Dragons Don't Destroy Blocks

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    It doesn't do that.

    ugh, um. ugh, sec.

    fixed. thanks for that.

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    Yeah I saw that but I used the plugin ages ago before it had predefined paths
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    I tried the dragon plugin but the dragons seem to get stuck in the ground all the time now so you can easily kill them with out taking damage, Not very good for a boss battle but still very nice :D
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    My plan is to make them avoid things and fly properly :3 gonna be a challeeeenge.
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    My plugin is rather derped. :p
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    Even if this plugin was successfully made I see a slight problem where people can just make a 1x1 hole in the end and shoot upwards with a bow then the Ender dragon can't hurt the player, Easy Kill. What I will do though is make it so if the plugin is made I'll create a custom End world with a flat bedrock floor so theres no safe places to hide, That will be a great battle ;)

    Just to warn you, I learned your plugin seems to bring the server down to 5 TPS when about 10 or more people are playing so I had to remove it :/

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    I have to go now, so I'll do it later :p
    \/ He'll do it :3
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    In the EntityDragon class there is a boolean for no clip but it doesn't do anything. and is not used. Ugh this is going to be fun. Since there is no path finding to the dragon. There's just a Double array which seems difficult to modify the Y axis but when messing around with the that "parts" of the dragon would separate and kinda go where ever. I'd say the best way is to rebuild the entire dragon. Considering movement is so closely tied to how the dragon is put together. There is no real easy way to do this.
    this.ringBuffer[this.ringBufferIndex][1] = this.posY;
    //0=X,1=Y,2=Z for the "ringBuffer Array"
    I put a check to see if the location has a block, and to turn him around but for some reason it crashed the server.

    I'd say use a Noise generator for x,y, and z position and turn him 180 when he gets too close to the ground and maybe define a chunk movement limit so he can't fly off into the sun set.
    You could also use his head movement for target acquisition. I'll try and work on this. But I'm a little tied up.

    Alright I've put together a shell for testing and such. If I make any serious head way I'll let you guys know. I'm busy with a little android project so I'll try to get it together and finish it. If anyone wants to help its on github.

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    I got lost when u said double array lol
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    Just had a thought, you know when a dragon breaks blocks? the event?

    Well, what you could do is, when they break a block
    turn them around, as the event is called INSIDE the block.

    Although, Deathmarine seems to have this working nicely.
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    How did WorldGuard block enderdragon block damage? hmm
  13. Deathmarine you have a large pull request waiting... :D
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    I tried changing boolean X false for noclip and it didn't do anything. Might of been the way I was attempting to override the original class. If it was that easy then we wouldn't have to create a new class. You'd just have to set accessible for x set it to false when a dragon is spawned. The idea was to change the flight path of the dragon. But hey I won't knock it if it works. :)
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  17. ceoepts Nah, This is another challenge... ;)
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    ;P ok
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    Oh i have wanted it too... Does your code work?
  21. ceoepts I don't know what's the code you're referring to, but yes, both codes work for their purposes.

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