[ECON] Command iConomy - Make any plugin an iConomy plugin [1.4.7, 1.5beta]

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    Since @deltahat is in lack of time, i will continue his plugin for him:
    Command iConomy - Charge for each command
    Version v7

    Command iConomy is a plugin that allows a server admin to assign a cost to server commands that is deducted from a player's iConomy account whenever a player uses that command. Commands are matched using java regular expressions. If text entered by a player matches a configured rule, Command iConomy will attempt to bill the player. Command iConomy requires Vault!

    Examples include charging for each summoned magic carpet, or adding a fee for different kits.

    To set the price of a command, add a line to prices.yml. Command iConomy matches regular expressions against user input. Regular expressions allow you to charge separately for individual sub-commands or even specific command arguments.

    A typical configuration line looks like this: ^/tp: 10
    A configuration line matching sub-commands might look like this: ^/time (day|night): 20

    Command expressions are matched in order from top to bottom. If a match is found, Command iConomy stops looking for a match and charges the player the configured amount. If the command is configured with a cost of zero, processing will stop but the player will not be charged. Together these features allow open ended commands to be individually charged. Ex:

    ^/warp help$: 0
    ^/warp \S+$: 10

    Really Quick Regular Expression Info
    ^ = Start of command
    $ = End of command
    \S+ = One or more non-whitespace characters

    For best results, please study and learn regular expressions!

    For more info on regular expressions, see: http://www.regular-expressions.info/reference.html

    Command Cooldowns
    You can now configure a number of seconds before charging a player again for a command. To do so, add a space and then the number of seconds to wait after the command's cost. Ex:

    ^/warp \S+$: 10 30

    • CommandIConomy.Free - Grants free access to all commands.
    Three additional settings can be made in the config.yml file to localize Command iConomy's text. You will have to create config.yml. They are:
    • NoAccountMessage
    • InsuficientFundsMessage
    • AccountDeductedMessage
      • Substitute {cost} for cost

    Changelog (since Kostronor):

    [COLOR=#444444][SIZE=11px][COLOR=#444444][SIZE=11px][COLOR=#444444][SIZE=11px][COLOR=#444444][SIZE=11px][FONT=Bitstream Vera Sans Mono]Version 9[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/SIZE][/COLOR][/SIZE][/COLOR][/SIZE][/COLOR]
    • Reworked against cb1597/1602
    • should work with every never build, if not please instantly contact me and i will fix it!
    • Vault support!
    [COLOR=#444444][SIZE=11px][COLOR=#444444][SIZE=11px][COLOR=#444444][SIZE=11px][COLOR=#444444][SIZE=11px][FONT=Bitstream Vera Sans Mono]Version 8[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/SIZE][/COLOR][/SIZE][/COLOR][/SIZE][/COLOR]
    • Reworked against cb1337
    • should work with every never build, if not please instantly contact me and i will fix it!
    • Register support!
    [FONT=Bitstream Vera Sans Mono]Version 7[/FONT]
    • Reworked against cb818
    • should work with every never build, if not please instantly contact me and i will fix it!
    • Initial Release
    Version 2
    • Added free permission
    • Only match first expression
    • Match but don't display zero cost commands
    Version 3
    • Increased priority of CommandPreProcess hook to improve compatibility
    Version 3.1
    • Bukkit 602 compatibility
    Version 5
    • iConomy 4.6.5 suport
    [*]Added optional logging to the console
    [*]Added optional matching of chat events
    [*]Added command cost to insufficient funds message
    [*]Verified CB612 and MC1.4 support
    Version 6
    • Added command cooldowns
    • Added fee collection account
    Version 7
    • [iConomy 5 support
    //Sidenote spoiler's are messed up so i removed them.
    //if someone is against this, he can format my post himself :p
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    Kostronor Update your thread title so this can be moved out of the inactive subforum! More people need to see this great plugin.
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    Thread title updated :)
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    I guess this not updated for new updates? Because it isn't working for me:

    My config file is very simple:
    # To charge for a command, list a matching regular expression below on its own
    # line with the price, separated by a colon. For more info on regular expressions
    # see http://www.regular-expressions.info/reference.html
    # ^/tp: 10
    ^/kit 1$: 100 180
    So if a player types "/kit 1" it should charge 100 and only onces every 3 minutes. It doesnt charge anything.

    SCRAP that it works, but only for non-OPs. Please make this also work for OPs.

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    hey, i have seen you postSSSSSS
    with thousand s'es because you literally spammed me on all channels. i have read your post and you found the error some minutes later yourself. Good.
    But with your issue with Permissions, this in not much in my control, because permissions are handled by bukkit itself, you have to get yourself in touch with permissions.
    And i would have given you this information friendly, if you would have asked friendly. you have your build without op on default... MC_Crinkle
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    Well i use PEX and havent set up ANY permission nodes for this plugin at all. So would have thought it would either work for all users, or none. what should i add to the pex file to use this?
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    Command iConomy doesn't give out permission to use the commands, it only charges players that use the command. Only players with the right permission nodes (in this case the kit command,) can use the commands and then be charged for using them.

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