Inactive [ECON] DailyBonus 3.5 - Get an economy or item bonus once a day! [1.4.2-R0.2]

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    Version: v3.5
    Suggested Here
    This plugin give a bonus once a day to players who log in. The amount is configurable.
    There is an option in the config file for a delayed time until they get the bonus. If the player logs out before getting the bonus, then it will remember that they didn't get the bonus yet for that day, and attempt to make them wait the time again.
    You can also give items based off a list in the config file.
    The plugin uses SuperPerms (all permissions plugins will work, is what this means) for Permissions and Vault for economy, so all plugins that support those will work with DailyBonus!
    Watch the video!

    The Tier system:

    The tier system allows you to have as many tiers as you want, as long as you change the "Number of Tiers" option in your config.
    How tiers work:
    • Tier number, 1 being the lowest tier
    • So the highest admins/ops/VIPs will be given the highest Tiers, while defaults/noobs get the lowly Tier 1.
    Economy Bonus
    • The economy amount will be given as long as Vault is enabled. If you don't use an Economy, then set the values to 0.
    • Again, you NEED Vault to give an economy amount with DailyBonus.
    • To have a random amount of economy, put the "base-values;random-amount" down. So "20;5" would give a random amount between 5 more or 5 less than 20, aka 15-25 currency.
    • This message will be sent to the player when they get their DailyBonus. Color codes such as &6 and &4 work.
    • (Full list here!).
    • !amount will be replaced with the economy amount given.
    • !type will be replaced with your currency, if available.
    • This is a list of items the player will be given. "x;y" -> x being the item ID and y being the amount to give. So "266:5" would give 5 Gold Ingots!
    • If you don't want to give any items, set one ID of 0 or just leave it empty.
    • To give random items, set the line to "x;y;z", with x and y the same as above, and z being the max or min that will be added/subtracted from the y.
    • To give items with a data value add a "-d" to the end of the item line, with the d being a data value.
    • Example - "5;10;5-1" - This would give 5 to 15 wood planks (ID 5) with a data value of 1 (Darkwood).

    • dailybonus.tier.#
    • # being the tier number. So 'dailybonus.tier.1', 'dailybonus.tier.2', 'dailybonus.tier.3', and so on.
    • You can have an unlimited amount of tiers, just change the "number of tiers" option in the config accordingly.
    • Players will not inherit the other tiers. For example - even if admin's with tier.2 were set to inherit the default groups tier.1 they would not get items from both sections.
    • Daily amount given (configurable) when a player logs in each day.
    • Permissions based on tier systems
    • Custom message for each tier
    • !amount is replaced by the actual amount in the message
    • Item giving
    • If the player's inventory is full, items will drop at their feet!
    • '/DailyBonus reload' - Reloads the plugin - Permission 'dailybonus.reload'
    Download Jar
    Source Code.
    See the full change-log here!
    Get Vault here if you are using an Economy plugin!
    • Suggest Stuff!
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    New thread:

    For example, change AMNT_TO_GIVE_ON_LOGIN_FOR_VIP = 50 to give 50 to your VIP players.
    AMNT_TO_GIVE_ON_LOGIN = 30 to give 30 to your normal players.

    For set up permission, add nodes 'DailyBonus.get' or 'DailyBonus.getVIP' to your Permissions configuration file in plugins/Permissions/

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  3. Is this version also working with bukkit 953?

    Thanks for your help!
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    I don't think so. My server stopped getting daily bonuses around that time.
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    I work on new revision.
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    You should start a new thread SkeletonGamer.
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    I would like but the original author didn't marked the plugin [INACTIVE].... What do I do exactly ?
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    tha d0ctor

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    Will definitely use this once it gets updated to 953!
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    have you tried contacting the author? That'd be the first thing I do. Then if he doesn't respond, contact a mod and explain that it's gone inactive and you want to take over.
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    The update for 953 is done but I should solve the [INACTIVE] problem..

    Yes I have tried... Hmm I should write to which modo in particular ?
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    Hmm it seems to have just stopped working for me. Nothing has changed, we havn't updated to 1.7...
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    I've heard good things about sk89q.
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    Don't forget to post a link to the new thread here afterwards...

    A few questions about your 'fork'...
    Are you going to work on MySQL/sqlite usage in the future?
    Are you going to clean up the horrid looking config lol?
    Will you add support for colors for messages?
    Would it be possible to add a delay to giving bonus after a player logs in?
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    Update will arrive soon. :p

    Thank you. I will write him.

    So.. I work on a new config file in YAML. I'm not working on MySQL/sqlite support. Colors on signs or on message in chat ? Hmm for delay, it's possible to integrate this feature. Thank you for ideas ! :)
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    The config is a complete mess.
    As for the colors, I meant that the message to the player could be colored.

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    Sure. I agree with you! :D

    I will think about adding this feature in futures updates.
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    I'd like this in my server! :D Seems quite good! 1 Question thought! Is there a plugin that lets you Buy stuff, /money buy Lapis 10 ? I know it's off-topic but i want answer :/
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    @Kararty you can try LocalShops, (i used to use), or I would now recommend using Showcase, (it looks really nice and there are no signs required).
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    It does work bad, it give money just for admins :(
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    We are still waiting for your 953 compiled release.. :p
    You said it would arive soon on the 8th, isnt soon about now? xD
    Jkin, but if you just forgot about uploading the update i just wanna give you a friendly reminder :)
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    I will start a new thread ;)
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    OP has not been online since Jun 27th, #766 (very) inactive.
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    Oh thanks ! I sent a message to Sk89q to prevent it.

    New thread:


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    DailyBonus wont work that good here

    its make the dailybonus to people 1 time then it stops giving them money.
    it have been running on my server for a week now and only 1 daily bonus have been given

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    BOOM! Updated to 1.2.3 and 1.2.4! Hopefully this will get out of the inactive area soon!

    Download here. (V2.0)
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    when i login it didnt give me money why is that happening?
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    Because the plugin uses the information stored in <playername>.dat in the world file to avoid having a big file of player's last login times. It WORKS, but since you have logged in previously today, the plugin sees that and won't give you items until tomorrow. You can move/backup/delete the playername.dat if you wish to test it working, if you so wish.

    I will be adding a thing where it checks if it's a player's first join since the plugin was added soon.
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    i cant find the file
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    What, the playername.dat? It should be in your world folder, whatever you have that named as.

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