[ECON] ChestShop 3.7.18 (iConomyChestShop) - Chest&sign shop for economy plugins [1.8]

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    An easy way to create shops - no protection plugin needed!
    You don't need to be on-line to earn money anymore!
    I've put a LOT of effort into making this plugin,
    you can donate if you appreciate my effort =)

    - An economy plugin supported by Register or Vault, for example iConomy, BOSEconomy or Essentials Eco.
    - For additional economy plugin support - Vault
    - For Permissions: bPermissions, PEX, or any other permission plugin
    - For additional protection: LWC, Lockette, Deadbolt
    - For other item names (aliases): OddItem

    Copy the .jar file from the .zip you downloaded into /plugins folder.
    You can also copy the example files if you want to generate statistics page.

    You can change the plugin's language, here's a list of all user-made translations.
    If you want to update or submit a translation, feel free to PM me.
    Translations (open)

    Arabic - Attarhsase2
    Bulgarian - Muff1Ncho
    Czech - LordPgsa
    Chinese (Simplified) - tab415263
    Danish - Cannafix
    Dutch - speedlegs
    French- DragonSlayer875
    German - RasCas
    Hungarian - Anachen
    Indonesian - Yahya98
    Italian - Massimo1993
    Korean - Zwing87
    Norwegian - _AlexN_ and TheUnkownGamer
    Polish - Holls1
    Portugese (Brasil) - FelipeMarques14
    Russian - VADemon from http://minemania.ru/
    Slovak - LordPgsa
    Slovenian - jEErc
    Spanish - thxaaaa
    Swedish - Maxell
    Turkish - Developer
    Traditional Chinese - hellboyincs
    Vietnamese - etrubi1 from http://minevn.com/

    How to create a ChestShop?
    - Place a chest, if you haven't already.
    - Place a sign 1 block near the chest (for example, above the chest)
    - On the sign, write:

    (Item name can actually be item ID or alias)
    First line will be filled in by the plugin automatically.
    Price is a combination of buy and sell price.
    You have to have B near buy price (people buy from you), and S near sell price (people sell to you).
    If you have both B and S, separate them with a colon - :
    For example:

    means that AcrobotPL wants to sell 64 diamonds for 10 currency, and buy them back from you for 5 currency.
    Also, if you put "free" instead of price, it is free to buy or sell :)

    - Now, when you finish editing the sign, if LWC is turned on in config, shop will be automatically created.
    Also, if your default protection is turned on in the config, people won't be able to break chest, sign or the block the sign is on.

    What is an Admin Shop?
    Admin shop is the shop that doesn't require a chest, because it has infinite stock.
    If you sell to it, the items will disappear, and if you buy from it, items will magically appear.
    To create one, you have to be Admin/OP. Just put "Admin Shop" (or anything specified in config file) on the first line of the sign.

    Restricting shops to some groups or regions
    You can either use permissions, or you can just put a sign ABOVE shop sign (you need to be in that group to create the sign) to restrict it to players with ChestShop.group.groupName permission
    The syntax is:
    Only those groups will be able to use that shop

    To restrict a shop to some regions:
    - If you're using Towny, turn TOWNY_INTEGRATION on. Residents will be able to create shops in economy plots (either their or, if specified in config, any)
    - If you're using WorldGuard, you can use an experimental "chestshop" flag. Turn WORLDGUARD_INTEGRATION on and flag a region. (f.e. /region flag ChestShopRegion chestshop allow)

    Do you want to limit the maximum prices for items?
    Well, there's an app.... wait, not that : P
    You can use an experimental feature in ChestShop.
    In your config.yml, add lines like:
    max-buy-price-5: 14
    max-sell-price-5: 15

    That means that the maximum price for items BOUGHT by PLAYER is 14, and items SOLD by PLAYER using the shop is 15.

    You can also use a global setting, like this:
    max-sell-price: 200

    That means that the maximum price for items SOLD to PLAYER is 200 (if there is, for example, a max-sell-price-5 found, it will be used instead of the global sell price)

    You could buy and sell by right and left clicking the sign for a long time.
    Now it's the only way to use the shops.
    It's SIMPLE!
    Just LEFT-CLICK to SELL to shop, and
    RIGHT-CLICK to BUY from shop.
    (This can be changed in the config file)

    If you want to delete your old shop, simply SNEAK and destroy the sign.
    It's that easy =)

    You can either open the chest and stock it up, or click on your own sign - it will open chest's inventory (that way you can have chests not openable by other people for sure :D)

    ItemInfo command
    It's a simple command that shows item information.
    If you use it without any arguments, it shows you information about the item you're holding.
    If you specify item id or item name after the command, it will show you information about that item.

    Source code
    ChestShop is Open-Source =)
    You can find its code on https://github.com/Acrobot/ChestShop-3

    Thanks to:
    - kali876, ziomekYOYO and Herocraft server for testing the plugin and finding every little bug =)
    - Everyone who uses this plugin - really big thanks for this, I never thought it will be so popular
    - Everyone who provided translation - many people's lives will be easier now
    - @Nijikokun for Register
    - @LennardF1989 for awesome Persistence Reimplemented
    - @Temaska for fixing the plugin while I was on holidays
    - @VADemon for providing a great support for other users
    - @Euthyphro for his patience and really good bug spotting
    - vagrant326 for making a great price sheet
    - Epics for his great help
    If something's not working
    You can't change the sign color - that breaks the formatting.
    If that's not the issue, please give me this information, so I can help you faster.
    - CraftBukkit version (type /version in chat)
    - ChestShop version (type /csversion in chat)
    - Your economy plugin (iConomy? BOSEconomy? other one?)
    - Have you got any Permission plugin? Which one?

    Changelog (open)

    Changelog can be found on BukkitDev - http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/chestshop/files/
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    Well, PEX doesn't work like it should.
    Try -ChestShop.shop.create.*
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    oh awesome that worked, ty ty ty ,
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    Well, if the unfinished version works and it is an improvement over 3.42, I would love it.
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    Right now your able to share shops between server groups, is their a planned feature for sharing shops between players?
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    Hi guys,
    the plugins looks very nice, I would really like to use it on my server but I have a problem, a big one.
    When I want to buy something from a shop, something weird is happening, enormous lag is created. I tried to remove all plugins and left only ChestShop, Vault and iConomy, but still, huge lag is generated.
    What should i do?
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    Hi and thanks for replying,

    yes, in the meanwhile I did a lot of testings and it seams locally on my virtual machine the iConomys latest version is creating the lag (a 10 seconds freeze - sometimes ending in a "server timeout").
    Now my questions start with who's fault it is, ChestShop or iConomy.
    PS: the problems are not because of java or connections or hardware... 100%
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    Yep, doesn't work unfortunately. Broken. =/ Doesn't buy or sell items, especially in stacks.
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    Hey, is it possible to create more than only one Admin Shop? So that there is one Shop named "Cityshop" and the other "Villageshop" ? If i try to manage this with the config file the server can't start. Any idea?
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    Do you have plans or have you ever thought about adding support for selling permissions. For example, selling a world edit privilege for a set time. I know a server I played on for a time had this set up with their shop plugin. Of course you can't fit privileges in a chest so it would be an AdminShop only function.
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    It's iConomy's problem, unfortunately. I can't tell you more, because I don't know the details, but have you tried changing to an older iconomy version/other economy plugin?

    No, at the moment no.

    Well, it's planned, but it's something not really to be expected in an item (eventually exp too) shop plugin.
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    Yes I have tried with lower versions too. I will try to do more tests and get back if I have anything that could help others.
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    Niji thought it would be a good idea to write his own flatfile db handler for iCo6 - it's extremely poorly done, has multiple issues (one of which is having all data wiped), and will cause problems.

    Niji also didn't write his SQL handler properly. This means that if you want to check what the balance of an account is right after you alter it, the account wont always show the result of the operation due to how updates are cached, but checks are immediate.

    Really suggest not using anything related to iConomy because it has a whole host of issues, and a developer who goes dormant for 3+ months at a time.
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    Yeah, I know - I've seen you posting on the GitHub. It's sad, really :/
    I love the Vault :) It allows me to just use Vault as a dependency :)

    Unfortunately, one thing I really miss from Vault is the inability to use a plugin without it. I mean - I use a built-in-jar version of Register if Vault is not found, but it really clutters my maven depencencies. I know you can't do anything about it, I just wanted to share my opinion.

    My solution would be to include a library linking feature in Bukkit. Necessary libraries would be automatically downloaded to the /lib folder, where all the plugins could use them from. If there is no internet connection (for example, LAN only), libs could be downloaded beforehand :p That way Vault could be included only once, and it could be downloaded automatically :)

    Well, I just wanted someone to see it - again, Sleaker, I'm really thankful for Vault :)
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    This is how I would like Vault to function, it's just not practical given how people intend to use these types of plugins at the moment. register had issues being just a library because people would include it on the same exact packages and then you'd get version mismatching and stuff that caused a lot of other issues.

    Generally I think auto-downloads are worse than requiring people to download an extra plugin themselves for stuff like this. can't have the best of both I guess, oh well.

    Might bring something like this up for SpoutServer.
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    Can u add my Turkish Language Translation ?


    prefix: "&a[Market] &f"
    iteminfo: "&aEsya Bilgileri:&f"
    ACCESS_DENIED: "Bunu yapmaya yetkiniz yok!"
    NOT_ENOUGH_MONEY: "Yeterli paraniz yok!"
    NOT_ENOUGH_MONEY_SHOP: "Market sahibinin yeterli parasi yok!"
    NO_BUYING_HERE: "Burada satin alamazsiniz!"
    NO_SELLING_HERE: "Burada satamazsiniz!"
    NOT_ENOUGH_SPACE_IN_INVENTORY: "Esyanizda yeterli yer yok!"
    NOT_ENOUGH_SPACE_IN_CHEST: "Sandikta yeterli yer yok!"
    NOT_ENOUGH_ITEMS_TO_SELL: "Satmak icin yeterli esyaniz yok!"
    NOT_ENOUGH_STOCK: "Market tukenmis."
    NOT_ENOUGH_STOCK_IN_YOUR_SHOP: "%material marketiniz tukenmis!"
    YOU_BOUGHT_FROM_SHOP: "%amount %item aldiniz ve %owner icin %price odeme yaptiniz."
    SOMEBODY_BOUGHT_FROM_YOUR_SHOP: "%buyer sizden %amount %item aldi ve %price odeme yapti."
    YOU_SOLD_TO_SHOP: "%amount %item sattiniz ve %buyer dan %price aldiniz."
    SOMEBODY_SOLD_TO_YOUR_SHOP: "%seller size %amount %item satti ve %price aldi."
    YOU_CANNOT_CREATE_SHOP: "Bu market ismi kullanilamaz!"
    NO_CHEST_DETECTED: "Sandik bulunamadi!"
    ANOTHER_SHOP_DETECTED: "Baska bir market tespit edildi!"
    CANNOT_ACCESS_THE_CHEST: "Sandiga erisecek yetkiniz yok!"
    PROTECTED_SHOP: "LWC ile sandiginiz koruma altinda!"
    SHOP_CREATED: "Market acildi!"
    SHOP_REFUNDED: "%amount geri odeme kazandiniz."
    NO_PERMISSION: "Bunu yapmaya yetkiniz yok!"
    INCORRECT_ITEM_ID: "Gecersiz esya numarasi girdiniz!"
    NOT_ENOUGH_PROTECTIONS: "Koruma limitiniz doldu!"
    CANNOT_CREATE_SHOP_HERE: "Burada market acamazsiniz!"
    Thank You :)
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    Why is the TNT $10000?!?! Helllllllllllp!:( I had to shut down the server and ban a couple of people, because they'd buy TNT and then type /sell hand and get soooooooo much money!! PLease tell me how to change that. Also, can we change the amount of money mobs drop?:confused: Please reply..:'(
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    I believe that you may have a different plugin in mind. ChestShop doesn't regulate shop prices, or mob drops, or /sell hand.
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    To fix that, you should get permissions if you don't have it already, and block the usage of that command. If permissions is too confusing for you, install this plugin and type /cbadd /sell. To change the amount of money mobs drop, you should have a plugin for that. If you don't for some reason, you should install this plugin or this plugin.
  22. When is the beginning of the stacking elements of potion with shops? Our server was crazy in the air because of her :/
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    Excuse me, what?
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    PLS help me!
    I cant give money for me!
    And I cant know how to set default money size...
    PLS help!
    thx kisokos25
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    Idea: All items in chests for chest shops are stackable up to 64.
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    I added that to my main member's group, but now all the groups that inherit member, they can't create shops. Even if I give them the permission for each group, they can't create shops. =/
    1. Hello, I'm french so I could make mistake explaining my problem. The fact is that with your plugin, the sellers are able to sell any item 10 by 10. So the buyers can also buy 10 by 10. And this is a real problem as the fights on our server are going retard because of the stacked potions, especially the damage ones.
    2. It would be great if you could fix this point, thank you in advance
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    PLS help me!
    I cant give money for me!
    And I cant know how to set default money size...
    PLS help!
    thx kisokos25
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    Again, sorry for the PEX inconvenience. (That's why I don't like PEX)

    You can just disable the default nodes - open ChestShop.jar with WinRAR, open plugin.yml and change ALL "default: true" to "default: op"

    Sorry, but I don't understand - you can regulate the prices and quantity yourself.

    Wrong plugin?


    However, it will be removed, because it did more bad than good.
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    No. I have successfully solved the administration money for myself: /eco give <playername> <money>
    But I still have one question: How do I set that everyone who enters the sub-$ 200 to start?
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    I believe every server should have this plugin. Best of all the chest shop plugins out there! Diamonds for you [diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond]

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