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  1. Plugin category: Role Playing / General

    Suggested name: DrugCops / DrugPolice (Your choice, I don't mind)

    What I want:

    I saw on a server I went on, you could apply for a Police Rank. It was a drug server where factions was installed and you would grow a bunch of crops (which were drugs which you can find a list of here http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/drugs/) and when players grew their drugs they would go to spawn and walk forward and into a drug shop where they could sell their drugs but there were police officers patrolling the shops and not allowing for players to enter the shop with their baton and when they left clicked on players (with the baton) they can check their inventory for drugs, and when they right clicked they would be jailed.

    If they right clicked on players who did not have drugs on them, they would lose a certain amount of money (Therefore Vault would be a required plugin) and if they busted people with drugs the drugs would be given to the police officer where they could go sell them (Police Officers can or can not jail each other, it should be configureable) and when the players are caught they would be jailed for 2 minutes (or configureable)

    Also an item can be used as a stun gun which required redstone as ammo. Police Officers would shoot the gun and upon impact with a player the player would get slowness three. A police uniform of blue leather armor should be worn when catching players (which they will get a kit (essentials kit) containing such items)

    Ideas for commands: Kits would be handled by Essentials (or another kit plugin). No commands that I can think of.

    Ideas for permissions: police.baton.use, police.gun.use, police.armor.use

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible. I wanna use it for my factions server. Thanks! :D

    NOTE: I do not know if this plugin exists elsewhere. I went searching for it and could not find it. If you know of the plugin, please post it in the comments and I will remove the forum. Thanks!
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