Inactive [ECON] BOSEconomy v 0.7.3.a - iConomy Replacement! [ 1.2 - R5+ ]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by riuthamus, May 29, 2011.

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    Channeling Lafayette from True Blood again? :p
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    lmao +1, yep

    There are no help files, there are HELP VIDEOS and a /help command.

    it is explained in the videos, paydays are just that ( the days you GET paid ) the other is how much you would make hourly if you were working at a job or whatever. In game type /econ income and it will tell you how much you will be paid, and when. Start time is when the plugin is first initialized.

    Need your files, pastbin the following:

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    Sorry, had never tried Pastebin before:

    Here is the info

    Also some more info, I did some testing while waiting for an answer. Removing other plugins did nothing, but removing PermissionsBukkit1.2 and Superperm1.2 allowed me to /econ. I cannot let go of Permissions so we are still currently without /econ on our server.

    Thank you for your time.
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    Does this plugin work with the Permissions plugin?
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    That is your problem, this does not support permissionsbukkit, yet. 7.3 will and does. I need to get with cosine and find out an exact date. We have honestly been slacking because of all the updates coming out, our main server has us bogged down. *sighs* Sorry ill have a release soon.

    Rumor is that permbukkit has backwards capability, if this is true your perms are wrong anyway. Set BOSEconomy.common.* for the normal users and then BOSEconomy.admin.* for the admins. Try that out and make sure you have backwards capability turned on with PermBukkit, although i have NO clue how that works. Hope that helps.

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    Apparently it is not as backwards capable as it needs to be. For now, most of us are getting starting in our new world due to 1.8 and so we aren't too worried about an economy just yet. So we will wait for 7.3

    Thank you for your help.
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    As per here, superpermsbridge takes superpermbridge.someplugin.somecommand, so for BOSEconomy with superpermsbridge, permissions would look like superpermbridge.BOSEconomy.common.wallet. Doing superpermbridge.BOSEconomy.common.* will work like in old Permissions 2/3
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    Ahh I was doing it wrong then. I did not realize you had to put superpermbridge in front of the permissions. Thank you!
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    Can you put this on github? I want to set it with my Jenkins server so that I can use it in my projects with maven
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    He already said that it's closed source (in this thread, don't know which post), which sucks, but it's their choice. I want to try to add an API to it my self.
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    That's stupid, technically it has to be GPL since it uses bukkit and Bukkit is GPL.
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    I'm not sure if it actually covers plugins, because it does not include any bukkit sources in it, only uses the API (dynamically linked?). I could be easily wrong as I'm not a lawyer (high school law does not count for much anyway). That is my understanding about it.
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    Is this going to be updated for 1185? I would like to use it.
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    It works fine for me on 1185, as most of the changes from 1060 was to get to 1.8.1.
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    a noob question:
    how is the permission for /econ? I mean the command that you use to check your balance. I hope you can help me.
    mfg Eragon
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    Anyone know what the excluded false and true does in the brackets config? I cant find anything about this on the tutorial videos
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    It's for excluding the members of the bracket from the top 5 rankings, useful for the admin bracket.
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    Is there a list of commands for this plugin? Theres tons of permissions but I dont know what all the commands are.
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    /help in game!
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    Hey bud, great plugin. Sorry if this has been answered before but all my player money totals get reset when I restart my server. How do I fix this?

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    Hey, do you support superperms?
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    Is there any documentation for developers (about hooking into this)? I looked briefly but couldn't find anything. Thanks :D
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    is there any way you can change the text color???
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    It doesn't seem to. I'm using PermissionsBukkit, and BOSEconomy says it can't find a permissions plugin.
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    no clue what that is. We are supporting permbukkit with 7.3

    Permbukkit is suppose to have some backwards compatible setup, we use it on our server and it works flawlessly, but as stated above we will be added in 7.3


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