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    Author: Kmacho
    Version: 1.0.0
    This thread will not be updated. You will find the plugin and all the information on BukkitDev.​

    About the plugin:
    This a very simple plugin made for convenience. It calculates the price of an item using the prices of the items used to craft it. Clean and simple. The advantage of having this plugin is that if something ever gets a better value, then all you need to do is set the new price for the item, and anything that uses it will also raise/lower in value.
    Here's an example:
    If notch were to suddenly do an update that makes wheat OP, then you would normally have to set the new price of every item that uses wheat as a crafting ingredient. Well with this plugin, all you have to do is set the new price of wheat, and everything that uses it as a crafting ingredient will be affected by the new price.
    The main idea of this plugin is to make server administrators less of a burden to place the prices on store items, since all this plugin does is show you the value.

    Main features:
    • Calculates the price of an item using the prices of the items used to craft it.
    • Since it only uses 'raw' items, you only need to set up the price for about 1/4 of the total amount of items in Minecraft. Don't worry, There's a default configuration with prices set up by me, so you only need to modify if you feel like it ;)
    • Make selling signs that use the values of only raw items to calculate the price of all the items in Minecraft.
    How it works:
    To get the price of an item, simply hold the item in your hand and type '/value'. The total price is multiplied by the amount held.

    To make a Value sign, type in a sign as follows:
    -Leave Blank-
    -Leave Blank-
    Now anyone with the permission will be able to sell anything they want by right-clicking this sign. I only made the sign as a little 'extra', but buying/selling is not the main focus of this plugin.
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    Please update to the latest rb, [1.3.1-R1] and double check the submission guidelines. This will make it easier for us to approve your plugin.

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