Inactive [ECON] BOSEconomy v 0.7.3.a - iConomy Replacement! [ 1.2 - R5+ ]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by riuthamus, May 29, 2011.

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    Yeah, 7.2 still does not work with PermissionsBukkit.
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    I search a easy-command list of this plugins i found only video (i'm on job place f*** proxy).

    It exist a command list for this plugin?
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    Sorry to hear this, Cosine told me that the permbukkit issue has been resolved and he is just fixing up the new groups and group commands functions. Update should be soon.

    If you want commands type /help. There is no compiled list as the commands are massive. Its just as easy to type /help in game and see the commands there.
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    is this compatible with esssentials?
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    Yes, I use it with Essentials
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    Will it be updated soon? :D
  8. When i try to do /econ add glorian 500
    nothing happends.
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    I would seriously like to thank you for making this. I agree, I am tired of how annoying it has to be just to first, isntall ico, deal with the SQL mess, and then have to configure 50X more than I should have to just to take out taxes, ect. I like how stable your plugin is also. Easy to plug and play, config, and feels like it was taken care of instead of thrown out over the floor and pasted together with elmers glue.

    Seriously, I have never had ANY issues with this plugin. Not a single one and have never crashed using it. All I can say is, you really had the great idea to keep it simple and just other plug into it instead of you rushing your own to have nonsense twisted up into it like a mess that a lot of people do not care about.

    I also like you do not have a donation button flashing itself in fronts of everyones faces like desperate kids. I would say your one of the most professional coders/team I have seen in a long time and you take prode in your work. The same way how some take pride in their plugins, like world edit, essentials, permissions, and world guard.

    Your plugin is not just a plugin. It's a Need.
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    1 quick question. I'm having trouble getting "fractional-digits" to work. Your video turotials just skip over this feature.

    I have tried setting...
    fractional-digits 0.00
    fractional-digits 2 (for 2 decimal places)

    Any help on this feature? I want my currency to show dollars and cents.
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    justin shulman

    using econ with bettershop on the latest version of bukkit. Problem I'm having is when players do /econ top5, it doesn't list the players
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    This is because you have the "exclude" option set in the brackets file. Remove "exclude" being set to true and they will show up.

    Further support here is being terminated soon... but for the sake of helping, let me see your configuration files. If what you have pasted is correct.... it should be working. Ill get with cosine to make sure I know what is the problem.

    @Vorna thank you very much for your kind words. I wish everybody saw it that way. Had some guy post on our BukkitDev thread bitching about how it was so hard to setup and he went with another plugin. Made me lol.

    Cosine has been working very hard to get the new update out. Honestly, with the constant updates and lack of 1.9 builds we have been kinda holding out. Our plugin still works as it should so we wanted to delay the release to ensure nothing breaks with 1.9 and MC Final. I think we could have 7.3 ready for this weekend... but again we are not sure if we should release it just yet.

    Need to see configuration files.

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    I got it to work, apparently I had to fully stop my server to get it to work. The /econ reload didn't seem to take affect.

    Sorry to be of any trouble and thank you for your help.
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    Well everything is saved in memory, even the configuration. I mention that with one of the videos but cant remember which. No worries.
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    Can't wait, especially looking forward to brackets based on permission groups. :D
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    Is it true that doesn't work with PermissionsBukkit? Is there a way to make it work? I can't create brackets or bank with it, even if I have the right permissions
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    Wow, brackets based on permissions groups would be brilliant! It would mean all my plugins coming together so that I can administrate everything at once and not have to deal with each thing separately!

    I have a question regarding banks, though: What is the difference between a Bank Owner and a Bank Member?
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    hey.. Supporting Plugins: faction please.. please!
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    is there a way to get ride of the bank stuff with boseeconomy?
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    Nice plugin, Lightweight and easy to use!
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    I have a weird problem. My permissions are set up correctly but when I, as the highest ranking group (Owner) with my permissions set to "- permissions.*" type in /econ nothing happens. Not even an error or anything, just nothing. If I type it in the console it says "Your money:Infinite" so I know it's in there.

    Could it have anything to do with the fact that I'm using PEX? IN the pail window under BOSEconomy is says found permissions 2.7.7 because PEX is compatible with mpst plugins that use permissions.
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    As a Donator, when are you guys going to update this ?

    It currently works with the new Craftbukkit version 1488
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    compatible with 1.0.0?
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    Is there commands like /money to see how much money have ? and why players don't get money every 2 hours ?
  25. seems like a great plugin. Just a few problems:
    1: on my server, players need to buy a lot, can they use a command like /pay.
    2: you start with 100 coins/money, But how can you EARN money? this plugin seem very easy to use compared to iConomy, but i just cant seem to find out how they can earn there money, i dont want them to just get a income every week or something, they have to mine or something for money.

    Could you help me out? would be appreciated :)
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    This is not covered by this plugins, this plugin is the base you use to install other plugins that use money.

    Personally I use MobBounty for my player to get money, and they have ChestShop to trade between themselves, I have also recently incorporated Factions with the economy.
  27. Two things, one, will MobBounty work with this plugin? and can i make it so only i can set up Chest Shops with ChestShop>
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    Im not getting a jar file. I get a plugin.yml a meta-inf, and a cosine.

    this is very annoying.

    jar link?
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    This plugin is great!
    I am wondering, is it a way to simulate taxes?
    I was thinking of setting negative wages for everyone, if this works?
    But the thing is I'd like the money to go to the "server" also (eg. not my own econ account), is this possible?
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    I dragged the into my plug ins and it doesnt work when i start server. Help? im new to this. X.X
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    Unzip it :)


    I never found a good way to simulate automatic taxes (post #603), currently doing it by manually subracting money from users and adding into the "Server" account I made. Is there any plans for a tax feature? I'm sure there are others out there who would be interested in it, too.

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