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    iConomyBank -Simple Bank system for iConomy :
    Version: v1.0

    This plugin is a easy-to-use bank system for iConomy. The build-in iConomy banks are inconvenient. This plugin doesn't use the multiple banks, but after command it will just raise or lower your balance.

    Disable the iConomy banks in the config file:
    • Simple bank system using gold ingots and iConomy
    • No multiple banks, just 1 for each player
    • Deposit and withdraw gold form your bank
    • Permissions support
    • /gold deposit - Deposit all the gold in your hand
    • /gold withdraw [amount] - Hold paper in your hand while using this command to withdraw some gold
    • iConomyBank.bank - Get acces to the bank.
    Download iConomyBank v1.0
    Source Code (Not available yet)

    • Add Config File
    • Add NPC Bankers (using the Citizens API)
    • Add Banks (building space)
    • Add Player Banks (Players can start/own a bank)
    • Add Interest (Players who join a bank can get x% interest)
    • Add Service Fee (Banks can charge service fee for joining)
    Version 1.0
    • First release
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    Very nice, very nice indeed.

    I hate to do this but could I just suggest/request some modifications?

    Could it be possible to make it so banks could be created and owned by a players
    -So for 10,000,000 dollars you could start a bank
    -Bank needs to have a building space, like a shop
    -Owners of banks can charge a service fee for joining
    -Banks then have a huge pool of money that will gather interest from a Main Bank (an Op Bank with infinite money)
    -Players who have joined a bank will gain a percentage of that interest.

    1. Op creates Bank - It can only be joined by other banks, not players.
    2 Player1 creates a bank for 10,000,000.
    Configs his Bank as such - Join Fee 1000, Interest earned .2%, Transaction Fee 100, Deposit Fee 0,
    3 Players 3,4,5,6,7 join his bank. The pool of money has increased and the amount of interest earned from the Op Bank
    is roughly 1000 dollars. Based on amount in the Player bank Players 3,4,5,6,7 gain a small percentage of that interest.
    4 Bank owner can not withdraw from created bank. All joining and transaction fees are added to the money pool creating a larger amount of interest.
    5 Bank owner gets a higher percentage of the interest and all fees are waved.

    So Banks can be competitive and offer better and better incentives for players to join with them.

    This is a bit heavy, I apologize, but if you would consider something like this I would be happy to test it on my server. We have just recently started to use banking cause the server has started to get heavy on teh PVP and everyone is scrambling to find a way to protect their money.
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    Thanks for your reaction. You have some good suggestions. I will add some of them to my TODO-list.

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    Update the plugin to latest recommended build and change the title accordingly.
    Failure to do so will result in this moving to INACTIVE section.
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    My plugin is up to date, I made it for 1.7.2,
    but I switch the 5 and 3. I ment [953] in stead of [935]
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    Can you make this so that you can bank normal money too?
    I like the idea and i think this is one of the best bank plugins from now. (but when you can bank money it is awesome :) )
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    i think there's a problem with the download-lnk.
    I've tryed, but alway see this:
    This Account may have reached its limit, is suspended or this domain no longer exists.

    Limit or broken?
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    this lnk is working :)
    Thank you

    hi, me again :)

    i've tryed to crate an npc nanker. but no chance. What is the command dto do so?
    or generaly, what must i do, or can i do?
    Thera are 2 commands /gold deposit and withdraw.

    are there more commands?

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    Can't you read?
    I want to add NPCs, and no there are no other commands.
    I will update later.
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    You can read!!!
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    A sorry. you're rigth. can't read :)
    feature future, all the same :)
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    Hey really nice plugin, good job and thank you.

    Can you add configfile in the future?
    For example; "[Bank] Deposit:", "[Bank] Balance:" and other warning messages, i want to change them(for translate)...
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    Yes I want to add a config file, and I am half-way adding NPCs
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    I have a question. Is the bank account your player's money holdings? Or is it somehow seperate?

    This would be great for my server, but I'm afraid I might have to overhaul the economy system to get it done...
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    @ElConquistador been a bit, any word on when a new release is coming?
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    Nope, I will be on vacation these weeks, so I'm not really working on my plugin.

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    In the future, can you add sign support so players don't have to type in commands (and restrict them to do their transactions in banks)?
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    can some plz make a video showing me how to install this plugin
    for the mac
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    Bank interest would make this plugin jump ahead. Then follow up. But at any rate bank interest is my feature request.
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    how do you add the npcs?
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    1) Read the whole thread before asking questions, you'd probably find an answer.

    2) You WOULD have found an answer in case #1, stating that it is a future release, as he is working on it. You can't add NPCs right now.
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    Looking forward to the interest.

    Will you also make this work without gold and with just money?
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    wow, i can't wait for the future of this update ! btw great plugin !! :D
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    This supports regular iConomy money, right? (dollars)
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    Dis need upgrading
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    I hope you update the plugin for iConomy 6!!
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    This is exactly what I want to see. I want to be able to build an actual bank building, with all of the functions you mentioned. And it would be great if players could have a safety deposit box, to store their valuable items in the banks vault.
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    when will this be updated or have you stopped working on it
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    doesthis work in 1337. also what do u mean by nultiple banks? u mean accounts? y woud u have multi either

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