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    GiantShop 2.0 continues where SimpleShop left off! It is great, fast and most importantly: easy to use! GiantShop is a global shop, wich uses a commands based system to sell and buy items.

    GiantShop is now located at BukkitDev!

    This thread is outdated! Please see BukkitDev for updates!

    old stuff (open)

    • Global shop
    • Item gifting
    • SuperPerms!
    • DataType MaterialData supported including names! Now you can add all your wool colours to your shop!
    • Add items from the console!

    *Use only 1 of these permission engines at a time!

    **Any SuperPerms plugin may work, but only PermissionsBukkit has been tested!

    Commands (open)

    • /shop - Show GiantShop help page 1
    • /shop [h|help|?] (page) - Show GiantShop help page X
    • /shop [l|list] (page) - Show GiantShop item list page X
    • /shop [c|check] [id([:type])] - Search a single item
    • /shop [s|sell] [id([:type])] [amount] - Sell items back to the shop
    • /shop [b|buy] [id([:type])] [amount] - Buy items from the shop
    • /shop [g|gift] [receiver] [id([:type])] [amount] - Gift an item to player [receiver]
    • /shop add [id([:type])] [amount] [sellFor] [buyFor] - Add an item to the shop, leave sellFor or buyFor as 0 to only sell/buy item
    • /shop update [id([:type])] [amount] [sellFor] [buyFor] - Update an item in the shop, leave sellFor or buyFor as 0 to only sell/buy item
    • /shop remove [id([:type])] - Remove an item from the shop
    • /shop truncate - Erase all items from the shop
    • /shop save - Save current configuration
    • shop export - export current SQL database to CSV*
    • shop import - import data from CSV*
    *These commands are only accessible from the console!

    Permissions (open)

    • giantshop.* - Gives access to all GiantShop permissions
    •* - Gives access to the GiantShop payout*
    • giantshop.admin.* - Gives access to all GiantShop admin commands*
    • giantshop - Gives access to simple GiantShop commands as list and help
    • - Gives access to check command
    • - Grants user ability to buy from the shop
    • - Grants user ability to sell back to the shop
    • - Grants user ability to gift
    • giantshop.admin.send - Enables admin to send GiantShop help to user
    • giantshop.admin.add - Enables admin to add items to GiantShop
    • giantshop.admin.update - Enables admin to update items in GiantShop
    • giantshop.admin.remove - Enables admin to remove items from GiantShop
    • giantshop.admin.truncate - Enables admin to remove all items from GiantShop
    • - Enables admin to save the current GiantShop config
    * When using SuperPerms all groups contain 'giantshop' permission

    Example conf (open)

            name: GiantShop #Shop name
            usePermissions: true #Should we use permissions? if not, everyone has access to shop, OP is admin
                permissionEngine: SuperPerms #Permission engine, can be: 'SuperPerms' for bukkit SuperPerms, 'Permissions' for theYetis Permissions, 'PEX' for PermissionsEX
            perPage: 5 #Amount of items to list per page
                buy: true #Show a global message that player X just bought a shiny new item
                gift: true #Show a global message that player X just gifted player Y a shiny new item
                sell: false #Show a global message that player X just sold a rusty old item
                useGovt: false #Should we use a global user as govt.?
                govtName: Government #Name of the govt. bank account
                useFree: false #Should we use worlds where shopping is free?
                freeWorlds: #Worlds that can use free shopping
                - world1
            type: SQLite #Database to use
            database: minecraft #Database name
            table: GiantShop #Database table name
            prefix: shop_ #Database table prefix, handy for when you have alot of tables in 1 database
                host: localhost #MySQL host
                port: 3306 #MysQL port
                user: root #MySQL user
                password: none #MySQL password

    Download Jar
    items.yml* **
    source - not available as of yet

    *Please use right click -> save as
    ** Should be automatically created by GiantShop.

    • Added ability to buy/sell/gift/check by name!
    • Fixed some return messages not having any colour
    • Fixed torches throwing an error when trying to sell
    Older versions (open)

    • Added support for other economy engines!
    • Updated items.yml to 1.8.1 (Thanks Jiggy)
    • Totally forgot to add support for doubles in importing
    • Added support for doubles in pricing
    • Fixed past 1am coding bug
    • Bumped version nummer to 1.5.4 in jar after forgetting to do so earlier :rolleyes:

    • Added configuration setting to give ops all permissions by default.
    • Renamed config file from GiantShop.yml to config.yml, GiantShop should automatically rename this file.

    • Added support for free worlds!
    • Fixed a kind of a big bug where the shop was charging per individual item instead of for the set amount. (meaning: if you would say did /shop add 1 10 10 1 and then /shop buy 1, so buying just 1, you would actually pay 100! xD).

    • Added support for "government"

    • Fixed bug where not all help pages were available
    • Added API for future location plugin
    • Added colors to shop messages!
    • Fixed bug where removing caused an internal server error
    • Possibly more, but forgotten....

    • Added import/export from/to CSV command to console!

    • Fixed bug where update would update entire list instead of item requested
    • Added some missing materialData thingies

    • Added Support for both Permissions (TheYeti's) and PermissionsEX(PEX)
    • Admin permissions now default to op

    • Fixed an accidental mistake where the sale and buy parameter where read in the wrong way around

    • Fixed an issue where players could sell back to the shop, even when this was set to disabled

    • Fixed issue where removing item triggered 2 messages telling item was removed
    • Fixed issue where items with no MaterialData were only sellable when bought from the store

    • initial release

    To do
    • Add colours to GiantShop messages ingame - Implented
    • Look into location bound system - Done
    • Put screenshots in this post for andrewpo :D


    Handy stuff:

    There will be NO support given on the bukkit forums! Please file a ticket or a comment on my bukkitDev page!
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    Hmm that's weird, it's working like how it should for me :S Are you using MySQL or SQLite?
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    Hi I want to thank you for that awesome plugin.
    But i have the same problem that Jiggy has. All my prices are set for one item like 1$ for 1 stone block but I have many items with decimal prices like 0.9 and less but every time i try to import a csv or edit the table in mysql my self I cant put anything behind the 0. is there any way to fix it ?
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    Please try manually setting the fields to DOUBLE (or VARCHAR (which can store pretty much anything))
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    Ok will try that, hope it will work good now :(
    I setted these tables to varchar:


    And it works !
    Thank you a lot ! thank you :D

    *Holland de gekste [sheep]*
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    Hum, I may sound stupid but I also use mySQL and I can't find DOUBLE or VARCHAR anywhere, a little specific please? Sorry for the question lol.

    EDIT: Nvm, after a little changes in my settings I was able to see those tabs
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    DOUBLE and VARCHAR are field types, if you are capable of running a MySQL database, you should also have a tool like phpmyadmin or such, which can help you in managing the database.
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    Everything is good on that side now, however the plugin is giving me errors now when I try to sell an item in my shop. It was working, I have not changed anything in the configs btw, seems like the decimals changed something. Ty in advance and mozartripper will send you the error log wich will probably help you know what may be going on.

    EDIT : Once again it was some wierd unlucky thing, seems like I just can't sell 50 (torches) at the shop but everything else works. Funny that my item I was using to test the plugin was the exact item it does'nt handle XD.
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    Fixed in 1.6.1
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    Thanks, I now know what I'm looking for.
    Our admin has permission *.
    Standard members of our server are given* which is apparently enough for "buy" and "sell", but not enough for "check". Does the wildcard not expand correctly for "check", or am I missing something else?
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    Which permissions engine are you using? One that uses BukkitPermissions?
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    Getting this error when i want to sell items to the shop =/

    using this command: shop sell 13 64
    And giantshop says then:

    Item [-1] does not exist.
    Any suggestion ?
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    Unable to replicate... sorry :(
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    so u got no idea how to fix this :( ?
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    indeed :(
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    ugh =/ i sended u a pm, dunno if that can be the problem =/
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    Been using this shop for awhile, and it's working great, considering it's the only global shop that's actually working on 1185 with 1.8.1!

    I have a feature request!

    We previously used DynamicMarket on our server and it was much easier to use than your shop, for three reasons;
    1. You could use the item name in selling/buying transactions;
    /shop buy cobblestone 4
    You bought [4x64] Cobblestone for 200 Dollars Total.
    2. You could search the list for a string of characters and it would return those entries and prices.
    /shop list stone
    Stone ID[1] Qty[64] Sell[50] Buy[20]
    Cobblestone ID[4] Qty[64] Sell[50] Buy[20]
    Mossy Cobblestone ID[48] Qty[64] Sell[50] Buy[20]
    Sandstone ID[24] Qty[64] Sell[50] Buy[20]
    Stone Brick ID[98] Qty[64] Sell[50] Buy[20]
    Redstone Dust ID[331] Qty[64] Sell[50] Buy[20]
    Glowstone ID[89] Qty[64] Sell[50] Buy[20]
    3. You could edit the text string structure on returned messages.
    /shop buy cobblestone 4
    You bought [4x64] Cobblestone for 200 Dollars Total.
    /shop buy cobblestone 4
    You purchased 64 Cobblestone x4 for a total of 200 Dollars.
    Any one, or all three, of these features added to your shop would pretty-much ensure that I never use another shop plugin again, assuming you keep it up-to-date!

    (A Spout GUI would also be awesome)
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    @Eckhart the buying/selling/gifting/checking by name is a work in progress ;)
    2nd, I might add list by name, I'll look into that! :)
    3rd, what makes the structure on returned messages you suggested so much better then the currently implented ones?

    Edit: buying by name is from now on fully supported! :)
    Searching by name is not really going to be easy :( as I do not currently store any names in the database, only ids I can not search by name....
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    In a few instances where item names are long combined with high prices (ex. Green Music Disc at 25000 each) the messages kicked back from list, plus buy and sell receipts, can become multi-line and I prefer a very lightweight, single-line message. Additionally, it would allow me to specify my own text coloring.

    Well now, you're a quick updater, and I'm an equally quick bug reporter!

    Using the names doesn't work with multi-word items.

    >shop list 5
    20:27:31 [INFO] [GiantShop] Item list. Page 5/12
    20:27:31 [INFO] [GiantShop] ID [81] Name [Cactus] Per [16] Sell [160.0] Buy [80.0]
    20:27:31 [INFO] [GiantShop] ID [86] Name [Pumpkin] Per [16] Sell [160.0] Buy [80.0]
    20:27:31 [INFO] [GiantShop] ID [87] Name [Netherrack] Per [64] Sell [320.0] Buy [100.0]
    20:27:31 [INFO] [GiantShop] ID [88] Name [Soul Sand] Per [32] Sell [192.0] Buy [64.0]
    20:27:31 [INFO] [GiantShop] ID [89] Name [Glowstone] Per [32] Sell [1920.0] Buy [960.0]
    20:27:31 [INFO] [GiantShop] ID [98] Name [Stone Bricks] Per [64] Sell [320.0] Buy [160.0]
    >shop check stone bricks
    20:27:37 [INFO] [GiantShop] invalid usage of command check!
    >shop check stonebricks
    20:27:40 [INFO] [GiantShop] Item [-1] does not exist!
    >shop check "stone bricks"
    20:27:46 [INFO] [GiantShop] invalid usage of command check!
    Oh, also, the link still goes to 1.6.1. I had to use some link-fu to grab 1.6.2.

    Thanks! :D

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    Whoops, totally forgot to change that link O__o Thanks for telling me! :)
    For that bug, sorry, just got back from watching a soccer match which my team lost due too the players being amazed at what a ball is >__> And am darn tired, so it's going to be atleast tomorrow!
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    No rush, man! I just appreciate having a plugin developer that actually responds in a timely manner, keeps stuff updated, and actually fixes bugs. You're ahead of 90% of them already!
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    Ha ha, I wouldn't say ahead....
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    hmm am I the only one seeing this ? :) or am I the only one having the problem :​
    not a big bug but sell and buy prices are switched.​
    it says sell 1 and buy 0.8 but if you buy it, you pay the price of "sell" which is 1 .. and if you sell it vice versa.​
    so it´s working good and as it should .. just the complete buy/sell info /shop list x is switched​
    so if you add a item it´s fine addtiem xyz 1 buyprice sellprice​
    here is a screenshot of what i mean ... i´m not native english :)

    this occours with every item in the shop, not just this one. But i think that is clear anyway.
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    @Chronosfear, don't worry about your english! it's not to bad in my honest opinion (though am not native either so who am I to say this...) But I shall look into this tomorrow somewhere maybe if lucky! :D

    I forgot to tell you are now entitled to a cookie (which comes at your own expense) for reporting a possible unconfirmed bug! :)
    (Ok now I shall go sleep)
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    My list reports the same way. I had figured it was from the shops perspective; the shop selling x for y, and buying x for y. It is a bit unconventional, however, and the confusion justified.
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    Actually, that is not a bug.
    The sell and buy in the list are considered from the shops view. So the "sell" means how much the shop asks for it, and the buy how much it gives for it.

    (Now, who says tiredness doesn't affect your thinking capabilities? :p)

    Edit: So yes Eckhart, it's from the shops perspective.
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    so..... is there any way that this shop allows players to buy from players? ie: Johny puts 2 peaces of dirt up for 5 coins each and Sam buys 2 dirt for 10 coins???
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    Unfortunately this is not possible. :(
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    [SEVERE] null
    org.bukkit.command.CommandException: Unhandled exception executing command 'shop' in plugin GiantShop v1.6.2
    at org.bukkit.command.PluginCommand.execute(
    at org.bukkit.command.SimpleCommandMap.dispatch(
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.dispatchCommand(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.handleCommand(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.Packet3Chat.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.b(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(SourceFile:108)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
    Caused by: java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "Wool"
    at java.lang.NumberFormatException.forInputString(
    at java.lang.Integer.parseInt(
    at java.lang.Integer.valueOf(
    at nl.tpre.bukkit.GiantShop.CommandExecutor.Exec(
    at nl.tpre.bukkit.GiantShop.GiantShop.onCommand(
    at org.bukkit.command.PluginCommand.execute(
    ... 12 more
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    What did you do to achieve that error

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