Solved each new world spawn is located at +/- 250 X Z why not 0 ?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by ZeroZX4, Jan 30, 2012.

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    each time i make new world i got spawned at cords like

    X around 250
    Z around 250

    why ?

    why not at Z X 0 ?

    i even tried to make it on single player and still when i make new world i spawn at cords around 250 XZ WTF ??

    i tried without any client mods with new clean just downloaded minecraft jar and still same results

    here is screen cords in world i just made ins SP (same goes for server) and its always around 250


    any ides why ?
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    Minecraft is weird, like a Rubix cube.
    You can change the spawn location easily enough, so is this really a problem?
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    i wanna make new world for my players and so IN GAME i make new world and show them show players how it look do they like it and do we keep it

    and im not like each time make new world than fly to the zx 0 and tell ppl they can tp to me

    i just recall with essentials i can tp pos and after we find world we will want i can change its spawn

    so kinda its half way solved for me

    but still why does this happen ?
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    tele++ works
    and PlgSetSpawn
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    did you read my question ? or is it to hard to ready ?

    why you answer something i did not ask ?

    or wait i give you a hint

    each new world spawn is located at +/- 250 X Z why not 0 ?
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    Why not 0?

    because minecraft is weird.
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    yea that explains everything
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