Inactive [ECON] BOSEconomy v 0.7.3.a - iConomy Replacement! [ 1.2 - R5+ ]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by riuthamus, May 29, 2011.

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  2. The BukkitDev page says this project is licenced under the GNU General Public Licence. You might want to change that.

    EDIT: I'm not demanding the source, I just had a natural curiosity when I saw the GPL licence.
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    I cant wait for the 7.3 release for the perms bukkit i finaly decided to move over (which took me a longer than i thought).
    I hate asking this but is there any idea of a release date maybe?
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    Well, i have been nagging the coder for days to get to work! Hooker just started school again so he lazy! Ill try and squeeze a date from him tonight and then ill post it here.
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    I do not want to make the discussion about the source bigger so I'd like to ask you if you could add customizable messages. I don't need all messages, but at least the ones which are shown to normal users. That would be brilliant!
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    With the language update coming out, you could make your own English Customized version... and it would work! :p
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    Is there a release date now? I'm just excited ;)
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    He said possibly tuesday or wednesday, sadly he is having issues with the language process so that will not be in this update. Instead permissionsBukkit and other minor tweaks will be. I am sorry to inform you of this!
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    Ok, but anyway no reason to not use this ;)
    Thanks for the answer!
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    i am still getting random paydays. What should i do?
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    follow the same thing that has been posted 5000 times, link your config file, your brackets file, and any other setup files you have. I cant figure out what is wrong if i do not see your setup.
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    Sorry, here :
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    From what you pasted, you have nobody in your brackets... can you pastbin your brackets file plz. Also, dont be sorry, no need.... its just frustrating to type "please put your files on pastbin" 5000+ times! :p I really dont mind helping just hate repeating things.
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    Ok, Here is new paste : I did not copy the members over last time
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    Your issue is simple:

    default-bracket Citizens

    you have no Citizens bracket. Rename your default bracket to Citizens and it should work. Once in game type /econ income and see what it says, post back here with what it says once the change has been made, you could dot his BEFORE the change as well so you could get an idea of what you did.
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    MrDice that is my new one, does it look ok?
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    So according to this, every 20 min you will get 100 coins.... is that your plan?
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    that is what i want to happen, but it still is giving me random paydays... :(
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    delete your payday file. Or delete every file except for your accounts file, settings, and brackets. Then reload the plugin. Ensure you have 7.2
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    Y'know, I'm having the exact same issue - random paydays. Sometimes it works properly and other times I get random values (such as 22.5). I actually just reinstalled BOSE. entirely and the issue is still there.

    My bracket files and settings are all fine near as I can tell and the only mods that utilize BOSE. on our server are MobDrop, Citizens, and MyHome.

    Edit: *Cough* Or it could be paying based on the if a user is online for the full hour or not.
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  22. hey i keep getting a weird error that lags my server until it crashes, it doesnt happen a lot but when it does it just crashes everything. the console error its show is
    CONSOLE: BOSEconomy Warning: The BOSEconomy thread is being unusually laggy.
    anyway to fix the issue?
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    The thread is supposed to execute once every second, perform automatic wage related tasks, and then wait for the remainder of the second before starting up again. When it takes more than one second to execute, it displays that warning. It shouldn't happen unless the server is already running extremely slowly, so it's likely that another plugin is causing the problem. You could try disabling BOSEconomy and see if the lag and crashes still persist without it. Alternately, try disabling other plugins to see if you find one that's slowing down the server.
  24. Thanks for the reply, i think the problem is the sortal plugin as it seems to lag my server quite a bit, i just thought looking at that warning that boseconomy might be the on lagging the server
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    Man o Man, what am i doing wrong, i did what you said and i am still getting random paydays, but it seems that it takes 2 paydays to hit 100. then stays there.
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    General Arnold

    The Brackets and Accounts aren't creating themselves
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    I have no errors like this, your configuration files are created improperly or you are manually editing the files and then the server is saving over them when it auto saves.

    I would like to add that this topic will be gone soon. Only bukkitDev support will be allowed once I close this thread.

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    No one in my server dont get payday how to fix it ?
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    Damed, where is the Help file? How to create Banks?
  30. Couldnt find a answer but if i configure to payout incomes 1 week does it payout the said coins once a week (1 week after plugin restart? or how?) or is it a "minecraft" week
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    I am having a problem myself. When anyone including those with OP type /econ they do not see their money. /econ does nothing as well as all other /econ commands. However, using ChestShop we are able to buy and sell and Blacksmith works as well. So we know we are getting money but we cannot see how much we have or any other stats or command with /econ.

    Running 1.8.1 with CB RB 1185.
    Running the new PermissionsBukkit with SuperPerm.

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