Inactive [ECON] BOSEconomy v 0.7.3.a - iConomy Replacement! [ 1.2 - R5+ ]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by riuthamus, May 29, 2011.

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  2. On "Time is money" it says "Timeismoney requires the installation of iConomy or Essentials Eco."

    Since they don't use seem to use vault to connect it to a econ plugin I guess those two are the only ones working.
    This is nothing that BOSEconomy have to fix thought. They already have the econ fixed and ready for other plugins to hook into so you should make a request to the dev of Time is money that they add support for BOSE.
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    Hi Sketafull,
    I confirm that Timeismoney will support BOSE for the next version. ;)
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    hey can you guys tell me how to connect the plugin Regios to Iconomy ??? because if i want to sell a ground it says u need some form of economy so do you guys know how to connect them??
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    SOLVED: changed use-op-permissions true in settings.txt

    I'm running BOSEconomy v0.7.3.1 with latest Bukkit RB for 1.3.1 (build #2340) and Vault 1.2.17. Some of the commands aren't working for me.

    I type:
    /econ set EvoOni 1000

    and I see:
    BOSEconomy - Help:
    Page: 1/7
    /econ help [page]
    Lists the plugin commands and briefly...

    Same happens with:
    /econ add <name> <amount>
    /econ info <name>

    I'm not seeing any errors in console. Please advise, thank you!
    ~ EvoOni
  7. Use vault usually works.
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    can someone tell me what version is for craftbukkit r1.0.0
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