Inactive [ECON] MC Jobs v3.1.8 - work hard get paid [1.3.1-R2.0]

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    The way it looks, in order for rpgEssentials to work would require them to add support to my mod in their mod. Not the other way around. Currently the hooks in my mod aren't setup just right, but I do intend on my mod being very friendly to being pluggable into other more encompassing mods.
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    i cant seem to make players be payed whilst using the iconomy from essentials i have changed money to xp in the config file but it still doesn't work
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    Are you using iConomy or Essentials Economy? They're two different mods. iConomy is it's own economy mod, not the generic name for any bukkit economy.

    To answer your question, my mod doesn't hook up directly to any economy mod. It only hooks up through Vault or Register. Do you have either of those mods on your server?
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    Hi I was wondering how you know you get paid and how you get paid. I am working as a baker and i don't know how to complete task or stuff like that how do you use it.
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    The baker pays for furnace actions and crafting foods. There is a small bukkit bug with furnaces where it doesn't always properly pay you when you put an item in the furnace. So to get around it put the item (like raw chicken) in multiple times. You should be paid every time it actually "cooks" the item. The baker has a pay message. Not all jobs have pay messages, however. After something cooks, or you craft bread, you should receive a message that says Baker pays you 2.0 XP (Dollars if you're using vault and an economy mod).
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    litle thing for everyone how have problems with the permission files there is a good programm called Online yaml Parser which you can find on ther you can fill in the complete permission file and then he say output and again the complete permission in the look of the output or error and the line in which the misstake could be found! this program has helped me very much! so i´ve think why i don´t tell it to all have fun while playing minecraft :D

    the switch from english to german would be so extremly great!!!
    [diamond]diamond´for that XD

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    I am almost done with the English localization file and I have someone that said they would do the German file. So maybe soon. For what it's worth the localization file so far is over 2000 words and 19,000 characters.
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    Is it possible to give people money for iConomy instead of XP?
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    As stated on the first question of the FAQ have you switched payment_type: xp to payment_type: money ? Do you have either Vault or Register? If not get one of them. If so have you switched payment_mod: none to payment_mod: vault or payment_mod: register?
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    where is the download???
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    Latest build as of today is here MC Jobs 2.1.0. But to get the most up to date go to the bukkit dev page.
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    Hey, I am running a server with this plugin (great work btw), and I have iConomy, and vault, and did everything right (I think). But there is one problem, im the only op on the server, and only I get payed for working, why dont my players?
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    Did you switch usePerms: false to usePerms: true? If you leave it at false everyone can get paid.
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    how about if i dont want them to get pay with EXP????
    i use iconomy with Dollars how do i put on CONFIG???
    plz explain :)


    this plug in is awsome!!!! :D[yellowflower]

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    Thanks. :)
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    I would really like it if you could create your own jobs...but cool plugin!
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    You can. Just follow the format in the config.yml file.
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    HI! First off, LOVE the addon.
    I only have one problem, I keep trying to change the price players get from the jobs,
    but it won't change in-game.
    Would that be a problem with the config? or is it a plugin problem?
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    Where are you changing it? Are you changing each jobs base pay? After you change it are you reloading the plugin or server?
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    Is there anyway to get paid in XP and money?
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    Answered on the dev forums, but will answer here as well:

    No, not currently. However the way I do payment someone could easily write their own mod that does both and hook into mine. I have been mulling over the idea of separating the xp and pay listener so you could do both. However finishing the remaining two jobs and adding SQL support our next on the to do list. So that would have to wait till after those two items.
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    I think it would be worth adding into the config.yml a way of changing the message that appears when you are paid money.
    So i can change Dollars into Pounds.
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    If you're using Vault then it is dependent on Eco Essentials. Vault checks your economy mod to see what the money is called there. Look inside the Eco Essentials config file and see if there's a currency plural/single field there.
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    Um how exactly are you supposed to repair tools?
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    If you have mcMMO also installed it will pay mcMMO repairs otherwise it pays for normal bukkit repairs (putting two of the same object in the crafting window).
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    How exactly do you use the taxes feature???

    And what does pay_spawners mean?

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    this a great plugins but it didn't works with me

    when i write a command it dosen't work with me

    and the version and the author name !
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    Or im blind or im dumb, i cant find the download link...
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    i have a problem, im an op and it wont let me join any jobs, what should i do

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