Inactive [ECON] DailyBonus 3.5 - Get an economy or item bonus once a day! [1.4.2-R0.2]

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    Version: v3.5
    Suggested Here
    This plugin give a bonus once a day to players who log in. The amount is configurable.
    There is an option in the config file for a delayed time until they get the bonus. If the player logs out before getting the bonus, then it will remember that they didn't get the bonus yet for that day, and attempt to make them wait the time again.
    You can also give items based off a list in the config file.
    The plugin uses SuperPerms (all permissions plugins will work, is what this means) for Permissions and Vault for economy, so all plugins that support those will work with DailyBonus!
    Watch the video!

    The Tier system:

    The tier system allows you to have as many tiers as you want, as long as you change the "Number of Tiers" option in your config.
    How tiers work:
    • Tier number, 1 being the lowest tier
    • So the highest admins/ops/VIPs will be given the highest Tiers, while defaults/noobs get the lowly Tier 1.
    Economy Bonus
    • The economy amount will be given as long as Vault is enabled. If you don't use an Economy, then set the values to 0.
    • Again, you NEED Vault to give an economy amount with DailyBonus.
    • To have a random amount of economy, put the "base-values;random-amount" down. So "20;5" would give a random amount between 5 more or 5 less than 20, aka 15-25 currency.
    • This message will be sent to the player when they get their DailyBonus. Color codes such as &6 and &4 work.
    • (Full list here!).
    • !amount will be replaced with the economy amount given.
    • !type will be replaced with your currency, if available.
    • This is a list of items the player will be given. "x;y" -> x being the item ID and y being the amount to give. So "266:5" would give 5 Gold Ingots!
    • If you don't want to give any items, set one ID of 0 or just leave it empty.
    • To give random items, set the line to "x;y;z", with x and y the same as above, and z being the max or min that will be added/subtracted from the y.
    • To give items with a data value add a "-d" to the end of the item line, with the d being a data value.
    • Example - "5;10;5-1" - This would give 5 to 15 wood planks (ID 5) with a data value of 1 (Darkwood).

    • dailybonus.tier.#
    • # being the tier number. So 'dailybonus.tier.1', 'dailybonus.tier.2', 'dailybonus.tier.3', and so on.
    • You can have an unlimited amount of tiers, just change the "number of tiers" option in the config accordingly.
    • Players will not inherit the other tiers. For example - even if admin's with tier.2 were set to inherit the default groups tier.1 they would not get items from both sections.
    • Daily amount given (configurable) when a player logs in each day.
    • Permissions based on tier systems
    • Custom message for each tier
    • !amount is replaced by the actual amount in the message
    • Item giving
    • If the player's inventory is full, items will drop at their feet!
    • '/DailyBonus reload' - Reloads the plugin - Permission 'dailybonus.reload'
    Download Jar
    Source Code.
    See the full change-log here!
    Get Vault here if you are using an Economy plugin!
    • Suggest Stuff!
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    Don't works on 677 (recommended build)
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    Good idea but could you update it to use SQLite or mySQL in a future release?

    We get hundreds of visitors so the idea of hundreds of little text files just to keep track of the last login won't work well for us.
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    I figured that it would check against the groups in Permissions with the groups configured in DailyBonus config?

    Is there no way to get the name of the group of a user? If so, then you could you not check that received group name against group names included in the DailyBonus config? If match found, use given number(s), else use the configured default number(s).
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    I will have to look into how groups works in permissions, but it sounds do able.
    Yes, I realize that it could get quite messy. I'll look into it.
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    Yes, ideally, I would love for your plugin to either:

    a) Hook into permissions such that the income amounts can be defined per permissions group, or
    b) Allow for different groups and amounts to be defined in a config file.
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    Works fine for me on 677...
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    errr, my players and myself arnt getting the message at login
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    It doesn't work the very first time they log in (yet) and they have to wait a day until they see the message.
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    ok its day 3 now and still nothing
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    Did you add the Permissons Node 'DailyBonus.get'?
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    its working now :D and i guess the 3 days thing was a bit longer then i thought
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    The following replies are just letting people know I added what they suggested in the 1.2 version
    Fyi, It will give money on first login now :)
    Added non-Iconomy Support. Its only using Item-Ids for now.
    Added, see the info under config example.
    VIP changes added, I'll work on scanning permissions groups next.
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    This sounds awesome I can't wait to try it!
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    it is showing up in chat now, but my players havent said anything :/
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    I jumped on your server and some guy who was on said it was working fine.
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    This is an awsome plugin. Is there anyway that you could get this to do intrest with iconomy, so that when someone logs in they get 1%(configurable) of their total iconomy funds? Examples: Ted has 300 coin, so when he logs in he gets 3 coin, making his total 303 coin; however Jim-Bob has 41,563 coin, so when he logs in he gets 416 coin, making his total 41,979.
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    Interesting idea, I'll add it into the next version.
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    bump my idea?
    Show Spoiler

    an easy way to do this would be to make a TimerTask class, pass the constructor the player, then start it for a wait period.
    then in the run method, check that the player is still online (and has not yet received their bonus), then call the bonus sub
    (not any more specific, since your code on git isn't up-to-date)
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    It what I was working on mainy, and how you said to do it is alot easier than what I had started doing. Thanks
    Edit: I also updated the Github to the 1.2 version, but its ugly. I've cleaned it up for the next one, but it doesnt change anything else.
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    does it work for the inbuilt essentials economy
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    Other Economies will be added in the near future.
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    Bravo, how can be that I've never seen this plugin before? :D
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    This sounds like a great idea for a plugin, and its nice to see that you're taking on good ideas for plugins itsatacoshop247

    I can't wait to install and try out this plugin tomorrow when I have some free time
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    I will be getting this plugin for sure! One quick question/suggestion, will it allow for giving money and maybe a random item (including no item LOL)? it would be great for new players
    to have a chance at winning a nice pickaxe or something.
    Had another thought, will the icon version conflict with the non icon version? Could I maybe run both and have one do money and the other an item?

    Edit: other idea for variable, could you add an option to do a % chance get higher amounts? There are two ways I can think of doing this... first roll determines if player wins high random ammount or low random amount.
    first roll 1-100,
    if 95-100, player wins high roll (high roll = 50-80)
    if 0-94, player wins low roll (0-30)

    other way, I don't know how this would be done, is as the amout gets higher, the odds of winning get lower.
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    I could generate a random number between 1 and 357 and give then that item.
    Also and i'll look into both icon and non-icon, im working on permissions groups.
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    or, have in the config a comma-delimited list of items to give out, and use one of those
    (use an arraylist for simplicity)
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    I would like to be able to enter the item numbers that might be given, so they don't end up with items I don't want them to get i.e. lava and tnt or red items LOL
    I plan to not give out diamond anything because I plan for that to be one of the more rare items. but I might let it give out gold items.

    Also in my edit that was refering to money, not items... just wanted to clarify, I noticed it didn't read well.
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    so i havent undestand for add different daily bonus to different groups have to wait new release?

    ps: very cool and usefull plugin!
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    so plugin is dead?
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    Just added to my server running CB #733, not sure if it's working since I'm admin, but if it's not hope it gets updated, this is awesome!

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