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    MinecartTicketSystem v0.9.5
    Make your users buy tickets to ride your rails!

    Ever wanted your users pay for using your minecart tracks?
    Then THIS plugin is exactly what you need!

    This project is no longer supportet - I'm currently coding a similar plugin that is way more advanced [called the advancedMinecartTicketSystem - aMTS]

    [sourcecode is included in the jar!]

    • Buy tickets by rightclicking a sign!​
    • Place a sign under the track you want to charge a ticket!
    • Every player who hasn't enough tickets gets automaticly kicked off the minecart he is sitting in, when he passes the Sign!
    • Uses iConomy5 or BOSEconomy for the buying of Tickets!
    • [BOSEconomy support is currently experimental]
    • Supports Permissions!
    Update notice:
    Before updating, delete your old config.yml and let the plugin generate a new one!
    And check out the permission nodes.. There were some changes since the last release!

    Simply place the MTS.jar in your plugin directory​
    [requires iConomy5 or BOSEconomy!]​
    Configurate the Plugin:
    To configurate the plugin, open the plugins/MTS/config.yml​
    This file gets automatically generated, if you're running the plugin for the first time.​
    The options:
    - set this to "true", if you want the minecart to get destroyed if a player gets kicked off his minecart​
    - set this to "false", if you only want OPs to be able to buy tickets​
    - [only applies if UsePermissions is "false"]​
    - set this to "true" to activate the use of permissions​
    - set this to "BOSEconomy" to try out the experimental BOSEconomy support instead of iConomy!​
    Using the Plugin:
    To make a Ticket Shop, simply place a Sign with the following text on it:​
    The number on the left are the tickets to buy, the number on the right the price for them.
    In this case, by rightclicking the sign, you buy 10 tickets for 9.49!​
    To charge Tickets, place a sign under the minecart track where you want to charge the tickets​
    The text on the sign has to be like this:​
    Now, if a player rides over the minecart track on the block above the sign, it charges him 2 tickets. Replace the >2< with whatever number of tickts you want to charge!​
    If he hasnt enough Tickets, he gets kicked off the minecart.​
    To prevent that the player stands on your Rails, he ghets ejected 1 block away from the rails, in the direction the sign faces [e.g. if the sign faces west, the player gets ejected 1 block west from the track with the sign under it]​
    /mts - see how many tickets you have​
    /mts give [playername] [ticketCount] - give [ticketCount] tickets to [playername]​
    Permission Nodes:
    • mts.create.CostsTicket
    • - allows a player to place [Costs Tickets] signs
    • mts.create.TicketShop
    • - allow a player to place [Ticket Shop] signs
    • mts.travelForFree
    • - allow a player to travel for free
    • mts.admin.giveTickets
    • - allow a player to give tickets to a player
    v0.9.5: added experimantal BOSEconomy support, reorganized the config.yml and the permission nodes and added an option for destroying the minecart on kick-off as well as an option to allow non-ops to buy tickets​
    v0.9.2: added commands for giving tickets to a player and to check how many tickets you have, minor bugfixes​

    v0.9: added permissions support, cleaned up the code​
    Add permissions support
    Add BOSEconomy support [Currently only experimental!]​
    Add more admin commands​
    Add some kind of Railway Companies​
    Add the ability to buy a day ticket - buy 1 ticket and ride the tracks for a whole day!​
    Find a way to fix that walk-2-meters-away-and-place-a-new-minecart thing​
    Clean up the whole code
    Further notices:
    The plugin was only tested on my local server, with not really many people on it.​
    Would be nice to get some feedback from a bigger server:)
    In addition, I could need a little help by preventing an item to be placed, if a player right-clicks the sign..​
    Hope you guys enjoy the plugin :D
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    Hmm nice plugin idea! :D The only problem I see is the fact that the player could simply walk 2 rails away, place his minecart and go on with his ride :/
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    Yeah, I know..
    This could be prevented by removing the rights of a "normal" player to place Minecarts.. and by destroying the minecart, so if the player gets kicked off, so he cant jump in it again, if he's fast enough.
    Gonna take care of that later
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    Lol thats not really a good solution at all XD Add features, don't remove them :D a way would be to simly check all connected rails and make them be affected too so they get kicked out.
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    Nice, Source?
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    Yep, thats true ;)
    Checking every connected rail would take forever, if you got a [realy, realy] long rail system.
    I could add something like that:
    /payrail <ticketCount>
    [then you place your tracks you want the players to pay for]

    But then i had to store the data in a seperate database, and i got no idea how to do that ;)
    [could be good training, anyway :D]

    Gonna add permissions support now, I think about that payrail-stuff later

    Comes soon, first i'll clean up the whole thing, so you can actually understand it ;)
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    Hm, maybe limit it. Like you have to put a sign every 20 blocks, and a sign checks for the payment on 10 blocks after and 10 blocks before :p
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    Hmm, but you have to consider that most railways would be protected, and if not, they have already paid the fee.

    If the sign could cover a certain raidus or distance, i.e. 20 block's from the sign, than this way they would either have to
    1. pay
    2. walk dam far and place the minecart
  9. Your download link is broken - instead of 'final', you typed 'fainal'. Anyway, I'm gonna try this now. :)
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    Fixed this ;)
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    after some time, we've get "Sorry you dont have permission to do that" errors on each sign we placed, even if a op placed it xD May theres something to fix ;)
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    Fixed that ;)
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    This would work perfect in my Survival world, I have already region'd it so that people can only place minecarts at the stations.

    @DarkBoni :

    possible fix for your walk two metres problem ... option in config to only allowing placing minecarts with certain types of blocks beneath the rails. (multiworld)

    i.e. - config.yml

    # default is blank, everything
    Survival: 20
    # whatever people want it to be
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    Does it use iConomy or what do you pay with? And if it don't please add this to it. Elsewhere my server can't use it and that is bad:( Anyway very good job!:)
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    If I set myself as a regular player, I am not able to buy a lottery ticket, although I have my permission system set up. Also, I usually get a message saying You're not allowed to buy a ticket, although Im only clicking on a random sign, which has nothing do to with the actual ticket system.
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    i have a problem: only op can buy tickets and for every players on the server if they do a right click anywhere got this message : You have not the permission to buy tickets
    and i havent got config.yml in MTS folder
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    You have to use the plugin permissions.
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    im using it
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    yep, iConomy 5..
    [see "features" ;) ]

    by the "FreeBuild:" and "Survival:" nodes, you refer to worldnames?
    anyway, this option could do it...
    Gonna think about it :D

    To everyone nit having the config.yml:
    download it here
    simply place it in the plugins/mts folder

    And btw:
    small bugfix available for that right-klicking thing :)
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    I have found out after many tries how you should make the sign to the shop. maybe you should make a picture so you could see how you made them:)
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    Hey, I tested it out Yesterday and it's great.
    You can simply fix the "walk-2-meters-away-and-place-a-new-minecart thing" when you have Towny or something like it for the region the Ticket is needed. A minecart can ride through a glassblock (1 block over the rails) without hurting yourself, but when you use towny you can't destroy it. Building one rail upwards after the block keeps the player from teleporting through the glass block. The only thing you need for this is to add a feature to destroy the minecart when the player can't pay his Ticketdept (hope this is possible).

    (Omg, i'm sry for my bad english xD)
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    It would be awesome if u can make this work with BOSEconomy.
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    This looks awesome. Can I request BOSEconomy support? =D Please and thank you!
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    Okay, guys..
    Added BOSEconomy support to the todo list :)
    And added an option to destroy the minecart on kickoff.
    You get those features in the next release, wich should be finished tomorrow..
    stay tuned ;)
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    Cant you make it like a gate that dos not alow walking.
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    I am going to test this tomorrow. Hope it gets BOSEconomy support very fast. Will it work with PermissionsBukkit?
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    I also have the same issue. I'm using the plugin Permissions and only OP's can buy tickets... The only thing what I'm missing is the permission node for those users who can ONLY buy using the sign. As I looked at the source there I saw something like "mts.useTicketShop" I quickly wrote it into one of my usergroup's permissions but it doesn't work. "You have not the permission to buy tickets" this happens.
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    Could you add MultiCurrency Support?
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    Working on BOSEconomy support now..
    I could need someone to test my plugin on a server with BOSEconomy running because I don't got that much time at the moment ;)
    Would be nice if you'd message me if you're interested :)
    First: the sourcecode downloadable up there is from v0.9, current version is v0.9.2..
    I'll update it with the next release.
    Second: added an option [General.NonOpsCanBuyTickets]
    should be self-explanatory ;)
    Third: with the next release, the config.yml should [finally...] automatically be created!

    BOSEconomy support added now! [theoratical..]
    But at the moment i really got no time and i really don't want to set up BOSEconomy, so I'll just release the experimantal version with BOSEconomy support now..
    If you don't change the option System.EconomySystem in the config.yml, you won't notice anything from that ne feature.
    But if you want to try it out, just change the value to "BOSEconomy"!

    And make sure to delete your current config.yml before updating if you don't want your console spammed full of warnings and errors ;)
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    It tells me that BOSEconomy is enabled but it does´t work in-game. The console doesn´t output any error.

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