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    Hey Bukkit folks! I'm trying to start up an Avatar TLA server. Everything's set up except for a small issue with the ranking system.

    For those of you who aren't familiar with how the avatar plugin works. Upon joining the server the players get to use the command /bending choose (fire, water, earth, air). Using that command gives them the respected element and off they go to destroy livestock with fire and so on.

    The problem lies in the fact that with my ranks set up through group manager there's no way to tell which type of bending a user has. I made the Fire, Water, Air, and Earth rank but without a proper ranking plugin I have to manuadd all the users myself to their elemental ranks. I'm looking for someone to create a plugin that gives users a rank after they run a certain command. I find a lot of plugins that offer ranking for time on server and at the cost of money but in my situation that doesn't really help much since the users need a way to earn the ranks almost immediately upon joining the server and they need the ranks depending on which element they choose.

    An example of what I'd like the plugin to do if possible:
    John Doe uses the command in game /bending choose Fire
    After running the command John will be promoted to the Fire rank.

    An alternative if this plugin is not possible would be a link to an updated sign ranks plugin or if someone could possibly re-create the sign ranks plugin for me. I've been looking through countless pages of rank plugins but can't seem to find anything that would work for me that's up to date and works properly on my server.

    Thanks in advance for your consideration and assistance!
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    Ehhh I'll try, but no promises
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    So basically execute a second command when a player uses 1 command?
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    Yeah that about sums it up.
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    You should take a look at CommandHelper

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