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  1. glosniks
    All permissions set properly?

    @ all
    What is Entity name of MAGMA CUBE? Or Jobs doesn't support new mobs?
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    Hello, I want to install Jobs on my server, but members can boost their xp Posing and breaking the same blocks without stopping.

    On another server where I was, there was not this bug. If you have a solution to this, I will install the plugin. Otherwise, unfortunately, no.

    Im Canadian French, so Google Traduction.

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    Some one should finally implement something like "custom-material(id_block)" for addition items from other mods.
    Actually for rookie is impossible to add new items/mobs to they own jobs list.
    Even with that guys with programming abilitys take much time to understood how add new items.

    Cannot some one implement universal material "custom-material(id_block)"?
    So will be much more easly just use ID block (like custom-material(4301) one of pipes from industrial2 craft) instead of already implemented names in material.class .

    Or just do that on other way instead of push server guys to fix that problem inside core of the server (material.class)
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    Hello evceryone, I'm running a quite busy server and Jobs tends to not work. It runs fine and i dont have any severe errors. But at a certain time (about running for 3-5 Hours) It stops giving out money, Yet exp does go up. Please help me fix this :
    Aditional info..
    I'm using the H2 Database ..
    Also i could send all my config files but just let me know if there is anything knowm about this bug
    I'm using 1.1-R4 with iConomy 6.0.8b and Jobs v2.6.2
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    Hi. I wanted to know how to set a limit so a person cant join more than 1 job?
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    See the config
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    Man i know it`s somewhere in the config ive been looking to find it but i cant seem to see it. Can u please show me exactly where it is with a ss or smth?
  8. Rename112
    GeneralConfig.yml :
    # maximum number of jobs a player can join
    max-jobs: 2
    Learn how to edit the config. Anyone can fix it.
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    I know how to edit a config i just neede`d to know where it is. Any way thanks.

    Im sorry for the DP. I sat the maximum job number`s to 1. But it still`s allows me to take more job`s doe`s for it to work i need MySQL?

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    How ? I do not see how to fix it in the config
  11. Hi I have a request: Can you add in the config that plugin users can disable jobs on specific worlds.
    If you have for example a creative world you could build 100000 diamond blocks and get money for each block.
    I know that I could disallow it on specific regions, but then I had to create a region over the whole world (at every map)
    and on worlds it would be very easyer. Then other idea: disallow jobs on creative mode.
    I hope you will think about this :D
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    Use restricted area's, I have done the same, because I had the same problem too...
  13. I had this too and that its the whole world, I wrote it like this:

    world: 'creative'
    multiplier: 0.0
    x: -940
    y: 0
    z: -940
    x: 1060
    y: 127
    z: 1060

    But then it had fatal errors. Should I fly to the two border points of the map, and write the coordinates of that?
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    What errors? And the answer on your question; no (I think)
  15. Jobs was disabled and everytime (often) the console said: severe blablabla (i will paste the full message soon)
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    This plugin will be "broken", if its not updated to the new event system soon.
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    When i try to run jobs i get this error "java.lang.Integer cannot be cast to java.lang.String"
    Is there anyway to fix this? thx in advance
    Edit: Nvm i fixed it
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    No srsly i eddited the max jobs but still it allows me to get more than 1 job as i have sett.
  19. black_ixx
    Did you ever checked permissions? If user doesn't have a permission he won't get/lose money. Negate a permission.

    Let's take sand as example.
    Digger gets money when he destroys sand.
    #payment for breaking sand
                    income: 0.15
                    experience: 0.15
    #nothing there
    So he can get infinity money by breaking/placing sand blocks. All we need is love a penalty for placing sand. Will look like this:
                    income: 0.15
                    experience: 0.15
                    income: -0.15
                    experience: -0.15
    So when he try to break/place blocks he won't get extra money/exp. But he could use this bug with a friend who have another job (he will place sand blocks all the time)
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    Mhhh, yes. But for the Logs and Woods, its bad x)
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    The Development of Bukkit is saying to prepare for R5 So pls update your Plugin so you can prepare for the R5 Here is the message what they gave me

    Important information on Next Recommended Build

    Hi ProHDGaming214,

    We're cleaning up our code to help us better prepare for the release of Minecraft 1.2. As a result, a lot of old, inefficient and buggy code is being removed and plugins will need to be updated.

    Please check your plugins, find out if the plugin developers have been keeping everything up to date and kindly let them know that they need to update their plugins to make sure they will be ready for R5.
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  23. Olick
    I hope I don't need to make all the job for you :confused:
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    How do you give people prefixs?
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    It doesn't work with me! If I type any command realted with jobs it doesn't work, it doesn't say command not found and it doesn't say it worked. It's really weird! I have iConomy 6
    Please help i don't like this!
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    are there any plans on including option allowing job change only once in a given time period?
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    Hello! May you help me? :)

    when i user jobs with Essentials(also spawn/chat/protect), i have a job but no prefix!

    for example, if i don't user essentials,
    apparient Digger roeniss : Hi.

    but, with Essentials,
    <Roeniss> Hi.

    what is the matter?

  28. I had no permissions for the worlds, so I created them:

    jobs.world.World of Fantasy: false
    jobs.world.Creative: false
    jobs.world.Portal: false
    jobs.world.Start: false

    Then I have /deop at me at set me to this group.
    But now I still gain exp in the creative world and the other worlds...
  29. IkBenThomas
    Check your serverlog/console. Works for me with iCo6

    Ich schaff's nicht mehr auf Englisch (sry, english speaking users!).

    Was am besten zum Testen von Permissions wäre:
    einen Testaccount mit MinecraftSP haben.

    a) Entweder du bist in der "Admin" Gruppe geblieben (permissions) oder du hast falsche Permission nodes hinzugefügt/nicht alle gelöscht.

    If this won't work
    a) change to PermissionsEx
    b) send me your permisssions.yml

    PS: Since when permissions allow spaces?
  30. Ich hab das mit Minecraft SP getestet, und geht immer noch nicht.
    PermissionsBukkit erlaubt mir Leerzeichen, das hab ich überall so...
    Und die Datei ist im Anhang (mit den Permissions)
    Hab ich extra zum testen für Jobs erstellt.
    Hoffe du kannst was damit anfangen.

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