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    Hello, I am requesting a plugin :)
    Everything in red is notes for the person creating the plugin
    Name of plugin: Cactus Crate
    What is "Cactus Crate"? A simple plugin where people vote or donate to receive what is called a "Cactus Crate" this could also be called a "mystery crate". Once they receive a crate they will be able to use a command /Crate open (this will be explained later on). Once they open it, it gives a random reward (rewards will be edited in config with percentages based to un-common to rare).
    Version: 1.7.9+ If possible I would like the plugin to work with all later versions!
    &2/Crate - What shows below! VVV
    &6-&9-&6-&9-&6-&9 &8[&2Cactus Network&8] &9-&6-&9-&6-&9-&6 (!! MAKE THIS FIT THE CHAT!)
    &8[&2CactusCrates&8] &6You currently have &e{crates} &6crate(s) left.
    &8[&2CactusCrates&8] &6Type &e/Crate open &6to receive a random reward!
    &8[&2CactusCrates&8] &6Type &e/crate info &6to learn more about Cactus Crates and what kind of rewards you can receive.&9-&6-&9-&6-&9-&6-&9-&6-&9-&6-&9-&6-&9-&6-&9-&6-&9-&6-&9 (!!MAKE THIS FIT THE CHAT!)

    &2/Crate Info - What shows below! VVV
    &6-&9-&6-&9-&6-&9 &8[&2Cactus Network&8] &9-&6-&9-&6-&9-&6 (!! MAKE THIS FIT THE CHAT!)
    &dWhat are Cactus Crates?
    &2Cactus Crates &bis a &acustom plugin &bthat has randomized crates that give you &aawesome rewards!!
    &9Get Cactus Crates by voting &e/vote &9 and by donating &e/donate
    &2Chances of winning!?!
    &8[&a1/1&8] &b$250
    &8[&a1/10&8] &b$1500 and 300 EXP
    &8[&a1/25&8] &b$4000 and 450 EXP
    &8[&a1/50&8] &b50McMMO
    &8[&a1/80&8] &bSharp V Fire 2 Diamond Sword
    &8[&a1/125&8] &b1 Creeper egg
    &8[&a1/175&8] &b/kit Execute
    &8[&a1/250&8] &bBlaze spawner
    &8[&a1/300&8] &b/kit op
    &8[&a1/550&8] &b/kit Tnt
    &8[&a1/1000&8] &bReceive the donator rank "Executioner" (!(for the developer) the command to execute for the rank is /pex user {user} group add Executioner)
    &9-&6-&9-&6-&9-&6-&9-&6-&9-&6-&9-&6-&9-&6-&9-&6-&9-&6-&9 (!!MAKE THIS FIT THE CHAT!)
    &2/Crate open - &6Once you execute the command you will receive a random reward&2
    &2/Crate give {player} {amount} - &6People allowed with this command can execute and give people a crate.
    CactusCrates.info (/crate info)
    CactusCrates.Open (/crate open)
    CactusCrates.Give (/crate give {player} {amount}
    CactusCrates.Crate (/crate)

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    Im willing to take up this Plugin Request.
    Will start it tomorrow, Its getting late and i'm going to watch the blood moon.
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    Looking for a plugin exactly like this. Can anyone make this with configurable messages, prefixes, items, and percentages?
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    I have something like this.
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    I am also looking for this exact same plugin! Would be extremely grateful.
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    Could you make this but with configurable prefixes so instead of cactus network you could put your server name instead? Same with the info. Also can you make a /giveall command to give a crate to everyone online or maybe everyone offline too to have server-wide crate parties? Also could there be a /crate buy and a configurable price?
    Also maybe it could execute commands too so people could get ranks and money. A simple /crates to view the amount of crates you have would be nice too. I have seen a server with creates with a GUI to open them. (a 9 slot chest?)
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    Seems like this guy likes his/her cactus name.

    //Off topic YAML speak: #You play Wynncraft? Oh wait that's obvious since it's in your sig.
  10. If it is so easy... Why don't you do this yourself?

    "Before writing your request, you should search to see if it's been done before!"[​IMG]
  11. Da_Pepsi_Monster Can you stop posting that on every plugin request? Thanks.

    Da_Pepsi_Monster No one is going to make a plugin like this with VariableTriggers or Skript.

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  12. Eh I would if people would learn to read a simple [READ ME FIRST] thread... Is it not clear enough that they want you to read that thread before you post?
  13. Da_Pepsi_Monster Well instead of being annoying, why don't you link them to the thread? Or be nicer about it? Maybe mind your own business on topics you won't be filling or be apart of?
  14. tylerthecreeper1 - And I could make something to do what he needs in a half hour... a lot faster than it would take a developer to make the plugin... I am not going to though, because people obviously don't WANT to read a post that they are supposed to be reading

    And I am linking them to the thread... If you click on the image I was posting, it brings them to the [READ ME FIRST] thread


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  15. Stop spamming this god damn post.

  16. If you want to hand out a plugin to him, be my guest. I can give a crap less if you want to waste your time making it for him. Be my guest... bye babe
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    I agree, Da_Pepsi_Monster I dont know whats with you and variable triggers but personally I can create a plugin that can do more things for people than you can create a skript/trigger
    Also that post is for people asking for skripting plugins not for people asking for plugins, the fact that you are using this for the wrong use as well as the fact that you have that picture readily available is quite sad.
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    I do have to agree with the other people, you do seem annoying.

    Also creating plugins for other people isn't wasting time. That's like saying helping people out is wasting time.
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  19. Firstly, I don't use VariableTriggers because Skript has more features that it.

    Second, I am not disagreeing that you can make more with plugins than is possible with Skript

    Um, I took a screenshot with the Lightshot program and copied the image URL. Then uploaded it to bukkit, copied it and pasting on a few threads that are applicable to the message I was trying to get out...

    And the fact that you have to judge people for trying to help the OP's, Bukkit staff, as well as developers, is quite sad...

    How am I helping the original posters? When you make a plugin request, you arn't guaranteed to have the plugin made for you. If you use Skript to do what you want, you can have it done probably faster, as well as update your script at any time you want.

    How am I helping the Bukkit staff? Bukkit staff spend lots of time moderating these forums, as well as doing many other duties. If people could learn to read and follow the [READ ME FIRST] thread, there would be less threads on the bukkit forums, meaning that the bukkit staff would have less posts and threads to moderate, saving them time, and allowing them to do more of the things they want.

    How am I helping developers? Instead of wasting your time on a plugin that can be made in a few minutes with skript, you could be making a plugin that hasn't been created before, or can not be made with Skript/VariableTriggers.

    In my opinion, it is a waste of time for the developers to make a plugin that has been created before, or can be done easily with Skript. It is not a waste of time to make something that hasn't been made before.

    In this case, this request has been made before, as well as can be made using Skript.

    I use Skript on my server, everything I could have requested on these forums and waited 3-4 weeks for a developer to make for me, I made with Skript in about 2-3 hours. To date, there are 2361 lines of script with Skript on my server. Last night there were about 1700 lines... now there are 2361... Approx 2 hours were spend into scripting what I needed, and only about an hour debugging my accidental errors, mostly due to me forgetting to put a " or a : somewhere.

    Judge me all you want, I really don't give a fuck. I love how me trying to help out, turned in to a war.
  20. Da_Pepsi_Monster I apologize that people asking for simple plugins because they don't know Java, aren't Skript experts like you.

    If you're so great with Skript, go make something, and get out of here. These OP's don't want spam or douche bags bitching on their post.
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    Firstly, you have been using a picture which is a suggestion for people who are looking for skripting plugins not for everyone in the entire world looking for a plugin.

    Secondly, the fact that you a 15 year old with very little knowledge of java judging by the fact that you have to use skript for everything is lecturing me on what and what not to use along with half the community by spamming that damn picture which once again your using for the wrong reason.
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    Don't make us the enemies, you are the one that started this whole thing and if you silently backed off, I am sure that everyone else would stop too. Yet you still continue...

    As for the plugin development, I am almost finished.
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