Inactive [ECON] DailyBonus 3.5 - Get an economy or item bonus once a day! [1.4.2-R0.2]

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    Version: v3.5
    Suggested Here
    This plugin give a bonus once a day to players who log in. The amount is configurable.
    There is an option in the config file for a delayed time until they get the bonus. If the player logs out before getting the bonus, then it will remember that they didn't get the bonus yet for that day, and attempt to make them wait the time again.
    You can also give items based off a list in the config file.
    The plugin uses SuperPerms (all permissions plugins will work, is what this means) for Permissions and Vault for economy, so all plugins that support those will work with DailyBonus!
    Watch the video!

    The Tier system:

    The tier system allows you to have as many tiers as you want, as long as you change the "Number of Tiers" option in your config.
    How tiers work:
    • Tier number, 1 being the lowest tier
    • So the highest admins/ops/VIPs will be given the highest Tiers, while defaults/noobs get the lowly Tier 1.
    Economy Bonus
    • The economy amount will be given as long as Vault is enabled. If you don't use an Economy, then set the values to 0.
    • Again, you NEED Vault to give an economy amount with DailyBonus.
    • To have a random amount of economy, put the "base-values;random-amount" down. So "20;5" would give a random amount between 5 more or 5 less than 20, aka 15-25 currency.
    • This message will be sent to the player when they get their DailyBonus. Color codes such as &6 and &4 work.
    • (Full list here!).
    • !amount will be replaced with the economy amount given.
    • !type will be replaced with your currency, if available.
    • This is a list of items the player will be given. "x;y" -> x being the item ID and y being the amount to give. So "266:5" would give 5 Gold Ingots!
    • If you don't want to give any items, set one ID of 0 or just leave it empty.
    • To give random items, set the line to "x;y;z", with x and y the same as above, and z being the max or min that will be added/subtracted from the y.
    • To give items with a data value add a "-d" to the end of the item line, with the d being a data value.
    • Example - "5;10;5-1" - This would give 5 to 15 wood planks (ID 5) with a data value of 1 (Darkwood).

    • dailybonus.tier.#
    • # being the tier number. So 'dailybonus.tier.1', 'dailybonus.tier.2', 'dailybonus.tier.3', and so on.
    • You can have an unlimited amount of tiers, just change the "number of tiers" option in the config accordingly.
    • Players will not inherit the other tiers. For example - even if admin's with tier.2 were set to inherit the default groups tier.1 they would not get items from both sections.
    • Daily amount given (configurable) when a player logs in each day.
    • Permissions based on tier systems
    • Custom message for each tier
    • !amount is replaced by the actual amount in the message
    • Item giving
    • If the player's inventory is full, items will drop at their feet!
    • '/DailyBonus reload' - Reloads the plugin - Permission 'dailybonus.reload'
    Download Jar
    Source Code.
    See the full change-log here!
    Get Vault here if you are using an Economy plugin!
    • Suggest Stuff!
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    Great Idea,
    I will be testing it out on my server tonight :)
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    Sounds great!
    A motivation for people to log in to my server aha.
    I would test it now, but it appears is down? :confused:
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    Awesome, thanks for this taco. Provides great incentive for people to pop on and play for a bit.
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    Maybe Permission Support and permissions?
    Like "dailybonus.get" in permission plugin group and only who have the rights, get a bonus ;)
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    I don't know how, but you just made Minecraft that much more addicting XD
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    Briliant ! Been waiting for this one ! :)
    *Edit* : Would it be possible to set a custom message to display?
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    I'd like to second that.
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    another request to add: configurable time that players must be on before they get the login bonus
    (prevent login & logout just to get the bonus)

    also: you don't have the source available, so i can't check if this is the case, but should make so the tracking reset (or so at least can) at the beginning of the day, not after 24 hours
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    Added, its 'DailyBonus.get' in 1.1 :D
    Added the custom message in 1.1
    I hope my updates are fast enough for y'all :p

    I use java.util.calender so it goes of the system clock of the computer you run on. So I could go on at 11pm and then at 1am the next day.
    Also the time was planned from the start, I just need to use a system other than sleep()
    So expect that by the weekend.

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    another suggestion: use github for your source
    1. opensource software has a tendency to be better, since others can improve the code
    2. i personally don't use any plugins that hide their source
    (especially new submissions.. i like to look through it, to check that it's not malicious or badly coded)
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    I usually do if you look at my other plugins, I'm just not on my laptop thats hooked up to my github, my mom has it for today so I'll load it tomorrow.
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    Doesn't work for 670 :(
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    674 is the newest recommend build so I'm only supporting that. Officially at least :p
    I ran it on 670 in my video just fine, so you probably have another problem.
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    Well, no errors in console to speak of and I have permissions set up. There is no message displaying that I got money for logging in though. I will continue to debug it on my own regardless.

    Edit: I just set the day back like in the video and it now works. Odd.

    Cheers though.
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    It doesn't give anything the first day when the player's file is created, maybe I should change that? But when you log in tomorrow it will work normally :D
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    Works great!
    I just went into my username.txt file and changed the date to 12 instead of 13 and it gave me the money for today :), but yeah, rewards for the first login would be good!

    Also, you misspelled currency :(

    and is there a way you could make it output the Currency_Plural value from iConomy if the reward is greater than 1?
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    I will fix those 3 things tmrw!
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    Any chance we could set different amounts for different players or different groups?

    Default - 10 coins per day
    VIPs - 20 coins per day
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    Yes! I'm loving all the ideas you guys have. I'll make it just like that, and a 'DailyBonus.getVIP' permission
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    WOOO! Thank you so much for making my suggestion, I am hiring a plugin dev for PewCraft if you are interested send me a PM. :)
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    How about configurable time, like say a weekly pay, or a twice a week pay.
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    I could do a config for every other day or every 3 or something like that. Making it once a week could get screwy.
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    Wouldnt there be a exploit in this? couldnt someone log in and out constantly to gain more money?
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    I'd like to build on this idea with one that I was thinking:
    How about a randomized amount, based on a configurable range, per user group?

    Ex/ Player of a certain group logs in, DailyBonus is configured with a range of 20-80 for that group, and thus wins 48 coins for the day.


    It's a little extra, sorry, and low priority I'm sure.... but if you can find the time, I'd love to see a bit of randomness implemented.

    Nonetheless, great plugin as is. Keep up your work.
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    It only give the money once a day, hence the name DailyBonus
    Actually, its quite easy. I think I'll have a middle value and a range for the default and VIP groups i'm adding.
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    So it does it on a 24hour basis? I was just making sure incase i used it. Thanks for clearing it up :)
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    Adam Stepney

    Is there a way to configure this plugin to give out gold ingots for example rather than coins for IConomy or any of the sort? Thanks :)
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    Sorry if this comes across a bit annoying, but both the first person to suggest per-group functionality and the second one to expand upon it meant (as I interpreted, anyway) that it should be configurable per group, not just divided into two groups. If I'm wrong, it's probably because that's what I'm looking for in this plug-in. :p

    Some servers (mine included) have more than 2 groups and it'd be nice to be able to configure a range for each of them, does that make it a lot harder to implement?
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    Yeah, I'll make an IConomy True/False in the config, and if its false, it will give a configurable amount of an item.
    Its hard to make because everyone uses different group systems.

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