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    Sorry for my bad english but I think you-all will understand what i'm saying.

    Suggested name: TimeForDragon
    Description what plugin should do: I need a plugin that spawn a EnderDragon in defined time.

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    are you referring to Minecraft Time or Real life time, if real life time I have no clue on how to even start if its minecraft time then this will be easy
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    Use the java Calendar and then I believe it's calendar.getTime();
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  5. myrrdin777 I'm not able to test it at the moment, but you can find the JAR & source at the repository found here https://github.com/AdamQpzm/TimeForDragon

    GitHub is about the only thing I have access to right now, so you'll have to download the jar from there :p (you may have to just click "download zip" and then extract the jar from there)

    Command: /tfd reload - reloads config, requires timefordragon.admin)
    Sample config
    # Amount of time (in seconds) to check whether to spawn a dragon.
    # Higher number = less accuracy, lower number = more resource intensive
    delay: 60
    # Here you list the dragons to spawn and when to spawn them
    # Time is in 24 hour clock, and depends on server's system time
        time: 12:00
        world: world
        x: 1
        y: 2
        z: 3
        time: 21:32
        world: world
        x: 4
        y: 5
        z: 6
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    @AdamQpzm I think it's not working ._.
    Nothing spawned at my defined time. Can you fix it?
    also can you add message when mob spawns and choice what mob will spawn? Like this:
  7. myrrdin777 Ooops, forgot about this, sorry. Will take a look tonight.
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