"Dungeon" Plugin Please Read :)) [Needed Now]

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    Hello..Now ill give idea for dungeon plugin lol
    PS..i need it E-E
    I need a dungeon plugin that allows you to create your group ...as a/ invite Name...it allows you to choose the weight ofthe game... when a group enters the Dungeon to the other group that goes in the same dungeon that does not meet that I got here,but also not to be together...you can put the health of some ofthe bosses and mobs... when you kill the boss mobs that would set common Automaticly with prizes ...If you need more to say Tell me below:) and...I want to have issues for resolution at the beginning of the dungeon Like Quests..:D

    Love ya :)
    Please tell me if u can make a this Plugin for meh!

    My Dungeon is Waiting for ya

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    Will You Help me :O!?
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    I think this is a GREAT idea!
    want it to :)
    but you should be able to build your own dungeons and have dungeon entrances somewhere in the wild or in a city maybe :)
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    i build already ;)

    i want it for Harry potter server xDD i ma co owner

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