullPointer in languagefile, languagecode is "en", messageKey: "INFO_LOADING_STATIONS"
    2012-03-31 00:24:57 [INFO] [aMTS] error: nullPointer in languagefile, languagecode is "en", messageKey: "INFO_LOADING_STATIONS_SUCCESSFUL"
    2012-03-31 00:24:57 [INFO] [aMTS] error: nullPointer in languagefile, languagecode is "en", messageKey: "INFO_LOADING_TICKETS"
    2012-03-31 00:24:57 [INFO] [aMTS] error: nullPointer in languagefile, languagecode is "en", messageKey: "INFO_LOADING_TICKETS_SUCCESSFUL"
    2012-03-31 00:24:57 [INFO] [aMTS] error: nullPointer in languagefile, languagecode is "en", messageKey: "INFO_LOADING_PRICEFILE"
    2012-03-31 00:24:57 [INFO] [aMTS] error: nullPointer in languagefile, languagecode is "en", messageKey: "INFO_LOADING_PRICEFILE_SUCCESSFUL"
    2012-03-31 00:24:57 [INFO] [aMTS] error: nullPointer in languagefile, languagecode is "en", messageKey: "INFO_ENABLED"
    When i create signs or try commands, it says something like the errors in the log.

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    ok, now i have time for important stuff :p
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    Mh yeah i've downloaded only the updated jar then i saw theses error, i downloaded the whole zip and i still had theses messages. Today i deleted every aMTS related files and downloaded the zip again, still having errors :/

    Anyway, thanks for your work, i've been waiting for your plugin for ages, i'm very impatient to use it, we are running a contemporary RP server with well-known french and world regions, i'm trying to build a railway system similar to the one we have in France and we have a zone system in Paris ;)
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    these errors refer to a nonexistign languagefile called "en.yml" in plugins/AMTS/language/
    for normal this one should be there if you installed it properly
    the laguagefile is... some kind of short and some keys are missing or something like that
    so right now im doing some theoretical stuff about further improvements of the plugin..
    and right now it looks like im about to rewrite the whole fckin code x)
    ...not all of it.
    but since we've got mySQL in school [yeah, i'm visiting a school specialized in IT :D ], im thinking about using sql instead of the current saving in .yml files
    seems more... fitting for such a plugin.
    should look professional at the end :p
    rewriting the ticketManager and stationManager to fully support of SQLite, probably the commandManager, languageManager etc to be more dynamically to use by the new plugin system, ...
    this is so much fun :D
    i think i've never written such a huge project before in my life
    hope this gets finished one day and it's not staying a beta forever xD
    awww, no, i can do that.
    i know it :p
    and thanks for all that feedback from you guys ;)
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    Mh strange, i'm going to try to remove everything and reinstall it.

    And yes you can do it ;)
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    back at coding.
    rewriting the whole station stuff to completly support SQLite
    i'm really getting into it ;)
    aww btw, with the rewriting of the station related things i also include multi world support :D
    would it be bad if a station's name may only occur once?
    [currently a stationName would be unique on your complete server, other possibility would be to allow the stationName to be chosen for one station in every world]
    [eg "station1" exists in world1, so a station called "station1" wouldnt be able to be created in world2 OR
    "station1" exists in world1 and a station called "station1" could be created in world2 and would be handled as a different one than station1 in world1]
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    We only have one world on my server so for me it's not a problem :)
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    aww, screw all this, if i'm already doing multi world support, i can do it completely.
    only a few lines more for something that could be really helpful some times.. ;)
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    okay, i'm away for another 3 days, but aMTS made pretty good progress..
    half the inner structure of the plugin was recoded to fit the SQLite design and should work properly
    [didnt do any real testing yet, but i tried all the sql commands on a local server so this should hopefully work ;) ]
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    Well, here it is.
    I reached the next to last milestone of the amts project.
    I'm very proud to announce that I just finished the final Version of aMTS!!
    The one last step missing are now some core functions for statistics and global setups, connecting and disconnecting of stations and zone set up.
    The rest is totaly up to you.
    Tell me what features you want to have added, such as different kinds of ticket shops or other awesome stuff that fits into a minecart ticket system.
    How do you want to create your platforms?
    I could implement it as it was before, with signs, or i could allow you to do it with a simple command you enter when you stand at the incoming/outcomming rail of your platform.
    I also could do both and let it completly up to YOU :p
    So go, go, go, tell me what you'd like me to do and i'll do it for you ;)
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    Did you manage to set up a system that allows a player to buy a ticket for X minutes/hours for zones 1-2 for example ?
    However, thanks for your work, i couldn't try the beta release due to the "translation-file-bug", but i'll try the final release as soon as it will be out.
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    does this mod support iConomy7
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    Does aMTS work with BOSEconomy or just iConomy? Also is it possible to just make a simple ticket shop without the station and platform
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    I love it, works really well on my server. about 14 people:D used with traincarts plugin

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