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    V 0.9.5 - by SeTa

    I am happy so many of you liked my plugins, but im sorry to say there will be no updates (like many of you already thought). I dont have the time any more to update this (and other) plugins on that regular bases as bukkit requires one to update. Keep in mind that the source is included in the jar and everybody who wants to take it over is very welcome (my source is a mess btw)

    DirectBank is a hopefully simple to use Banking Plugin for youre Server. The Whole Banking Stuff is done trough ATMs (Signs) in Varius Types. Now you also can create Shared Bank Accounts (requires a License) but read down the thread to find out more ;)

    • No Commands in Normal use, just place a Sign with first line: "bank"
    • Withdraw, Deposit or Send Money
    • Some Permissions to make it more flexible
    • Shared Accounts (with Different User Rights!)
    • Multilingual ! (sry old Language files are not compactible)
    • Configurable Starting Balance
    • Donation Signs
    • Register! (Works with all Major iConomy Plugins, thx @bob3695 for implementing this)
    • Get configurable fees for Withdraw, Deposit and Sending.
    • Configurable interests at configurable times (per Hours, or per Day) *works but seems buggy*
    Bank Sign:
    Simple Bank, users can view there Account stats, or deposit/withdraw/send Money.
    Place a sign and if you are OP or have the permission node (see below), write the first line "bank".
    Thats all. To remove it, just break it.


    License Sign *new*:
    With License Signs you can sell licenses for User owned Banks / shared Accounts directly ingame. Each now Shared Bank needs 1 License to start!

    Simple write license into the first line (you need the Permission or OP)

    Shared Bank Sign *new*:
    Shared Banks are a simple way to Handle Money within a Group. They are very similar to Normal Bank Signs except 2 differencies:
    1. Its only 1 Bank Account they use
    2. They have a User Menu.
    To create one write sbank in the first line, and youre Banks name into the Second.
    You can make more than one Sign per Bank, only the first needs a License.

    Shared Bank User Menu *new*:
    I think this is the most complicated part of the whole Plugin, but its pretty easy too ;D
    There are 4 User Modes:
    • @ Owner - Can add all Modes and can Remove / Create Signs
    • + Admin - Can add Full Access and Donate Only User and can Remove / Create Signs
    • - Full Access - Can Access the whole Banking Stuff (Deposit, Withdraw, Send)
    • Donate Only - Only can Donate Money
    Add User like: @kingseta or +kingseta. As special User you have ALL Just add ALL to youre User list, and everybody can donate. or -ALL and everybody has full access.

    Donation Sign *new*:
    This is the most simple. Just make sure you have an Bank Account then place a sign and write donate into the first line. Thats it, you've created a sign everybody can easily donate you some Money :D

    Use a Sign:
    Just Punch it, most stuff is self explanatory. If the Sign asks you to input something just write it into the Chat ;)

    You can take fees from your Bank-users. They are fully configureable like you will see in the Configuration file below. But where does the Money get? :confused:
    Answer: Theres a new iConomy Account called "ServerBank". You can use iConomy to take the money, may i implement something more DirectBank'y ^^

    Configuration (open)

    #DirectBankX Config file
    #Sat Oct 08 01:38:53 CEST 2011
    lastinterest=0 # leave this
    oldprefix=Bank_ # change this for upgrading from versions below 9.2
    enable_donatesign=true # ^^
    withdraw_fee=1% # numbers or %
    tag_license=&b~&aLicense&b~ # Sign Tag
    deposit_fee=1% # numbers or %
    mainworld=world # im not sure if im using this Oo
    enable_sharedsign=true # ^^
    tag_bank=&a~&bBank&a~ # Sign Tag
    permissions=false # put this to false if you wish to use permissions
    interestminutes=30 # how often do you wish interests?
    enable_licensesign=true # ^^
    enable_chestsign=true # sry not used :P
    interest=1.15 # in %
    tag_donate=&a~&eDonate&a~ # Sign Tag
    language=en # language file to use located in DirectBankX/lang
    enable_interest=true # may you dont want youre players to get richer and richer?
    send_fee=1 # here you can see a numbered value without %
    licensecost=2000 # how much should it cost to buy a license?
    ScreenShot (open)

    [Download] - Older Versions - buy me a cake [cake]
    Source included. Open Source ftw :D

    • /bank reload
    • /bank license take/give/info USERNAME
    Dont they explain there self?
    • directbank.admin
      • directbank.reload
      • directbank.license.create
    • directbank.user
      • directbank.shared.create
      • directbank.shared.use
      • directbank.donate.create
      • directbank.donate.use
    Simpliest way is to give all Youre Users directbank.user and the Mods directbank.admin

    • NPCs! (with 1.8 update! :D)
    • Donation Signs
    • Finally fix the Interest Loop -.-
    • Gold Banking (buy/sell gold to a dynamic price)
    • Chest Banking
    • anything else?
    • V 0.9.5 0.9.4 was a crap build -.-
    • V 0.9.4 Bugfix and:
      • Register is now Integrated! Big thx to @bob3695
    • V 0.9.3 Recode, now Version now Bugs? ^^
    • V 0.9.2 Added License / Donation / Shared Banks :confused:
    • V 0.9.1 Bug fix :confused:
    • V 0.9 Some small stuff
      • All Money interactions will now get shown in the Log
      • There is an "maxinterest" configuration
      • And a /bankreload command, to reload the config
    • V 0.8 Added "inUse" control. (thx @Silentnight18 ) Signs are dedicated to the user who uses them first until they leave
    • V 0.7 Added new Stuff :D
      • Configurable fees (see example config file above) Accepts also %!
      • Tell online Users about money arrivements
      • Sry this taked so long :/ H: and K: are now variable in Language file!
    • V 0.6 Negative Amount bug fix (thx @AdamS )
    • V 0.5 Important Bug fix! Please upgrade! (thx @alfskan )
    • V 0.4 Little Bug fix
    • V 0.3 Added Money transactions
    • V 0.2 Added Interest per Hour & Starting Balance
    • V 0.1 Release (stable)
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    You can make for each language ? Because in french for me i like to use B for banque money and P for 'Poche' (hand)
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    Thats the final idea i think ;)
    I will ad it to the Language File in the next upgrade :D
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    BOSEconomy support???
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    When people send money from one account to the other, the money also gets added to the senders pocket, doubling the amount sent! I need a fix for this!
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    no im sorry

    You are sure you have the Latest Version? :confused:
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    Yes, i downloaded 2 days ago
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    yeah, then youve got the 0.3 Version. Theres a HUGE Bug i already have fixed in 0.5 .. so please redownload
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    ok thank you for responding
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    youre welcome ;)
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    Can you add "pay day" =D ? After 00.00 pm each players won a configurable amount ? (only if they are connected) ? But for that you need to add a synchronization depending on greenwich :p and if it is their first connection today they still receive the payday.

    I know it's not the real goal of your plugin but it's add a good feature different of interest (and i don't want use interest) and the only payday plugin i know don't works with me :(....

    Soo...if you can thinking about it would be great :) !!

    Sorry for my bad english i'm french
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    I get no interest =(
    Thats my config:

    #DirectBank config file
    #Mon Aug 15 23:24:42 CEST 2011

    interesttime=19\:00 -> What do you mean with
    "Beware! no 00 or 01, just 0 or 1!"? What does the 0 do and what the 1? Is that the reason for no interests?
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    Hey, yeah the problem is you need to use:
    19:0 not 19:00

    Its just like Java handels Time, if i would parse the Time (i have to parse it each minute!) to pass the 19:00 sheme, it would cost nonsense resources, and thats not the way i programm stuff ;)

    This is also the reason yes ;)

    This is really not the goal of my Plugin ;)

    Maybe, (and dont count on me :p) i have some time to build something like that
    If youre interested in Programming, in any way look into my .jar there is the Source, you can easily build something like that. Except from the Timezone, everything you need is in there ;)

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    The JAR you have linked still shows up as version 0.4....

    Also, latest spout version makes DirectBank not work (atleast 0.4). You plan on fixing this, or is it fixed in 0.5? No errors, just doesn't work.

    Edit: Got it working after hours of spout bullcrap, sorry for the most annoying Doesnt Work type post you can throw.
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    I just forgot to change the value.

    What do you mean with latest Version? The Dev Version?
    i have no problems with spout, and there is no point the 2 plugins really can conflict :confused:
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    I think I found a bug.
    Only the first player at "accnames=" got interest :(
    Or is it still the config?

    #DirectBank config file
    #Wed Aug 16 15:09:44 CEST 2011
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    This sounds interesting :confused:
    i will double check this tomorrow
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    Now it says "nextinterest=24\:0", but i think it hast to be "nextinterest=0\:0", right? :(
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    I have re downloaded, deleted entire direct bank folder
    still getting the constant spam whenever anyone speaks...

    any ideas?
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    Yes youre right, it has to be 0:0 (the \ is not needed)
    This is line 38, where the error should appear.
    stat.setProperty(event.getPlayer().getName(), "0");
    The only idea i have is that any plugin modifies the Players Name or put crazy Symbols to it.
    May you can give me a plugin list? (PM would be ok too)

    I checked it, more than once.
    Each Player on my Server gets its Interests.
    Some get it a view "Minutes" to late, thats all. :/
    Do you still have the Problem?

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    Yes, problem still remains; the players get their interests only if they're online =/

    edit: but that's better than before ;D
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    Essentials Eco Support ?
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    It is still getting more wired :confused:
    Are you really sure? I didnt made any messages for offline users, thats true. But only the Message checks if the User is online or not, the Interest calculation doesnt check who is online who not ...

    Its weekend, so i may can figure that out :D

    No im sorry.
    Same as all other Eco plugins, i dont want to write code i dont use myself.

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    I guess it's me but when I type in chat it doesn't display anything for me.
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    Im sorry but this is mostly not my fault...
    In the Plugins we have an Priority parameter, it seemst that if this listens on Chat with "High" such problems can appear. Some devs have no idea how to use them properly -.-

    I will play with this again to check if i can do something better ;)
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    What will happen to the banks when i reload all plugins?
    -account delete?
    -Intrest reset?
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    nothing :D
    i dont know how iConomy handles this (i never lost anything there) But all data i have to save, gets saved all time when touched. The time is "hardconfigured", so it will calculate the interests every day, the same time. Except youre server is off. Or needs a minute to reload, in exactly the one minute the interests get calculated.

    As you see, nothing will happen ;)
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    I have found error.

    Pouring (transfer) other player it is possible to pay out her (it) with its (his) account - 1000. I pray it for repairing :)

    I apologize for my weak english.
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    If i understand right, you can send money from an different Account? :confused:
    How? If he is using the same Sign at the moment?
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    Please, pour (transfer) on its (his) account other player optional negative amount.

    I have noticed (have remarked) exactly that error is negative amount paying too.

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    Im happy there is a community behind bukkit with people who think about stuff i never thought about ...
    Now i check if amount is <0 and if so, i do an *-1 xD
    So its fixed now i hope, thx a lot

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