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    CashFlow is an economy plugin that lets you create taxes and salaries that pay out at an interval you set. Permissions plugin optional (supports PEX, bPerms and PermsBukkit). Compatible with iConomy 4, 5, & 6+, BOSEconomy 6 & 7, Essentials Economy 2.2.17+, and MultiCurrency.

    • Uses the Register API, so it is compatible with multiple economy plugins.
    • Now permissions optional.
    • Supports PEX, bPermissions and PermissionsBukkit.
    • Create multiple taxes with different amounts, intervals, and players receiving the tax (or no player receives the collected tax). Apply taxes to one group or many. Gives you the ability to add players to an "excepted players" list so if someone isn't going to play for a while you can freeze their tax without having to remove them from a group.
    • Create multiple salaries with different amounts, intervals, and players paying out the salaries (or no employer). Apply salaries to one group or many. Add players to an "Excepted Players" list so you can freeze their payment if they're going to be away, without having to remove them from a group.
    • Hits offline players unless onlineonly is set to true.
    • More features coming soon! (see the to-do list)
    Stuff you need:
    • Register
    • An economy plugin - BOSEconomy, MultiCurrency, Essentials Eco, iCo4/5/6
    • A permissions plugin (optional) - PEX, bPermissions, PermissionsBukkit


    See the BukkitDev page for more information.

    To Do:
    • Add World Guard support.
    • Add option to jail players who don't have enough money to pay their taxes.
    • Thresholds
    • Commands to edit taxes (maybe).
    • A little code cleanup.
    • What else? I've sort of lost track. Leave a comment if you think something should be added.

    Pull requests welcome!

    Version 1.0
    • PermissionsBukkit support! Yaaay.
    • Updated Register -you need to download this *here* and drop it in your plugins folder.
    • Added automatic tax/salary enabling on plugin enable.
    • Made onlineonly mode separate for each tax/salary.
    • Added economy plugins as a softdepend.
    Version 0.4.2
    • Updated Register
    • Bug fixes.
    Version 0.4.1
    • Edited plugin.yml to fix "Bukkit is sad" error being thrown in 1.8.1.
    Previous Versions (open)

    Version 0.4
    • Added support for bPermissions.
    • Added onlineonly option.
    • Made permissions plugin optional.
    Version 0.3
    • Added the option to create a tax as a percent or a flat amount.
    • Added the option to set taxes/salaries on individual players (or a list of players) or a group (or list of groups).
    Version 0.2
    • Rounded taxes to two decimal places.
    • Fixed removeException method always returning "Player not found".
    • Fixed not being able to check for offline players.
    • Added /cashflow setworld <world name> (to fix above).
    • Refactored commands
    • Cleaned up message sending.
    Version 0.1
    • Initial beta release.

    If you decide to use this plugin on your server, please let me know what you think so I can improve it! And if you like this plugin, please consider donating. It's a big incentive and it helps me buy things I need for school.

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    this plugin being updated? i would like to use it
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    Does not seem so :(
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    Wow it's been a while. I sort of abandoned this for a short while in favor of not failing all my classes. Anyway, I would be interested in coming back to this but I need some help. I'm looking for an intelligent, mature dev or two to help out with this plugin. Points if you know anything about scheduling because I suck at it. Please shoot me a PM if you're interested. :) I will be working on a to-do list for this - I'd like to start by making the damn thing work properly. And then Vault, whatever the hell that is.
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    Nice sounds god i hope it happens :)
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    Taxes should be when player pay's to player.. not in interval of timeperiod..

    And VAT type of tax or normal type of Tax
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    Well... I don't think all the economy systems have custom events for for when payments happen. I know that iConomy 6 does, but not sure about the rest. BOSEconomy or Essentials don't seem to throw these events, so there's no way for CashFlow to know if/when players interact with the payment system (unless there's some other way that I don't know of).
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    To Do:

    • Add World Guard support.
    • Add option to jail players who don't have enough money to pay their taxes.

    Please tell me this is very soon? :p

    Is it still active???
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    Yes, this is still active. Beta version 1.0.1 has been available on the BukkitDev page.

    First, what are you looking for with WorldGuard integration? Can you elaborate on how you wish to see CashFlow work with WorldGuard.
    Second, the "jail" is possible, and I might look into it.
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    Is it better to make suggestions here or on bukkitdev?
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    The plugin is dead!
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    Thank you Mitsugaru i have been waiting for this you are a hero :p
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    BukkitDev would be nice as I get email notifications (for both tickets and comments), so I have a potentially higher reply rate versus the forum. The forum thread I get the alert, but not email...

    Well, I hope to continue maintaining it. I've been putting off on an update because the beta is relatively stable and I've been focusing on my own plugin arsenal, especially my flagship plugin KarmicShare.

    However, just to be clear, I will continue working on it for as long as necessary. The main objective currently is polishing off the revamp into a proper Release. After that, I can work on new features.
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    Thx, though think not having vault wiped out my configs, had to delete, least it kept the lastpaid, so just gotta rebuild the config and inject the lastpaid and hopefully it'll all work out.

    There a default grouping for everyone?

    1.0.4 doesn't seem to be working. Receiving a [Cashflow] Paying salary blahblah but no money actually moves. Essentials.
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    Uh, there's no everyone group AFAIK... If you want to using a salary/tax on everyone, you just need to add all known groups :\
    Maybe I'll look into using the wildcard '*' as a valid thing.

    Hmm, when you mean Essentials, do you mean the economy built into Essentials? Could you make a ticket on BukkitDev regarding that, so that I don't forget. Also, by chance, are you using Group Manager? If you are, I have to say that it is not supported on the latest beta builds...
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    Using essentials econ yes, not using group manager. There's no lastpaid date after each supposed payout either.
      list: []
      - World
      - Bonus
        salary: '10'
        salaryInterval: 24.0
        employer: TheWorld
          isEnabled: false
          interval: 0.0
        - names
        salary: '10'
        salaryInterval: 24.0
        employer: TheWorld
          isEnabled: true
          interval: 24.0
        - names
    world: world
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    Yes, lastpaid is not implemented in the betas, so having nothing there is expected.
    I'm assuming that the "names" under paid players is just a condensed list of valid names.

    It seems like Essentials Econ is a special case, just like iConomy 5. I will push CashFlow beta 1.0.5 to the BukkitDev page, which should work with Essentials.

    Sorry for the trouble and please get back to me if it works out.
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    This for me to be perfect just need a custom message... im using Euros and when players are payed it says $ 1000 and for me should be 1000 € or 1000 Euros.
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    Working now. Last paid was pretty important though, not only did it backpay if your server's been off for a bit, your timer also won't get gg'd on server restarts. Had to manually backpay which was slightly troublesome. Either way thanks for updating
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    I know that it was an important aspect. I would like to get it working again. This is why I labeled these releases as "Beta" considering that its not feature complete. I assure you, its something I've been meaning to get working, I just need to find time to do it.

    Ah, I see that the dollar sign is hard coded in. I'll submit a release that allows for custom prefix/suffix to display from the config.
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    Version 1.0.9 has been submitted filipe . In your config.yml, just have the following nodes:
    prefix: [whatever prefix you want]
    suffix: [whatever suffix you want]

    And it'll format the amount as you wish.
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    Thank you!!!
    Ive already tested and works fine... thank you very much!!
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    Just to let you know, Version 1.11 is available and has time persistence now.
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    Dled 1.11 last night or ealier today, though thanks for the notification. Ran a shortened cycle for the lastpaid to register, other than that will see if there are any issues. Thanks for the updates.
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    It says there is an internal error and isn't working. Need help. :(
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    Can you post a ticket with the stack trace on BukkitDev?

    If not, just post it in the thread here... but I may not respond as fast as usual.
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    So, what happens if you tax someone who has no money?
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    plugin seems to disable itself if i enable residence on my server ..

    18:02:18 [INFO] [CashFlow] Loading CashFlow v1.0.0.
    18:02:18 [INFO] [CashFlow] Using PermissionsBukkit plugin.
    18:02:18 [INFO] [CashFlow] v1.0.0 has been enabled.
    18:02:18 [INFO] [CashFlow] Enabling builder
    18:02:18 [INFO] Payment method not found. Disabling plugin.
    18:02:18 [INFO] [CashFlow] Unloading CashFlow v1.0.0.
    18:02:18 [INFO] [CashFlow] 1.0.0 has been disabled.
    [INFO] Plugins: ResidenceSigns2, xLevel, ScheduledAnnouncer, WorldEdit, PermissionsBukkit, SpamGuard, LogBlockQ
    uestioner, Vault, Multiverse-Core, CashFlow, motd, WorldGuard, iConomy, Register, Permissions, xAuth, NoLagg, Landmarks,
    Residence, Citizens, LogBlock, dynmap, Dynmap-WorldGuard, dynmap-residence, dynmap-mobs
    LE: CashFlow v1.0.1 works just fine with residence, thanks :)
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    Well, since they don't have money... there is nothing to take out... so the tax goes down to 0. I mean, I really don't think that all economy systems support negative balances... or do they?

    Haha, ok, good to hear. Was about to say that I can't really support the old release version 1.0.0.
    Also, I highly suggest updating to the latest available beta, which is CashFlow 1.17
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    So does this work with GroupManager?

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