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    Welcome to MC Jobs

    MC Jobs was created to pick up where jobs left off. These jobs earn you money for your server economy. There are 20 default jobs that are customizable along with the ability to create your own custom jobs.

    Updating to 3.1.0 will break 3.0.9 and less player data files. Everyone will have to start from scratch. With that said the admin command now has the ability to add levels and experience to player jobs.
    MC Jobs has been spotlighted by Curse gaming. Read the article here. Show your support for MC Jobs by commenting on the article.
    What's New in 3.1

    • Cleaned up leveling system.
    • Added carpenter job.
    • Added a considerable number of nodes to the english.yml file.
    • Split the config.yml. Created a jobs.yml to hold the jobs.
    • Lots of bug fixes.
    What's New in 3.0

    • Added leveling. You can now level in jobs and your pay scale is effected accordingly.
    • Admin defined ranking system to leveling in the config.yml file.
    • Group based max jobs. Use your permission groups to define how many jobs a player can have.
    • Swedish language file.

    There are no hard dependencies. MC Jobs can work out of the gate unchanged.
    If you want to pay in money you need an economy bridge!
    Register 1.6 or higher or Vault 1.2.13 or higher are needed.
    Towny Advanced compatibility is only with versions 81.0 or higher. You cannot use v79.x with MC Jobs v2.6.15 or higher.

    You have developed great shops with a shop mod or you use citizens as NPC shopkeepers, you have a repair shop, or you have a block protection system that uses an economy. But that begs the question "How do you pay your players?" Well you could just give them money, but what fun is that? That's where MC Jobs comes in. It's a full fledged player job mod where you choose how much they get paid and for what activities and they can earn money by doing those tasks. It's fully customizable by server admins, but for those of you that just wish to plug and play it has 20 built in jobs that covers about 90% of the blocks and entities in the game. Remember:
    If you need cash get a job!

    • Ability to join or leave jobs
    • Obtain higher levels in jobs to earn more.
    • Charge or pay players for doing actions on the server by default. You want TNT to cost to use. You can! It's in Taxes.
    • Earn XP through jobs by default.
    • Earn money through jobs using any of the economy plugins
    • Ability to edit, create or delete jobs in the config.yml file
    • Multi World support
    • WorldGuard region support
    • Towny region support
    • Payments for mcMMO repairs
    • Utilizes craftbukkit's built in Materials List
    • Uses craftbukkit's built in Entity Type List
    • Uses custom Potion List
    • Uses custom Enchant List

    /mcjobs = Allows all the user commands such as joining and leaving a job. /jobs = Alias of /mcjobs /mcjobsadmin = Allows the administrative commands. Reloads the addon or gives/takes a specific job from an online player or group if using Vault. Options are: reload, defaults, add player/group job, remove player/group job, list player/group. /jadm = Alias of /mcjobsadmin

    Installing is simple. Copy mcjobs.jar into your worlds plugin folder and restart or reload your server. Players can then join up to three jobs (modifiable in config.yml). To join use /jobs join job_name . The default jobs are:
    • alchemist
    • armorer
    • baker
    • brewer
    • builder
    • carpenter
    • conjurer
    • digger
    • enchanter
    • farmer
    • fisherman
    • miner
    • soldier
    • theurgist
    • tinkerer
    • toolmaker
    • weaponsmith
    • woodsman
    • bulldozer - default job
    • taxes - default job
    You can then leave a job with /jobs leave job_name . To learn more about each job type /jobs job_name . Feel free to check out the forums for more info!

      • description: Allows the player to use all user jobs commands.
      • default: false
      • children:
        • true
        • true
        • true
        • true
    • mcjobs.admin:
      • description: Allows the use of the /jadm command.
      • default: op
    • mcjobs.admin.leavedefault:
      • description: Allows a player to leave a default job.
      • default: op
    • mcjobs.admin.defaults:
      • description: Allows the use of /jadm defaults to restore config.yml.
      • default: op
      • description: Allows player to join jobs.
      • default: false
      • description: Allows player to leave a job. Should be used in conjunction with join.
      • default: false
      • description: Allows the player to use /mcjobs list.
      • default: false
      • description: Allows player to use /mcjobs job_name for info.
      • default: false
    • mcjobs.jobsavail.*:
      • description: Allows the player to join all jobs.
      • default: false
      • children:
        • mcjobs.jobsavail.digger: true
        • mcjobs.jobsavail.miner: true
        • mcjobs.jobsavail.builder: true
        • mcjobs.jobsavail.soldier: true
        • mcjobs.jobsavail.woodsman: true
        • mcjobs.jobsavail.tinkerer: true
        • mcjobs.jobsavail.farmer: true
        • mcjobs.jobsavail.toolmaker: true
        • mcjobs.jobsavail.weaponsmith: true
        • mcjobs.jobsavail.armorer: true
        • mcjobs.jobsavail.fisherman: true
        • mcjobs.jobsavail.baker: true
        • mcjobs.jobsavail.alchemist: true
        • mcjobs.jobsavail.enchanter: true
        • mcjobs.jobsavail.brewer: true
        • mcjobs.jobsavail.theurgist: true
        • mcjobs.jobsavail.conjurer: true
        • mcjobs.jobsavail.carpenter: true
      • description: Allows the player to earn money and xp in all worlds.
      • default: false
    • mcjobs.paycreative:
      • description: Pays a player even if they are in creative mode.
      • default: false
    To Do

    • Add SQL support
    • Add experience levels and adjust pay scale accordingly.
      -version 3.0.0
    • Modify the parser to handle item IDs and custom block support.
    • Add full Tekkit compatibility.
    • Interval based timer to let a player know how much they have earned.
      - version 1.0.2
    • Add /jobs help command.
      - version 2.0.0
    • Make /jobs list give a prettier return value
      - version 0.99.1
    • Multi-world support and permissions
      - version 2.0.4
    • Localization support all the text
      - version 2.5.0
    • Baker job. Get paid for doing furnace actions
      - version 2.0.17
    • Alchemist job. Get paid for using a brew stand making defensive potions
      - version 2.6.0
    • Brewer job. Get paid for using brew stand making offensive potions
      version 2.7.0
    • Enchanter job. Get paid for using an enchantment block enchanting weapons
      version 2.7.0
    • Theurgist job. Get paid for using an enchantment block enchanting armor
      version 2.7.0
    • Conjurer job. Get paid for using an enchantment block enchanting tools
      version 2.7.0
    • Specific fixes for WorldGuard compatibility
      - version 2.0.6
    • Titles added to the Chat stream
    • JavaDoc for the java file

    For a look at the default config file go to Default Config.
    For information on the leveling system.
    Or for general help go to the forums.
    Help with MC Jobs installation and every section in the config file go here.
    Lastly you can always look at the FAQ
    Help on the admin command you can go to Admin Command. Work in Progress


    Done by RathelmMC. Default language.

    Monezombie version

    Done by Monezombie. Switch language: english to language: french
    Htz version

    Done by Htz. Switch language: english to language: french2

    Done by Dreeass. Switch language: english to language: dutch
    To view a server in Dutch go to this website: Dutch Minecraft Forums.

    Done by Grim_Joy. Switch language: english to language: russian or language: english to language: russian_alt
    This is a Cyrillic version.

    Done by Team_WhiteGem. Switch language: english to language: chinese or language: english to language: chinese_alt
    This is a Mandarin translation.

    Done by thedeadboy07. Switch language: english to language: spanish or language: english to language: spanish_alt
    Thedeadboy07 server can be found here:

    Done by Stuntweed. Switch language: english to language: swedish or language: english to language: swedish_alt
    View a swedish server here:

    If you're feeling generous or want to give me a beer. Mmmm... Beer.
    Total Money Donated to MC Jobs: $49.50 US
    Approximate Downloads: 120,000
    Dollars per Download: $0.0004125
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    Im Admin on my Sever.. but i don't know how can i use the permissions .. may i do a mistake on the config file.?! help..pls
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    As long as your Admin account has the permission '*' you should be able to use everything. Otherwise add mcjobs.admin and* and you can use everything.
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    Approved, nice
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    Thank you.
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    I have iConomy running but I don't get any money when I do my jobs in MC Jobs. I have Register, iConomy, and MC Jobs. Can you help?
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    The most common cause of this problem is using Register 1.5 or less. You need at least Register 1.6 or 1.7. Or you can use Vault 1.2.13 or higher as well.
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    I do not arrive has to download the plugin
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    I'm not for certain what you are asking.
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    That's true, but there was a good 2 to 4 week window where Jobs wasn't updated for 1.2.3 and nobody knew if it was going to be updated at all. So I wrote my own plugin just in case. When they did update it I was already mostly done so I wasn't going to throw away all that work. I just released it.
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    thats good
    i wish some one out there could make a a web base plugin just like mcmyadmin but free and nicer
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    "You do not have permission to do that", how can i fix it. Please for help :(
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    Unlikely to never will happen. mcmyadmin is not a plugin. It's a stand alone application that reads and send certain network calls that are used by craftbukkit. Anyone that is willing to make that is going to want to be paid. And frankly anyone that writes any software wants to be paid something for it. Writing plugins is just for fun for most people, and the bukkit team limits how you can market them.

    Go to the config.yml file and edit the usePerms line from true to false.

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    Maybe I'm stupid, but if you can send me the original file config.yml I'm thankful. I set usePerms to false but I dont't have permission again :(
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    Version 2.0.0 defaults to permissions being turned off. Try erasing the mod and it's folder and downloading the newest version.
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    i realy like this plugin![diamond]
    but i´ve a question!
    I want that i can use essentials economy with this plugin so i doesn´t get xp
    I want to get in my server called € vor done a job

    When you could help me in german it would be great!
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    umm in the config file how do I put up the payment as money? as the default config pays xp(exp) how should I set it to money then?
  19. What are the differences between the tiers? Whats the multiplier. I want complete control over the mine earned so I need to set the right base earning.
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    I don't speak German so I don't know how much I could help you with that, but here's what I can tell you. To use money instead of xp you need Vault or Register. Next go to the config.yml file and switch payment_type: xp to payment_type: money and then switch payment_mod: none to payment_mod: vault or payment_mod: register depending on which mod you choose.

    As for naming jobs. The only restriction is you cannot have spaces. So it'd have be €vordone or €_vor_done

    The tiers are a straight multiplier to the basepay value. So tier1 is basepay * 1. Tier2 is basepay * 2. All the way up to tier5 which is basepay * 5.

    I opted to keep it simpler so more people felt comfortable editing their own jobs.

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    Ok, I am VERY confused, how do i get a job in game w/ commands?

    what do I set for the bolded letters here if say I have essentials ECO, or iconomy?

    usePerms: false
    multiWorld: false
    payment_type: xp
    payment_mod: none
    max_jobs: 3
    percent_cost: 95
    show_pay: true
    time_interval: 60

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    where is the file you need to edit? is it the config or plugin in the jar file or the config in the folder? everytime i try to type in help mcjobs it just comes up with mcjobs by rathlmMC please help :(
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    It's always the config.yml in the plugins/mcjobs folder. That's for pretty much every addon. You should never need to go into the actual jar file.
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    Does this work with the essentials economy plugin?
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    It works with whatever Vault or Register support. So as long as the economy bridge mods support the economy mod then MC Jobs supports the economy mod.

    To answer your specific question, yes. It does support Essentials Eco.
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    player dont get money when they to their job why?
    i use IConomy plugin and i use the register.
    Like miner if they break stone and the other blocks they dont get money, Same for the other jobs
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    Can you make it so it pays you and gives you a bit of xp as well?
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    Did you switch payment_type from xp to money in the config file? Are you using Register 1.6 or higher? Register 1.5 will not work. If you enabled multi world support did you give the player the proper permissions?

    I don't plan on doing that because there are mods out there that can convert money into XP. With that said, I do plan on adding a leveling system for the jobs.

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    and mcmyadmin do an amazing job, being able to play around with plugins whyle having a coffee on your ipad is great

    is there a way for it to not only give money but xp at the same time instead of one or the other ?

    lol i see im not the only on be asking , the thing is the more plugings we have the more it hammers are pc's so the point is to limit and reduse the amount we have, ie just now im using yours for xp and monedrop for money i have around 33 plugins so money and xp in one would be nice

    and whats the nod:
    • description: Allows the player to earn money and xp in all worlds.
    • default: false
    makes no sense how do you disable in a choosen world

    also you said yo like towy , i tryed it, i run a faction based server and was trying to change it to town but it seemed to over ride world guard and alow people to build in world guard area's have you found a way to stop this ?

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