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    The Bank Of Banking
    This is a place holder thread whilst I finish adding some features for first release and testing. I am adding this now partly to get feedback, partly to get the word out.

    What BOB Is
    BOB is a simple and secure banking plugin.
    • Players create accounts and transfer money between themselves in a secure and intuitive fashion.
    • Plugins create transactions and submit them for processing. The account owner must approve these transactions.
    What BOB Is Not
    • This is not an economy plugin. Although some thought has been put into packaging economy style behaviour with BOB, at this time there is none.
    • BOB does not allow plugins to directly modify a players account. In fact BOB does not allow anyone except the account owner to modify the account; neither plugins nor other players (though potentially this may be added in the future with permissions to control - will wait and see).
    Some Aims of BOB
    • BOB promotes a free market, and strives to minimise out-of-control inflation that can occur with other economy style plugins.
    • BOB utilises the inter-plugin communication available to provide flexible and secure extensible transactions.
    An example ShopPlugin might create a ShopTransaction (which extends a Transaction), that contains the amount of goods that it knows should be transferred. When a player tries to buy or sell goods to a shop or other player the shop plugin submits a ShopTransaction to BOB. Once funds have been cleared, the ShopPlugin is notified, and can then finalise the transaction by transferring the goods.
    • BOB wants to be secure, but still provide excellent service. Methods will be put in place to enable certain transactions to be automatically approved. A shop owner, for example, will be able to approve buying of stock from suppliers automatically. That way their suppliers will receive funds immediately, even if the shop owner is offline.
    How Far Away Is BOB?
    An alpha build of BOB is very close, though some UI and inter-plugin features need to be worked out. BOB works closely with another plugin I am developing called Conversations, and both are being developed together. Conversations is also very close to alpha release, but if there are issues BOB could be held up.
    The main issue at the moment is persisting account data. The data format is not yet decided upon, and so account data may be corrupted if this was used prematurely (the reason I am not releasing dev builds at this moment).
    Also, the method with which an economy is stimulated (that is where the money comes from initially) has not been settled yet, though it may take the form of a reserve bank.

    If BOB sounds interesting to you, please feel free to add your comments and suggestions here.

    Please note: this banking system is not intended to support other economy plugins; it is a new way of dealing with money in the minecraft universe. It is likely that many current plugins could be adapted to use this system when it is ready, and I would love to talk to any devs who are interested.
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    Geoff Winans


    I look forward to seeing this and other plugins integrating.

    If you need any help with DB structure (I assume you'll be focusing on a real RDBMS and not SQLite).. let me know.
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    At the moment, I am waiting for persistence to see if I will use it. I currently write out all bank account data to file, and may continue to do this as it offers some level of protection for bank details.
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    Basically the new iConomy which I haven't released :p
    Just not the prevention of editing accounts.
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    If you wanna check it out:

    (Persistence/Bukkit integration branch)
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