Inactive [ECON] BattleConomy 1.0.0-beta1 [1.4.5-R0.2]

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    This plugin is an economy system which In a nutshell will let you create multiple economies for each worlds.

    Note: Currently while in development this is a MySQL only plugin.

    Source Link: Github
    Bukkit Dev: Here
    Download: Here

    === Features ===
    • Multiple Economies
    • Vault Support – This should work with your vault plugins!
    • MySQL – Allows for advanced queries and economies spanning multiple servers.
    • Simple Configuration – You just choose what worlds you want in the economy and the system does the work for you!
    === Commands ===
    If an economykey is not specified then it will default to the world you are currently in. Vault plugins will always default to the world you are currently in.

    /bc help
    /bc top
    /bc send <user> <amount> [economykey]
    /bc balance [economykey] /bc add [economykey] -> be.admin.add /bc take [economykey] -> be.admin.take /bc set [economykey] -> be.admin.set

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