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    MinecartTicketSystem v0.9.5
    Make your users buy tickets to ride your rails!

    Ever wanted your users pay for using your minecart tracks?
    Then THIS plugin is exactly what you need!

    This project is no longer supportet - I'm currently coding a similar plugin that is way more advanced [called the advancedMinecartTicketSystem - aMTS]

    [sourcecode is included in the jar!]

    • Buy tickets by rightclicking a sign!​
    • Place a sign under the track you want to charge a ticket!
    • Every player who hasn't enough tickets gets automaticly kicked off the minecart he is sitting in, when he passes the Sign!
    • Uses iConomy5 or BOSEconomy for the buying of Tickets!
    • [BOSEconomy support is currently experimental]
    • Supports Permissions!
    Update notice:
    Before updating, delete your old config.yml and let the plugin generate a new one!
    And check out the permission nodes.. There were some changes since the last release!

    Simply place the MTS.jar in your plugin directory​
    [requires iConomy5 or BOSEconomy!]​
    Configurate the Plugin:
    To configurate the plugin, open the plugins/MTS/config.yml​
    This file gets automatically generated, if you're running the plugin for the first time.​
    The options:
    - set this to "true", if you want the minecart to get destroyed if a player gets kicked off his minecart​
    - set this to "false", if you only want OPs to be able to buy tickets​
    - [only applies if UsePermissions is "false"]​
    - set this to "true" to activate the use of permissions​
    - set this to "BOSEconomy" to try out the experimental BOSEconomy support instead of iConomy!​
    Using the Plugin:
    To make a Ticket Shop, simply place a Sign with the following text on it:​
    The number on the left are the tickets to buy, the number on the right the price for them.
    In this case, by rightclicking the sign, you buy 10 tickets for 9.49!​
    To charge Tickets, place a sign under the minecart track where you want to charge the tickets​
    The text on the sign has to be like this:​
    Now, if a player rides over the minecart track on the block above the sign, it charges him 2 tickets. Replace the >2< with whatever number of tickts you want to charge!​
    If he hasnt enough Tickets, he gets kicked off the minecart.​
    To prevent that the player stands on your Rails, he ghets ejected 1 block away from the rails, in the direction the sign faces [e.g. if the sign faces west, the player gets ejected 1 block west from the track with the sign under it]​
    /mts - see how many tickets you have​
    /mts give [playername] [ticketCount] - give [ticketCount] tickets to [playername]​
    Permission Nodes:
    • mts.create.CostsTicket
    • - allows a player to place [Costs Tickets] signs
    • mts.create.TicketShop
    • - allow a player to place [Ticket Shop] signs
    • mts.travelForFree
    • - allow a player to travel for free
    • mts.admin.giveTickets
    • - allow a player to give tickets to a player
    v0.9.5: added experimantal BOSEconomy support, reorganized the config.yml and the permission nodes and added an option for destroying the minecart on kick-off as well as an option to allow non-ops to buy tickets​
    v0.9.2: added commands for giving tickets to a player and to check how many tickets you have, minor bugfixes​

    v0.9: added permissions support, cleaned up the code​
    Add permissions support
    Add BOSEconomy support [Currently only experimental!]​
    Add more admin commands​
    Add some kind of Railway Companies​
    Add the ability to buy a day ticket - buy 1 ticket and ride the tracks for a whole day!​
    Find a way to fix that walk-2-meters-away-and-place-a-new-minecart thing​
    Clean up the whole code
    Further notices:
    The plugin was only tested on my local server, with not really many people on it.​
    Would be nice to get some feedback from a bigger server:)
    In addition, I could need a little help by preventing an item to be placed, if a player right-clicks the sign..​
    Hope you guys enjoy the plugin :D
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    Well, i'm very glad to see that you're still working and you make me even more glad by working on a more complex system. I'm actually making my own "minecart-route-calculator" via simple HTML files wich are readable ingame via the MCDocs plugin.

    I actually prevent users using my subways by setting "prevent-entry" zones via Regios and it's working. But i'm very impatient to see your work on it!
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    Please do a config with a message system ! PLEASE ! So i can translate it into german ! This plugin is so epic !

    Ah, ich habe in dem Source - Code gesehen das du auch Deutsch bist :) Würdest du so nett sein und mir eine Deutsche Version des Plugins machen ? 10 Euro ? :D

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    Deleting of platforms / stations finally works now [without nullPointer Exceptions x) ]

    Und hey, wenn du das ganze auf deutsch haben willst, wart einfach bis zum Release von aMTS, wird auch ne config Datei für die ganzen Texte haben!
    Allerdings würd ich mich auch über Spenden freuen ;)
    Nur.. hab ich kein PayPal :/
    Aber danke für dein Interesse :D
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    maybe you should think about hooking into minecart mania (if that's even possible) ?!

    i mean .... Minecart mania has a good "sign searcher" so you don't have to save it all into a file but the minecart "looks" for the signs as it goes
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    Yeah! I think, this is a really good plugin, but it dont works on my server. I have CraftBukkit build 1240.
    It works but when i don´t have enough tickets, i don´t kicked out of the minecart.
    Excuse me for my bad English. I hope, you can help me!
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    Nice plugin, altough it doesn't work on my server! I place the sign for the ticket, it works. When I try to buy the tickets I get this error:
     Could not pass event PLAYER_INTERACT to mts
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    Can you integrate Register into this? It'd make everyone's life easier, probably including yours :)
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    Okay, I finally figured out how to load the whole stuff from a file :D
    Gonna finish the loading algorithm and then go on to the saving..

    I need to save the whole stuff to a file, e.g. for the route planner, ...
    @lucastyler and storm_ro:
    Any newer build than 1060 is currently not supported, stay tuned for the release of aMTS!
    Was about to do that, but thanks for the advice ;D

    Well, I'llgo on coding now, I should get pretty far with the project this weekend..

    This is going to be legen..
    [wait for it] [cake]

    Saving finally works now :D [diamond]
    Now I'll add some commands to connect the stations and set zones for a station..
    And after that I have to build in the ticket system and ticket shops!
    PLUS economy and permission support. [maybe permissions first..

    [Update 2]
    You can now connect and disconnect your platforms, you can set zones for your stations and permissions are also supported now..
    Now to that ticket thing..
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    Glad to see that u're still working on this. Can't wait until the next release!
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    can you do so you can buy them form npc ?!
  12. Is this working for Iconomy 6?
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    i have also iconomy 6 on my server and it does not work for me.
    can you please update it to 1.0?

    there is also an error:
    2011-12-21 17:02:40 [SEVERE] Could not pass event PLAYER_INTERACT to mts java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/iConomy/iConomy 	at darkboni.MTS.BasEconomy.hasEnoughMoney( 	at darkboni.MTS.Economy.buyTickets( 	at darkboni.MTS.MTSPlayerListener.onPlayerInteract( 	at$11.execute( 	at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent( 	at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent( 	at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.event.CraftEventFactory.callPlayerInteractEvent( 	at net.minecraft.server.ItemInWorldManager.interact( 	at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a( 	at net.minecraft.server.Packet15Place.a(SourceFile:57) 	at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.b( 	at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a( 	at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(SourceFile:108) 	at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h( 	at 	at
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    Hey, pls make it to support IConomy 6, because i can´t use it now :'(

    Thank u very much !!! :)
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    I have problem with buying ticket for me anytime I right click sign with ticket shop I got only message:
    This sign is locked with magical spell.
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    that sounds like an problem with another plugin
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    hey man... help me
    i can't buy the tickets. i installed the plugin and it's working, i put the sign [TICKET SHOP].
    but me and my friends can't buy the tickets

    so... can u make a tutorial, how to install and use this plugin?? please =D

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    Okay guys, now for everyone:
    This plugin is no longer supported!
    I'm currently developing a similar plugin [which is far more advanced]
    aMTS supports the creations of stations with several platforms, you can connect platforms, set zone numbers for your stations, and the whole thing supports the possibility to buy tickets via a ticketShop where you can enter your target station. The ticketShop will then plan some routes for you on which you can travel from the station you are currently standing to the station you wish to travel. The ticket is only valid on the route you buyed and only for a specific time.
    There's also the possibility to buy zoneTickets which are valid on all connections between 2 stations with the zone number you got on your ticket. Also, you can buy them for a whole day, 2 days, saving you 5% off the price for 2 1-day tickets or whatever, this is configurable in a config.
    The text messages are all stored in a language file, so you can easily switch between them.
    There's much more about that awesome plugin, so stay tuned!
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    Wow ! I hope your plugin will be released soon ! I plan to add it on my server !
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    Plugin stops the cart wobbling animation when you hit them.
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    I'm very impatient to see an aMTS release ! Any ETA maybe ?
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    most things are done, internal structure is 90%, ticketshop 80%, tickets itself 70% and ticket check 0%
    gonna finish the ticket related stuff first, so you can buy them and then i'll add the check for the tickets...
    Until then you can buy tickets but travel anywhere - with or without tickets ;)
    Well, I think the ticket check stuff is going to be coded relatively fast.... Could be finished in the middle of the next week...
    ..But I don't promise anything :p
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    Glad to hear, i'm still very impatient to try it
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    Nothing new ?
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    close to the beta release
    ticket buying is mostly finished, only thing missing for first release is the ticketcheck..
    im on this now
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    The very first beta release!
    it's possible to create stations/platforms, to buy tickets and the ticket checking also works as far...​
    whats still missing is permission support and actions the plugin will perform if one has an invalid ticket​
    until now you only get a message that you dont have a valid ticket, but you stay traveling on the route​
    basic things to know:
    -- setup:​
    copy everything in the in your plugin directory​
    -- using the plugin:​
    1) create stations/platforms​
    place a sign underneath the rail were you want the platform to begin​
    the plugin is only capable of one-way tracks, keep that in mind​
    place the sign while looking in the direction of travel, to enable the plugin to auto check if a player is riding in the right direction.​
    there are 2 types of platform signs:​
    arrival signs - if passed the sign, the player entered the platform area​
    departure signs - passing this the player leaves the platform area and goes on to his next stop​
    syntax of the signs is as follows:​
    line1: [platform]​
    line2: [arrival] (if arrival sign) | [departure] (if departure sign. you can also use [a] or [d] as a shortcut)​
    line3: <stationName> (the name of the station you're placing the sign at)​
    line4: <platformName> (the name of the platform you're placing the sign at)​
    once you've set up all the platform signs, you can continue with step 2:​
    2) connect stations/platforms​
    because the plugin cant simply check which platforms are connected with each other, you have to tell the plugin that manually with some commands:​
    /mts -c <stationNameFrom> <platformNameFrom> <stationNameTo> <platformNameTo>​
    this will connect the platformFrom with platformTo. If you got a connection in both directions, do thet seperatly​
    when you told the plugin all youre connections, continue with the following:​
    3) set up zones [optionally]​
    if you have a big minecart system, you may want to set up some zones:​
    a user will be able to buy tickets for a specific zone for a variable duration.​
    this'll allow him to travel between all stations that are in that zone.​
    to set your zoneIDs, simply enter​
    /mts <stationName> <zoneID>​
    where stationName is the name of the station you want to set the zoneID and zoneID is an integer higher or equal to zero.​
    [standard zoneID is zero, by the way]​
    4) create ticket shops​
    simply place a sign with the following caption at your stations:​
    line1: [ticketshop]​
    line2: <stationName> (the name of the station the sign was placed)​
    line3: anything you want (can contain any text you want or can just be empty)​
    line4: anything you want (see line 3)​
    when you got THAT set up, lets buy sime tickets:​
    5) buying tickets​
    left-klick a ticketshop sign​
    a menu will open you can navigate through​
    to select an option, just enter​
    /mts <optionID>​
    you can buy single tickets and zone tickets:​
    single tickets:​
    - enter the name of the station you want to travel to, if you spelled the station's name wrong or it doesnt exist, the plugin will automatically print some stations with similar names​
    - choose one of the possible connections​
    there may be more than one way to travel to your destination, choose one of them​
    all connections are listed with the number of changes you have to do until your at your destination and the corresponding price of the ticket​
    if you want to know the exact way of travel, you can choose to see more details of the selected connection​
    zone tickets:​
    - enter the id of the zone you want to travel to​
    - choose one of the time options for the ticket [currently only 1-day tickets]​
    6) have fun traveling ;D​
    hope this "tutorial" makes it, it's only a beta release, so tell me what you like/dont like or what you want to have added​
    aw, and before i forget it, the download
    have fun testing this plugin :D
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    okay, here comes my testing report:

    actually i dont get the system running. the beta seems not to provide the commands given in the main description. thus /mts doesnt show anything.

    when i set up the signs (departure at station that is left; arrival at station that is entered) it says entering station when leaving the station and leaving station when entering the other station
    i tried to change the signs with the result of being told that "fare dodging" is not allowed (if that refers to not having tickets its strange as i correctly bought tickets)

    a further aspect would be to make buying tickets simpler. at the moment i need about 5 commands to buy one ticket.

    a nice thing to have would be a possibility to not only charge a user money, but also give it to the one the rail system belongs to. at the moment i solve this with commandsign, hiddencommandsigns and torchcommand (and a command from iconomy).. quite a lot of work :/ would be awesome to have that in one system :)

    BUT you're a genius ;)
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    yeah, could do something like that ;D
    sounds strange..
    could you send me your amts folder in your plugin dir, so i can have a closer look?

    did i mention you will need vault to use this plugin? :/

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    dont know, but vault is installed due to other plugins..

    these are:
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    it wont work i cant use any command or sign wont work
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    gerpara, try replacing your aMTS.jar with this updated one
    at least that wrong arrival/departure thing should be fixed
    btw, tried your station/ticket setup and it all worked properly :confused:
    may be i already fixed the wrong part of the code or.. somethings strange

    if not even "/amts list" works, there should be something wrong with your installation

    aw, and btw, i'm already thinking about some kind of small plugin system for this plugin, so different ticketshops etc are possible with ease and without having your plugin list stuck full of plugins called "AMTS" , "AMTS_advancedTicketShop" "AMTS_simpleTicketShop" or something like that :DD
    god, this is gonna be awesome o___o

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