Problem/Bug Dragon perching phase different - Can't one-cycle

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by AgarOther, Aug 9, 2020.

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    This bug is happening even in the last version of bukkit/spigot.
    As a Minecraft Speedrunner, I wanted to make a server where people could practice speedrunning the dragon.
    But when using Bukkit, you can't one-cycle the dragon with beds.

    On Vanilla, one-cycling with beds is possible by placing a bed on the bedrock pillar and exploding it when the dragon is low enough, dragon makes a little "bounce" which allows you to continue doing so until you kill it.

    On Bukkit/Spigot, this little "bounce" doesn't exist. When exploding the bed, you get thrown in the air when trying to place another bed because the dragon is too low.

    I would really love seeing this as a bug fix since I really need it for my server, as it'd help a lot of new speedrunners to practice it.

    Here's a link that shows how the one-cycling is made in Vanilla using carpetmod to slow down the ticks:
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