Dragon Spawns [FORMATTED]

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    Plugin category: [MECH/FUN]

    Suggested name: RandomDragons

    A bit about me: i have been running a server since april 2011 while working at 4 jobs so i don't have a lot of time for things and that includes figureing out how to make plugins myself(which i would love to do)

    What I want: i would like a plugin that would allow random spawning of dragons in the regular minecraft world and allow me to modify their health and chance of them spawning and if possible change their color. if changing dragon colors is possible then have them change based on where they spawn like white dragons spawn over snow darkblue spawning over oceans brown over deserts and red over lava

    Ideas for commands: /RD <color of dragon> <percentage of normal dragon health> example /rd red 30 would spawn a red dragon with 30% of the health of a normal enderdragon, other commands would be like /rd spawnrate or /rd spawninghp

    Ideas for permissions: the usual for things like this randomdragon.spawn randomdragon.config randomdragon.spawnrate randomdragon.spawnhp

    Similar plugin requests: idk about requests but i've seen plugins that did similar things as this but i havn't seen them latly so i couldn't tell you the names for them also essentials lets you spawn dragons but not have random spawns in the world or varying health
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    I would like this, but I know for a fact that unless the players had spoutcraft there could only be one color.
  3. w/out spoutcraft you could only do this in 1 color.

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