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    GiantShop 2.0 continues where SimpleShop left off! It is great, fast and most importantly: easy to use! GiantShop is a global shop, wich uses a commands based system to sell and buy items.

    GiantShop is now located at BukkitDev!

    This thread is outdated! Please see BukkitDev for updates!

    old stuff (open)

    • Global shop
    • Item gifting
    • SuperPerms!
    • DataType MaterialData supported including names! Now you can add all your wool colours to your shop!
    • Add items from the console!

    *Use only 1 of these permission engines at a time!

    **Any SuperPerms plugin may work, but only PermissionsBukkit has been tested!

    Commands (open)

    • /shop - Show GiantShop help page 1
    • /shop [h|help|?] (page) - Show GiantShop help page X
    • /shop [l|list] (page) - Show GiantShop item list page X
    • /shop [c|check] [id([:type])] - Search a single item
    • /shop [s|sell] [id([:type])] [amount] - Sell items back to the shop
    • /shop [b|buy] [id([:type])] [amount] - Buy items from the shop
    • /shop [g|gift] [receiver] [id([:type])] [amount] - Gift an item to player [receiver]
    • /shop add [id([:type])] [amount] [sellFor] [buyFor] - Add an item to the shop, leave sellFor or buyFor as 0 to only sell/buy item
    • /shop update [id([:type])] [amount] [sellFor] [buyFor] - Update an item in the shop, leave sellFor or buyFor as 0 to only sell/buy item
    • /shop remove [id([:type])] - Remove an item from the shop
    • /shop truncate - Erase all items from the shop
    • /shop save - Save current configuration
    • shop export - export current SQL database to CSV*
    • shop import - import data from CSV*
    *These commands are only accessible from the console!

    Permissions (open)

    • giantshop.* - Gives access to all GiantShop permissions
    •* - Gives access to the GiantShop payout*
    • giantshop.admin.* - Gives access to all GiantShop admin commands*
    • giantshop - Gives access to simple GiantShop commands as list and help
    • - Gives access to check command
    • - Grants user ability to buy from the shop
    • - Grants user ability to sell back to the shop
    • - Grants user ability to gift
    • giantshop.admin.send - Enables admin to send GiantShop help to user
    • giantshop.admin.add - Enables admin to add items to GiantShop
    • giantshop.admin.update - Enables admin to update items in GiantShop
    • giantshop.admin.remove - Enables admin to remove items from GiantShop
    • giantshop.admin.truncate - Enables admin to remove all items from GiantShop
    • - Enables admin to save the current GiantShop config
    * When using SuperPerms all groups contain 'giantshop' permission

    Example conf (open)

            name: GiantShop #Shop name
            usePermissions: true #Should we use permissions? if not, everyone has access to shop, OP is admin
                permissionEngine: SuperPerms #Permission engine, can be: 'SuperPerms' for bukkit SuperPerms, 'Permissions' for theYetis Permissions, 'PEX' for PermissionsEX
            perPage: 5 #Amount of items to list per page
                buy: true #Show a global message that player X just bought a shiny new item
                gift: true #Show a global message that player X just gifted player Y a shiny new item
                sell: false #Show a global message that player X just sold a rusty old item
                useGovt: false #Should we use a global user as govt.?
                govtName: Government #Name of the govt. bank account
                useFree: false #Should we use worlds where shopping is free?
                freeWorlds: #Worlds that can use free shopping
                - world1
            type: SQLite #Database to use
            database: minecraft #Database name
            table: GiantShop #Database table name
            prefix: shop_ #Database table prefix, handy for when you have alot of tables in 1 database
                host: localhost #MySQL host
                port: 3306 #MysQL port
                user: root #MySQL user
                password: none #MySQL password

    Download Jar
    items.yml* **
    source - not available as of yet

    *Please use right click -> save as
    ** Should be automatically created by GiantShop.

    • Added ability to buy/sell/gift/check by name!
    • Fixed some return messages not having any colour
    • Fixed torches throwing an error when trying to sell
    Older versions (open)

    • Added support for other economy engines!
    • Updated items.yml to 1.8.1 (Thanks Jiggy)
    • Totally forgot to add support for doubles in importing
    • Added support for doubles in pricing
    • Fixed past 1am coding bug
    • Bumped version nummer to 1.5.4 in jar after forgetting to do so earlier :rolleyes:

    • Added configuration setting to give ops all permissions by default.
    • Renamed config file from GiantShop.yml to config.yml, GiantShop should automatically rename this file.

    • Added support for free worlds!
    • Fixed a kind of a big bug where the shop was charging per individual item instead of for the set amount. (meaning: if you would say did /shop add 1 10 10 1 and then /shop buy 1, so buying just 1, you would actually pay 100! xD).

    • Added support for "government"

    • Fixed bug where not all help pages were available
    • Added API for future location plugin
    • Added colors to shop messages!
    • Fixed bug where removing caused an internal server error
    • Possibly more, but forgotten....

    • Added import/export from/to CSV command to console!

    • Fixed bug where update would update entire list instead of item requested
    • Added some missing materialData thingies

    • Added Support for both Permissions (TheYeti's) and PermissionsEX(PEX)
    • Admin permissions now default to op

    • Fixed an accidental mistake where the sale and buy parameter where read in the wrong way around

    • Fixed an issue where players could sell back to the shop, even when this was set to disabled

    • Fixed issue where removing item triggered 2 messages telling item was removed
    • Fixed issue where items with no MaterialData were only sellable when bought from the store

    • initial release

    To do
    • Add colours to GiantShop messages ingame - Implented
    • Look into location bound system - Done
    • Put screenshots in this post for andrewpo :D


    Handy stuff:

    There will be NO support given on the bukkit forums! Please file a ticket or a comment on my bukkitDev page!
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    Yes I do, I am sorry, I am trying to learn as fast as possible

    BTW thank you for listing your permissions nodes in tyour index.yml file so I can use permissionshelper to stay up to date your awesome!
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    In that case it would be:
    /shop add [itemID]:[materialdata] [amount] [sellFor] [buyFor]
    /shop add 263:1 [amount] [sellFor] [buyFor]
    for charcoal! :)

    And care to explain yourself on the permissions nodes thingy? :p
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    permissionshelper scans a plugin.yml file (not sure what that is) for the permissions nodes available for each plugin on your server, yours works right out of the box so I assume you update that particular file within your plugin.
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    hehe, the plugins.yml is where the plugin info is stored. Like the name, author, version and such.
    It is also the place where you tell bukkit wich commands you use, so that it knows that it should hook those up for you.
    And where you register bukkit SuperPerm permissions :p
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    Can you make this compability with BOSEconomy ?
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    I might.
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    I'm a server administrator and when I try the command
    /shop add [id([:type])] [amount] [sellFor] [buyFor]
    The consol say "insufficient permissions!"

    Please sorry for my bad english (I'm french)
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    Do you have a permissions engine enabled? And if so: given yourself the permissions?
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    Yes and I'm administrator I've all permissions...
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    Then you should be able to use the "/shop add" command :S
    Does v1.5.3 fix your issue?
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    I downloaded the plugin yesterday is not it v1.5.3?
    Or I have to change my permissions engine...
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    I made an update after you asked your initial question. You can see the version you have by looking at the launch info.
    If that says: "[GiantShop][1.5.3](Vibrating Finger) Successfully enabled" then you have v1.5.3.
    By default it wants to use bukkit SuperPerms, if you use a different permissions engine then change the required configuration setting....
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    Derek Hong

    The download link is broken.
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    Fixed! :)
    I should REALLY stop making the typo on forgetting the v in front of the version.... >__>
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    Great plugin!
    any chance you could expand the description within your jar file to be a bit more robust than

    I would appreciate it soooooo much as my server uses an auto generated plugin info plugin to generate a list with descriptions of plugins. I would appreciate it so much if you could take the time to do this!

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    Sorry for the late reply, I have been out of town for a couple days...
    Anyhow, which description do you mean? the one for the commands?
    Sure, I can look into that!
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    thank you!
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    Ok, after looking into your question a little:
    It seems that the plugin you use to generate the description is actually reading the descriptions for the permissions........
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    You left '' out of the permissions :D
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    That is actually under the normal: 'giantshop' permission
    giantshop - Gives access to simple GiantShop commands as list check and help

    see? :D
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    Please add support for prices having decimals (coins). I have spent much time working out prices for things based on their components and stone (1) sell for 0.11 and buy for 0.08, which apparently is not supported by the parser.
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    Would it be possible to add a config file that would allow server-owners to create permission nodes that give a "discount" off the shop?
    Maybe something like:
    discounts.yml (open)
                node: VIP
                discount: 10
                node: Donator
                discount: 20

    Giving a group the node "" would give them a 10% discount off of the shop, and "" would give them a 20% discount off of the shop.

    Would that be possible? It was added in DynamicMarket, but that's inactive now.
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    I'm receiving a similar exception error as an earlier poster:

    Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
    at nl.tpre.bukkit.GiantShop.Misc.Items.validate(
    at nl.tpre.bukkit.GiantShop.CommandExecutor.Exec(
    at nl.tpre.bukkit.GiantShop.GiantShop.onCommand(
    at org.bukkit.command.PluginCommand.execute(
    ... 12 more

    I am running craftbukkit 1060 and Giantshop v1.5.5. The yml appears correct.

    If I attempt to use the alias name, such as 'sand' instead of the item id for /shop add or /shop buy, it throws this exception. E.g: "/shop buy sand 5"

    Using the numeric IDs work fine.

    Is use of the alias names supported behavior? The documentation suggests it may be, the examples in threads suggest it is.
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    The use of name is currently not fully supported, hence why the error is thrown is when you use "/shop buy sand 5"

    I will do my best, but not clue on how to do it yet :D
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    Hey, great mod!
    I'm having a problem with adding items to the store list via console/ingame commands. I get the error message "an internal error occurred when trying to perform this command" and I believe it may have to do with these two things:
    • entering a decimal for the buy/sell values
    • only entering 1 for the amount to be sold/bought
    It seems to be working perfectly if I enter 64 for the amount, or an integer for the sell/buy price. Is there anything you can do? (or I can just make the shop buy 64 stacks >.<) (Your mod is really useful for pumping money into the economy, as I use it along side Showcase mod)
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    Do you mind sending me the error from the console?
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    Well, as a server admin, my friend runs the server in a different location, but I will try to get you the error codes from the console as soon as possible, is there any reason why this is happening?
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    I have no idea, which is why am requesting the actual error...
    Without the error I have no clue what or where or how it goes wrong.
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    Here is a spreadsheet copy of my work, if you are interested. If you change the base item prices it automatically updates the prices of all items that use them. By basing crafted item prices off of their component costs it creates a more realistically functioning economy. :)

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