Drinker Gambling Plugin. (drink certain bottles of water and win money)

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Raw Discovery, Apr 5, 2014.

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    Raw Discovery

    Plugin category: Fun, Economy, Admin Tools, ETC.

    Suggested name: DrinkerPlus? (idk some random name -_-)

    What I want: I would think it would be cool to have a plugin that when you drink a bottle of water you would either lose your money or double it! but i would like the config to have different ways of making other drinks. and if you could, could there be signs to buy them? thx for your help and if you need more info tell me.

    Ideas for commands: maybe <name of plugin> create <drink name> / Drinkerplus/DP create JackDaniels

    Ideas for permissions: Drinkerplus.create, drinkerplus.use, drinkerplus.*, etc

    When I'd like it by: like 2 weeks is a goal.


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    Raw Discovery

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    Raw Discovery

  4. I can make it, What effects do you want the player to get ? like nausea, .. etc.. I can make "moonshine" give you blindness if you want. And would it be a regular waterbottle ?
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    @TheMasterDerpste do you mind of i assist you with it?
  6. Not at all :) but would still like a reply from op just so I can understand what he wants exactly.
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    TheMasterDerpster I think its kind of simple if you wanna chat over skype add me ShadowWizardMC but what i was think was detecting if a player drank water then performing different results that have to do with vault as in checking the money, doubling it (+) or taking half of it away (-) also there should be a configuration so that you can set how high the winning rate is and how low the losing rate is in perspective with the OP's decision
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    If it can't be discussed here, then it shouldn't be requested here. Read the guidelines for future reference.
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