Inactive [ECON] MC Jobs v3.1.8 - work hard get paid [1.3.1-R2.0]

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    Taxes is a default job. It should auto-add you to it when you join the server unless you have mcjobs.admin.leavedefault or are a OP on the server.

    Pay_spawners tells the mod whether to pay you if you're near a mob spawner or not.

    If you do just /jobs that's all it'll show. You need to use /jobs list

    The download link is on the bukkitdev website.

    Do you have usePerms set to true?
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    Nobody gets paid. Should I use Register instead of Vault?
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    When i write >> /mcjobs or /mcjobs admin

    nothing happens !

    and replys (MCJOBS BY RathelmMC 2.5.6) insted !

    i changed the xp to money and from none to valut !

    and what should i do with permission that u put it ?
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    good joob
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    good job
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    What happened was it wouldnt let me join any job, then i put that to true, then it said u dont have permission, so i changed it back 2 false, but it still wont let me join anything, it say i dont have permission, and i type /jobs list, and it says jobs in grey, u cant join, and all of them say that, so do you know what to do?
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    Read this.

    It's /mcjobs list not just /mcjobs

    I'll look into that issue. There's a new version coming out either tonight or tomorrow night (US time). I'll make sure if there's a problem that I'll fix it. usePerms: false should remove all permission requirements.
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    ok thanx, i hope itll work
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    It'll work. I'm working on it right now, and I'm going to test it with a fresh bukkit install, no other addons to make sure it works properly out of the box.
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    ok thanks, i cant wait for the update :D
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    thanks .. problem solved

    amazing plugins
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    Update is available. Let me know if it fixes your issue. You may need to let it rebuild the config.yml file.
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    Hello everyone
    1 sorry my english bit ugly and painfull
    Rathel e really enjoy your plugin:) , so i want give u some ideas:
    1- permissions have bug....OP need 6h(default) to rejoin? if i toggle to off well...i really want test my jobs but i want option on
    2- drop itens like paints(drop_item) have some bugs dont give money

    My sugestions jobs i in made my server:
    - Diference between Herdsman(kill animals and take wool) and Farmer
    - Builder build, Designer decorate(stairs, bookshelf , doors etc) right? :)so Designer jobs
    - Gardener, put vines, flowers and trees make server pretty aswell
    - Machinist, rails and rollercoasters
    - Assassin, killig people and villagers(optional)
    - Fishrman update, earn money making some boats and rods
    - Cooker(meat, mushsoop,golden Apples etc) Baker(cakes, cookies, suger, place cakes)
    - Scout, breaking webs, reach the end, kill the ender dragon, pick ender egg
    - Painter, just paints
    -Dj, working cause need cooldown :(
    So, if u want my file with this jobs done reply here and i give u acess
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    This I did notice yesterday and have it fixed in the next build.
    Not quite for certain what you mean. Are you talking about crafting dyes? If so, the issue with them is that they use hex data to determine colors. They're complicated like potions. I'll look into fixing any issues with them in the future. The goal is to have everything doable by a player to be payable.

    Sure if it's a good config file I can make a page for it. I don't mind having alternate configs for people to choose from. :)
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    Yes thank you soo much it works!!! :D:D:D[diamond]
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    Glad I could help.
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    Wow, you are really one dedicated SOB, good work!
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    i am using BOSEconomy, and when ever i change the pay to money, the jobs wont show up in the lists, and it says that the config.yml is outdated. what am i doing wrong?
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    How are you editing the file? You're switching payment_type: xp to payment_type: money and leaving the exact same spacing and everything? YAML files use spaces to determine what goes where. You cannot use the tab key in the file and you have to save it as plain text and not a rich text file.
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    We use this on our server, pretty cool indeed
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    Hi Rathelm, I use this plugin on my server as source of income for the players, it's the best!
    I have only one problem when i'm using MobArena.
    In the arena, tons of mobs spawn, and the player gets money from them all, is it possible to make some kind of region where players dont earn money? This way, it's not possible to get loads of cash.
    Thanks in advance --Skatelow
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    Well for right now the easiest way to handle this is by putting mob spawners under the ground near your mob arena. As long as pay spawners is set to false it will stop paying people near them. You can use more than one if needed.
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    ok, thanks :)

    well, sorry to bother, but i said thanks to early :s
    The spawners dont work, i kill a zombie (spawned by MobArena, maybe that's the problem) right above a spawner, and i still receive money

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    Are you using 2.6.6 of MC Jobs? Is your pay_spawners: false set or is it true? It needs to be false.
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    how i get money? it's only give me exp
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    Read this.
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    I seem to be having an issue, I recently bought mcmyadmin and re-installed my plugins fresh onto the system, I had a urge to install McJobs, Doing so, i set up everything how i wanted it, and set it up to pay the Essentials economy, Every time someone gets ranked up, the server semms to time out, something about passing the rank to mcjobs. Is this a Mcjobs Issue? or a McMyAdmin issue? Thanks!
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    Hmm... Well without seeing the exact error code I can't know for certain, but I can say that I don't ask for anything from McMyAdmin so it shouldn't be trying to pass anything to my mod. Where is the ranking up happening? What mod is ranking the players?
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    Thanks for your quick response. I figured the issue out.. I was lacking the vault specification in the advanced section.
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    what mc jobs eror help plz

    server log=<Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

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