Inactive [ECON/MECH] MoneyDrop v1.6.2 - Drop tangible virtual money from players and mobs! [Spout] [1.2.5-R1]

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    What does it do?
    It does what it says on the tin: MoneyDrop drops money.
    When a player or mob dies he will drop a configurable amount of virtual money (read: iConomy money) on the ground with the other loot he had.
    This money can be picked up by other players just as they would pick up normal items. Instead of going into their inventory, the money will go directly into their wallet.

    Sounds good, but does it support my economy plugin?
    MoneyDrop supports iConomy 4,5,6, BOSEconomy 6 & 7, EssentialsEcon, 3Co, MultiCurrency, MineConomy, eWallet, EconXP thanks to Vault.

    So how do I set this thing up?
    Step 1: Make sure you've got one of the supported economy plugins set up on your server.
    Step 2: Download and set up the Vault plugin.
    Step 3: Download MoneyDrop.jar and place it in your plugins folder.
    Step 4: Start up your server and shut it back down again.
    Step 5: Edit the .yml files in plugins/MoneyDrop with your favorite texteditor.
    Step 6: Start up your server and you're good to go!

    Whoa there, what's all the stuff in .yml files for?
    MoneyDrop creates a seperate .yml for each world you're using. They'll be named the same as the world they affect. The options in each file are the same, so if you want to use the same settings for each world, you can fill in 1 file and copy the contents to the other files.

    Dropped-Value is the value of 1 money item. If you set this to 0.1 and you let a sheep drop 64 items, the player who picks up the stack will receive 6.4 money. Keep in mind that when you set dropped amounts later on, you will be setting the quantity of items dropped, not the quantity of money.

    Player-Dropped-Amount is the amount of money items a player drops/keeps when he dies.
    40 will cause a player to lose up to 40 money when he dies, -40 will cause a player to lose all but 40 money and 40% will cause a player to lose 40% of their money.
    You can set a seperate value for each deathcause. Keep in mind that lava falls under fire, not other.
    % is the actual amount of money lost, not the number of items dropped. If the money can't be fully converted into items (e.g. 14 money with a money value of 5), the grim reaper will keep the change (so only 2 items will drop, for a total of 10 money).

    Dropped-Material-ID is the id of the material dropped money will look like. The default is 266 (gold bar).
    Unfortunatly, materials with multiple versions such as dyes will be invisible except for the shadow they cast.
    When you change this, all money that was already on the ground when you shut down the server will keep the old appearance, but can still be picked up as money.

    Pickup-Chat-Notification-Enabled will send a chat message to the player with the amount of money he picked up.
    Pickup-Achievement-Notification-Enabled will do the same, but in an achievement window if your server and the player is running Spout.
    You can set the displayed message with Pickup-Chat-Notification-Message, Pickup-Achievement-Notification-Message and Pickup-Achievement-Notification-Title.
    The word "<money>" (without the quotes) will be replaced with the picked up value.

    Pickup-Sound will play a sound if your server and the player is running Spout.
    Put an url like here. Accepted file formats are .wav, .ogg and .midi.
    Keep in mind that players will have to download and listen to this, so don't put something huge like Beethoven's 5th here!

    Independent-Drops sets if the money is added to the list of mob drops or if it's dropped independant of it.
    If other plugins prevent items from dropping, but you'd still like MoneyDrop to drop money, set this to true.

    Mobspawner-Drops-Allowed will prevent monsters spawned from mob spawners from dropping money if this is set to false.

    Mobs-Only-Drop-On-Kill will only make mobs drop money if they are finished off by a hit from a player if set to true. If set to false, mobs will always drop money on death.

    The WorldGuard settings allow you to set wether or not a player/mob should drop money depending on the region it's in.
    Global-Mob-Drops is the general setting wether or not mobs drop money. This will be overridden by specified regions.
    Global-Player-Drops does the same, but for players.
    Mob-Drop-Enabled-Regions is the list of region names where mobs will drop money.
    Mob-Drop-Disabled-Regions is the list of region names where mobs won't drop money.
    Player-Drop-Enabled-Regions is the list of region names where players will drop money.
    Player-Drop-Disabled-Regions is the list of region names where players won't drop money.
    If any of these regions overlap, the smallest region will take effect.

    You can configure money drops per mob:
    Dropped-Minimum is the minimum amount of money a mob will drop.
    Dropped-Maximum is the maximum amount. If it's lower than the minimum amount, it'll be set to the minimum amount.
    Dropped-Frequency is the chance a mob has to drop money. 1.0 is 100%, 0.5 = 50%, etc.

    If Spout or WorldGuard are conflicting, you can disable MoneyDrop support for them by setting their Enabled properties to false.

    How can I get my own plugins to play nice with yours?
    If you're messing with player/monster drops and you don't want MoneyDrop to be affected, change Independent-Drops to true.

    If you want to poke around in my plugin, the source is included in the jar. You're free to mess around with it, but give me credit.

    If you want to build on my plugin, you can use dropMoney(Location location, int amount) to drop currency at that location.
    You can use the getWorldSettings method to take a look at the settings for that world, so if for example you want to know the material id used in the world "world", use MoneyDrop.getWorldSettings("world").getMaterialID().

    This stuff's pretty awesome, can I buy you a drink?


    Something's not working right, can you help me out?
    Of course, but I'll need the following information:
    • How and when it happened, so I can try to replicate it on my test server
    • The entire error log
    • The contents of the affected world's .yml file
    • A list of the plugins you're using that affect economy, item pickups or mob deaths
    • The MoneyDrop version you're using
    Please check if you're running the latest version of your plugins before posting.

    • Added support for Ocelots, Cats and Iron Golems.
    • Updated for 1.1-R5.
    • Added Minecraft 1.0 creatures.
    • MoneyDrop now requires Vault instead of Register.
    • Minor bugfixes.
    • Support added for multiple worlds.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed broke players to drop money.
    • MoneyDrop now requires Register as a seperate plugin.
    • Preferred Economy now needs to be set through Register.
    • Added Mobs-Only-Drop-On-Kill property.
    • Fixed a bug with Register.
    • MoneyDrop now complains when you're using an invalid Material ID.
    • Fixed spout support.
    • Fixed mobspawner drops.
    • Added support for the giant and human mobs.
    • Added support for 1.8 mobs.
    • Optional plugins can now be disabled.
    • The value of a single dropped item can now be set (decimal support).
    • Pickup notifications are now customizable.
    • A preferred economy plugin can now be specified.
    • You can now choose whether or not monsters spawned from mobspawners drop money.
    • You can now set a different value for each player death cause.
    • Fixed a bug that caused mobs to always drop the minimum amount.
    • Added % support to the Player-Dropped-Amount setting.
    • Added WorldGuard region support
    • MoneyDrop doesn't discriminate money based on looks anymore.
    • Initial release
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    I haven't WorldGuard,I can set them up anyway?
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    do i need to add the exact same data for both world: nether and the end for this to work?
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    My vault isn't hooking in with this plugin either. The mobs drop money but I cannot pick them up....why?

    Also my vault is for 1.2.3 RB-1, but there's only one download link so I guess that is the newest....
  5. To everyone who is having trouble with 1.2:
    I just tested MoneyDrop 1.6.1 on my test server with craftbukkit-1.2.3-R0.2, Vault 1.2.13 and BOSEconomy v0.7.3.1a. It worked fine.
    I know this is just a shallow test, however I don't have the time to do anything more elaborate at the moment. I'm moving to another country for a couple of months to do my internship, so I'm rather busy arranging the whole thing.
    Once things have settled down a bit, I'll be able to spend some more time on MoneyDrop again.
    Anyway, the changes bukkit made have broken quite a few plugins, and due to MoneyDrop's nature, it only takes a single plugin acting out of order to send the whole mess crashing. If you notice any plugin showing errors when starting up, make sure you've updated them to the latest version and consider removing them if they're not vital to your server.
    If you're having issues, please post in this thread after reading the "Something's not working right, can you help me out?" section in my first post. Especially the part about the plugins holds true now.

    tl;dr: MoneyDrop 1.6.1 works on 1.2.3, but other plugins might be conflicting with it on your server.
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    I have a little problem ^_^ ...

    • How and when it happened: I do not really know ( 1.2.3 R2 )
    • A list of the plugins you're using that affect economy, item pickups or mob deaths: bPermission, Essentials, Lockette, MoneyDrop, Vault.
    • The Vault version you're using: 1.2.13
    • The MoneyDrop version you're using: 1.6.1
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    Is it for Minecraft 1.2.4?
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    yes, i think?
  9. Zerkhan It seems the errors popped up after a killall command was used. Other users have had a similar issue with that command. It's on my to-fix list.

    I haven't been able to test it yet with 1.2.4, but I don't think anything broke.
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    Running 1.2.3 and it looks like its working using cookies as the money drop item. Still testing a bunch of addons, and changing around various ones
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    I don't have any errors in 1.2.4, but I did notice a lot of mobs are droping more money than specified.
    Also, adding in iron-golems, the name same as snow-goelm for the config?
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    Confirmed, it works with 1.2.4!!!
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    Okay :D !
    I can use MoneyDrop stably if I do not use the commands /killall and /butcher?
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    Could you upgrade the plugin to 1.2.4-R1.0?
    This error appear .....
  15. leitao85 Are you using the Vault plugin? If you aren't that's probably the cause of the error.
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    thx friend, this solved my problem!
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    Does this plugin have a Dev page? And update for CB 1.2.4 R-1.0 and for iConomy 7
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    Okay, so I've set it so that it drops 'Blocks of Gold'; to be my currency. But it drops the literal 'Block of Gold', and does not convert when picked up. A little help?
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    This worked very well for me and the gold nugget drops looked amazing. However I noticed that if several people died in rapid succession (which happens quite often on my larger PVP server) it causes MASSIVE lag, especially if the person who died happened to have a lot of money (I have the drop set to 10% of the player's balance), and even more so if people don't pick up the drops immediately. The server lagged so hard it crashed twice before I realized this was the problem, so I had to disable MoneyDrops entirely.

    Can you try to find a workaround for this issue in the next update?
    Perhaps just add the MONEY@STEAL option to OtherDrops, because that's the main thing I'm looking for. Seeing a pile of nuggets flying everywhere looks cool but it's not necessary (to me).
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    is this updated to 1.2.4?
  21. Updated for 1.2.5 and support added for Ocelots, Cats and Iron Golems!

    a11111 Have you considered increasing the Dropped-Value setting? This will increase the value of each dropped item, which means MoneyDrop will need to drop less items to reach the amount. Keep in mind that the drop values of the mobs indicate the number of items dropped, not the value of items dropped, so remember to adjust it if you tinker with Dropped-Value.
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    I have it at the default (I believe 1), so does this mean that if a player drops $1,000 that he's dropping 1,000 gold nuggets?
  23. a11111 Yes, although in stacks of 64 nuggets, so there would be 15 dropped stacks.
    If you were to increase the Dropped-Value to 100, it would drop 1 stack of 10 nuggets, but if a player had $999 instead of $1000, only $900 worth of nuggets would drop (so 1 stack of 9 nuggets) whilst the player still lost $999.
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    If I made you a video tutorial would you use it?
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    Hey, digging the mod, but I have an issue like a guy on the last page. When gold nuggets drop and you pick 'em up, you get the money value, but you also get the nuggest. Unfortunately the nuggets you get also don't work for making potions and such. If I change it to gold blocks, I -just- get gold blocks, no money. Any ideas?
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    air :D
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    Oh ok, I get it. So if I wanted to reduce the lag as much as possible, I could set the Dropped-Value to something really high, say 100,000, so that most people would only drop 1 nugget, correct?
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    I know you're kidding, but is that an option?
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    Idk, you could give it a try...
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    Pickup-Chat-Notification-Message: Picked up <money>

    I think you should make that capable of syncing with your currencies example Pickup-Chat-Notification-Message: You have picked up <(amount) Gold> and <(amount) Silver> and add color codes to it as well... thanks

    PS: Gold and Silver is my currency I figured you could make it compatible to any currency in the conomy plugins
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    Getting this error ? What is wrong?

    21:46:37 [SEVERE] Could not load 'plugins\MoneyDrop.jar' in folder 'plugins
    org.bukkit.plugin.UnknownDependencyException: Vault
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.loadPlugins(SimplePluginMa
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugins(
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.<init>(
    at net.minecraft.server.ServerConfigurationManager.<init>(ServerCon
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.init(

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