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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Moon_werewolf, Jan 31, 2011.

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    Player p = (Player)sender;
    Location loc = p.getLocation();
    World w = p.getWorld();
    ItemStack i = new ItemStack(Material.APPLe,1);
    w.dropItemNaturally(loc, i);
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    Oh no... @xDUBSTEPx is back D:
    Like I already said a month ago, you REALLY should learn Java. Don't think your very smart, just learn it.
  3. *me points out you should learn java instead of arguing with a well regarded plugin developer*
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  4. @xDUBSTEPx
    I know you've been told this lots of times and I've even told you it before but you really dont seem to understand it. You really should use a couple of days on learning the basics of Java, it'll really help you when making plugins.
    Making plugins without knowing Java is like building a damn skyscraper when you are 4 years old (bad example, lol)
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    It's like making a computer without having a CPU :3
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    Necropost much?
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    Nah just giving him a better example(as even he knew his was bad xD)
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    Well you know now I feel really stupid, it was a late night xD
    Please excuse me :'(
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